clean car equipment in Italy

  • Atom Plus - Big Filter Sweeper Machine

    ATOM PLUS is a compact sweeper for quickly cleaning small and medium sized internal and external environments. Those who use it feel at ease immediately due to the comfort and natural kind of drive, like that of a car. Reliable and simple to use, ATOM PLUS is the ideal solution for efficient and cheap cleaning.

    By RCM S.p.A based in Casinalbo, ITALY. from Big Filter Sweeper Machine Product line

  • Duemila - Sweeper Machine for Big Areas

    With almost 2 m of cleaning width and two side brushes, Duemila ensures high performance and strength when cleaning large surfaces also in the more demanding use sectors such as the ceramics, foundry and cement industries. The Diesel version can be approved for road circulation and is ideal for car park cleaning. Its simplicity to use and ...

    By RCM S.p.A based in Casinalbo, ITALY. from Sweeper Machine for Big Areas Product line

  • MAXIM - Single Motor Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaners

    Easy to handle, easy to move, self-contained units. Ideal for use in environments such as: smalloffices, workshops, homes, garages, stores,warehouses, etc… Necessary equipment for all cleaning companies. Include professional attachment kits and filters,for cleaning of floors, upholstery, small cornersand crevices, hard to reach places, car ...

    By Biemmedue S.p.A. based in Cherasco CN, ITALY. from Single Motor Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaners Product line

  • Patrol - Suction Street Sweeper

    Patrol is a new compact street sweeper designed to clean city centres, cycle tracks, pedestrian areas, arcades, car parks and all those places where large street sweepers cannot reach. Patrol includes many new solutions designed to ensure ease of use and maintenance without any specific tools and training.

    By RCM S.p.A based in Casinalbo, ITALY. from Suction Street Sweeper Product line

  • Hako-Citymaster 1200 CityCleaner

    The Hako Citymaster 1200 has been tailor-made to meet the high demands placed on professional street and footpath cleaning. As an articulated compact sweeper it also ensures thorough cleanliness, even where space is limited. At the same time the machine concept guarantees the highest possible efficiency and economy for the operators. Once again ...

    By Hako GmbH Office in Settimo di Pescantina (VR), ITALY. from Hako-Citymaster 1200 CityCleaner Product line

  • Zenit - Model DG-Steel - Set-Back Vortex Impeller for Submersible Electric Pump

    For clean or slightly dirty water, containing solids up to 40 mm grain size. For sewerage plants, livestock farms, car washes, hydrosanitary applications. General features: Deliveries 1'1/4 - 1'1/2 GAS. Motor poles 2. Passages Max 40 mm. Powers 0,37 - 0,75 kW. Set-back Vortex impeller.

    By Zenit Europe S.A. Office in San Cesario sul Panaro, ITALY. from Set-Back Vortex Impeller for Submersible Electric Pump Product line

  • Soggia - Model SM/SMV - Multistage Horizontal and Vertical Pumps

    Multistage horizontal and vertical pumps, from 3 up to 6 impellers. The SM series develops good hydraulic performances, a very low noise while running and are suited for use in civil and industrial applications, in high pressure irrigation and car washing systems. We always recommend the use with liquids chemically and mechanically cleaned, and ...

    By Soggia Water Pumps based in Abano Terme, ITALY. from Multistage Horizontal and Vertical Pumps Product line

  • Mille - Sweeper Machine for Big Areas

    Mille was designed and built for the more demanding jobs. Hence it uses the most reliable components and the most technical solutions for a strong machine that is durable over time and with the best quality/price ratio. The Diesel version can be approved for road circulation and is ideal for car park cleaning. Its simplicity to use and maintain, ...

    By RCM S.p.A based in Casinalbo, ITALY. from Sweeper Machine for Big Areas Product line

  • Autobren - Model TS7 - Road Sweeper

    The construction philosophy that distinguishes Autobren from other sector manufacturers is also adopted in the road sweeper construction lines. The TS7 sweeper is ideal for road, car park and large industrial and public area cleaning. Over the years, it was subject to continuous improvements and enhanced with a significant number of accesories to ...

    By Autobren s.r.l. based in Brendola (VI), ITALY. from Road Sweeper Product line

  • CLEAN GO - Filter Units

    The new unit' thanks to its small dimension is easy to use and operational efficent and represents the actual solution for suction, filtering and deodorizing of welding fumes, solvent, vapours, aerosol in work premises. 'CLEAN GO' is designed according to up-to-date technologies, suitable in industrial and handicraft field, where easy to move and ...

    By Coral Engineering Srl based in Altavilla (VI), ITALY. from Filter Units Product line

  • ADLER - Model D90 - Multi Purpose Granulator

    AD90 is a granulator, with high efficiency, for multi purpose; large hollow item such as TV cabinets, film, bottles, crates, drums, car bumpers, RIGID PVC PIPES and HDPE pipes with diameter up to 400 mm. MAIN FEATURES: this grinder has smaller overall size, easy to feed, simple and fast to clean and for maintenence, opening of sieve and ...

    By ADLER S.r.l. based in Barasso, ITALY. from Multi Purpose Granulator Product line

  • Ronda - Street Sweeper With Filter

    Ronda is the most compact sweeper created for cleaning pavements, cycle paths, pedestrianised areas, arcades and car parks where the traditional street sweepers cannot operate. Its mechanical-vacuum system allows both heavy and bulky material to be collected and to vacuum and hold fine dust PM10 in the filter without wasting water for extracting ...

    By RCM S.p.A based in Casinalbo, ITALY. from Street Sweeper With Filter Product line

  • Farid - Model FJC - Street Sweepers

    FC Compact street sweeper guarantees high power suction and unbeatable productivity, combined with outstanding reliability. The most compact vehicle in this market segment, the FJ Compact performs outstandingly in confined spaces. Its compact size, short wheelbase and special sweeping mechanism with swinging brushes mean it is extremely easy to ...

    By Farid Industrie SPA based in Vinovo, ITALY. from Street Sweepers Product line

  • Aster - Cabin Air Filters

    Aster is a complete range of cabin air filters with active carbons, performing their cleaning action thanks to a patented formulation.These filters are realized with polyester fibre with acrylic resins, filled up with active carbons. White layers (containing resin) retain dust and pollen, black layers (containing active carbons) retain gases and ...

    By Air Top Italia s.r.l. based in Soliera (MO), ITALY.

  • Zero - Cabin Air Filters

    This cabin air filter has been given the name of Zero pollution to underline the significant performances that is able to achieve in pulling down polluting substances caused by motor traffic, as dust and pollen too. Zero pollution is the filter you were looking for to offer all your customers a real solution to the problem of car pollution. With ...

    By Air Top Italia s.r.l. based in Soliera (MO), ITALY.

  • Numak - Model K400 - Nozzle for Windscreen

    Easy windscreen K400 hose end meter is an innovative nozzle designed to dispense washing windscreen liquid. The growing needs to maintain the car in good shape for safe driving, require the use of reliable liquids for a fast and easy cleaning of the windscreen. The cost of the liquid requires a precise counting, and its handling, suitable ...

    By Numak Srl based in Castello D`Argile, ITALY. from Nozzle for Windscreen Product line

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