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Clean Technology Lighting equipment

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    Bright Technologies - Polystyrene & Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Foam Densification Systems

    Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) commonly known as Styrofoam TM (trademark of Dow Chemical) is found almost everywhere in our daily lives. It is used for everything from coffee cups to home insulation because of its light weight and high insulation value. EPS often gets a bad rap from environmentalists but did you know that it is a high value recyclable ...

    By Sebright Products, Inc. based in Hopkins, MICHIGAN (USA). from Bright Technologies Product line

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    DULCOTEST DULCO - Model Turb C - Turbidity Measuring Point

    Measuring range 0 – 1,000 NTU. Turbidity measurements with DULCOTEST DULCO turb C: Compact measuring instrument that uses light scatter to measure turbidity, with a large measuring range and different designs to comply with ISO and EPA standards. Available with or without automatic cleaning.

  • American-Lights - Residential / Light Commercial UV Air Cleaner

    The American-Lights® UV Air Cleaner is installed by a qualified contractor inside the air duct of home or office HVAC systems and covers up to 5,000 square feet. By treating the air which passes through the HVAC systems with ultraviolet light, American-Lights® UV Air Cleaner effectively reduces or eliminates the DNA-based airborne ...

    By American Air & Water, Inc. based in Hilton Head Island, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA). from UV Air Cleaners, UV Water Purifiers and UV Lamps Product line

  • Model EPL-TP-1x150LED-100 - Explosion Proof Quadpod Mount LED Light Tower

    The EPL-TP-1x150LED-100 Quadpod Mounted Explosion Proof LED Light Tower from Larson Electronics produces 17,500 lumens of light capable of illuminating an area 9,500 square feet in size. This adjustable LED light tower is designed for portability and durable operation and ideal for use in demanding conditions.

    By Larson Electronics LLC based in Kemp, TEXAS (USA). from Tank Cleaning Lights Product line

  • PURETi Clean - Model UV-PCO - Ultraviolet Photocatalysis

    A highly photocatalytic top coat for any opaque surface. PURETi Clean transforms virtually any surface into a sustainable, self-cleaning material that proactively eliminates grime and foul material buildup, improves air quality, and eradicates organic malodors. Professionally applied, and powered by the most advanced water-based UV-PCO ...

    By Pureti Sustainable Solutions based in New York, NEW YORK (USA).

  • Plasma Clean - Model UV-C Series - Techniclean Filters and Ozone

    Plasma Clean’s Techniclean UV-C filters are an extremely effective way to remove grease and odour from kitchen extraction air. Combining high intensity UV-C light with ozone technology to break down grease particles and odour molecules, Techniclean is a small footprint, low energy solution to grease and odour problems.

    By Plasma Clean Ltd based in Cheshire, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • CLEAN GO - Filter Units

    The new unit' thanks to its small dimension is easy to use and operational efficent and represents the actual solution for suction, filtering and deodorizing of welding fumes, solvent, vapours, aerosol in work premises. 'CLEAN GO' is designed according to up-to-date technologies, suitable in industrial and handicraft field, where easy to move and ...

    By Coral Engineering Srl based in Altavilla (VI), ITALY. from Welding Product line

  • Airy Technology - Model P230 - Remote Particle Counter

    The Airy Technology P230 remote particle counter measures 0.3 µm and 0.5 µm with a flow rate of 0.1 CFM (2.83 LPM). Integration is easy into a real-time monitoring or building management system via Modbus™ RTU or Modbus™ ASCII. The P230 is the smallest remote particle counter in the market and has easy mounting options. The ...

    By Airy Technology, Inc. based in Stoughton, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

  • Airy Technology - Model P240 - Remote Particle Counter

    The Airy Technology P240 4-channel remote particle counter measures 0.3 µm, 0.5 µm, 1.0 µm and 5.0 µm with a flow rate of 0.1 CFM (2.83 LPM). Integration is easy into a real-time monitoring or building management system via Modbus™ RTU or Modbus™ ASCII. The P240 is the smallest 4-channel remote particle counter ...

    By Airy Technology, Inc. based in Stoughton, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

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    Model ISeries - UV-light Videoscope

    ISeries UV Videoscopes are professional robust devices suited for use in such critical areas as: Aircraft turbine inspections, Building Engineering, Gas turbine inspections, Railway and Train technology, Shipbuilding industry, and many others. They were specifically designed to inspect defects of hard-to-reach areas using dye penetration testing. ...

