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climate control equipment

  • Clima - Model 300 - Climate Controller

    The ideal climate controller for mid-size operations. The HortiMaX Clima 300 is the most cost-effective heating, ventilation and screen control solution, specifically designed for greenhouse operations with 3 blocks or compartments, or less.

    By HortiMaX B.V. based in Maasdijk, NETHERLANDS. from Climate and Energy Product line

  • Vision - Model 24S - Climate Controller

    Vision 24S helps you control all your house inputs/outputs using only one controller.

    By AgroLogic LTD based in Poleg, ISRAEL. from Livestock Climate Controllers Product line

  • Dr.Gemini​ - Model 2​ - Climate Controller

    Climate controller controlling 2 rooms from one unit. Fast access to all functions - easy to use. Controls temperature with great accuracy due to unique PID controlling-technique. Alarms with priority. Built-in data logger, data may be transferred to a PC using Professor Partyline. Communication port for remote servicing by a PC, optionally ...

    By KJ Klimateknik A/S based in Thorning, DENMARK. from Livestock Climate Controller Product line

  • MultiGrow - Climate Control System

    MultiGrow is your all-in-one, multiple grow area controller. It can run up to 8 different growing zones, managing the environment as well reservoirs and irrigation schedules. Ease of use. Sophisticated control. Effortlessly manage delivery of nutrients and control consistency of humidity, temperature, and light. Our system lets you control ...

    By Autogrow Systems Ltd based in Auckland, NEW ZEALAND. from Climate Control Product line

  • Climate Control System

    Ammerlaan Construction B.V. is specialized in multiple forms of greenhouse heating and cooling. We are experienced in the building and heating of greenhouses in the cold climates of Finland, but also in the heated climates of the deserts of Dubai. The possibilities at Ammerlaan Construction B.V. are endless; whether you want to heat your ...

    By Ammerlaan Construction B.V. based in Horst, NETHERLANDS. from Climate Control Product line

  • µAgricomp Multitab - Climate Control System

    The µAgricomp Multitab is an enhanced version of the µAgricomp System. The main characteristic is the possibility to divide the 24 hours day in up to 6 periods where all the set-points of the control functions can be programmed in a different way. Every period has its own independent programming table. The starting time of each period ...

    By Agricontrol Snc based in Albenga (SV), ITALY. from Climate Control System Product line

  • Model MCX - Climate Control System

    If the number of control functions of the greenhouses is limited to top vents, side vents, on/off heating, screens/shading and circulation fans or a subset of these, it is possible to use the MCX series of Multicompartment Climate Control Computers.

    By Agricontrol Snc based in Albenga (SV), ITALY. from Climate Control System Product line

  • Model CBA-2000 series - Climate Control System

    CBA-2000 series climate computers control the climate in individual rooms with one air intake zone. They feature two displays that keep you up to date with the current temperature and ventilation in the house. And the CBA series also monitors the room temperature and activates cooling when necessary. If the temperature ever ...

    By Stienen Bedrijfselektronica B.V. based in Nederweert, NETHERLANDS. from Pig Farming Product line

  • AgroAmitec - Model 5 - Climate Control System

    AgroAmitec-Smart Climate-Control system for agriculture By Amitec & ARO Institute The result of years of research, AgroAmitec-2D Climate Control presents an innovative comprehensive and transformational approach to Climate Control