    By Medit Inc. based in Winnipeg, MANITOBA (CANADA). from Video Borescopes Product line

  • Airy Technology - Model P611 - Handheld Particle Counter

    The Airy Technology P611 handheld particle counter measures 0.3 µm to 10.0 µm with a flow rate of 0.1 CFM (2.83 LPM). Only 1.26 lb (0.57 kg), user-friendly and easy to configure, this handheld particle counter displays up to 6 size channels as well as (optional) temperature and relative humidity on its 3.5” color LCD display. The ...

    By Airy Technology, Inc. based in Stoughton, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

  • Accessories for Light Fluid Separators

    All KLARO separator systems can be expanded with an upstream sludge collector. Additional sludge collectors are used for pre-filtration of contaminants contained in the water, whose density is greater than that of water. The contaminants are deposited on the bottom. In addition, larger floating material is already stopped here. The efficiency of ...

    By KLARO GmbH based in Bayreuth, GERMANY. from Separation Technology Product line

  • Blue Marine- Watersprint - LED UV-Light

    Blue Marine LED UV light by WaterSprint. It is the first LED UV light for 12-24VDC and it is smart secure water purification with Nano-technology. No chemicals or mercury is used. That makes it the most environmentally friendly product on the market.

    By Swedish Global Trade Center AB (GTC) based in Kungsängen, SWEDEN. from Clean Water Products Product line

  • MOBNET - Self-Propelled Light Vehicle

    SAVINGS : Light vehicle licence . AUTONOMY : Diesel . QUICK  to deploy. COMPACT : Compact industrial vacuum cleaner designed fo all industries. FLEXIBLE : Quick-any-on-site-intervention. HANDY : 4 steering wheels making it possible to avoid all obstacles. SAFE : Solid and simple technology enables it to operate in heavy industrial ...

    By Standard Industrie based in ROUBAIX Cedex 1, FRANCE. from Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Product line

  • IBG HydroTech - Model TriStar - All-Rounders - Cleaning Nozzle

    The Chisel Point Nozzle TriStar was designed to remove blockages and full pipe obstructions like roots and other deposits. An economical application is guaranteed using the combination of the forward-facing jets with the pointed drill and sharp cutting edges.

    By IBG HydroTech GmbH based in Büdingen, GERMANY. from All-Rounders - Cleaning Nozzle Technology Product line

  • Light Disc Separators

    The light version of the disc separator is particularly efficient at separating overlengths from single materials such as dry stabilate (clean fuel for power plants etc. derived from domestic waste), bark, green waste and fresh wood. A horizontal belt conveyor ensures optimum direct feed at the level of the screening shafts. Alternatively, ...

    By Vecoplan AG based in Bad Marienberg, GERMANY. from Screening Technology - Disc Separators Product line

  • D. R. Technology - Portable Acid and Noxious Fume Scrubbers

    Portable Acid And Noxious Fume Control Offered By D.r. Technology, inc. Batch chemical manufacturing plants frequently have a number of reactors that can generate noxious fumes with pollutants such as hydrochloric acid (HCl), hydrobromic acid (HBr), ammonia (NH3), and hydrofluoric acid (HF) during operation which must be controlled to prevent ...

    By D.R. Technology, Inc. based in Freehold, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Other Product line

  • FC-95 - Heavy Oil and Motor Oil Absorbent / Cleaning Compound

    FC-95 is a dustless granular-like media compound for absorbing heavy oils and motor oils. In wet form, it is excellent for cleanup of oil stains on floors.Physical Properties:Dual-form Usage Potential:#11;Wet Form – as a general purpose floor cleaner at high dilution ratio#11;Dry form – Absorbent for heavy oil and motor oil spills High absorption ...

    By Inland Technology based in Tacoma, WASHINGTON (USA). from Cleaning Solutions Product line

  • Model EF-121 - Anti-Slip Floor Cleaner

    Earth First's Anti Slip Floor Cleaner utilizes our patented technology to provide to effective breakdown of fat, oil and grease build-up on flooring and between tiles. Our non-toxic and biodegradable formula, provides superior cleaning strength utilizing our easy daily application procedure. Our product provides immediate cleaning of all soil ...

    By Global Aqua Solutions, LLC based in Minden, NEVADA (USA). from Cleaning Solutions Product line

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    I-ROX - Chemical Reduction-Oxidation (REDOX) Technology

    The I-ROX remediation products and application technology represent a new innovative tool for in-situ and ex-situ remediation of a broad range of air, soil and groundwater LNAPL (Light Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids) and DNAPL (Dense Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids) contaminants. I-ROX is based on an innovative chemical platform that employs the integrated ...

    By Ivey International Inc. based in Surrey, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

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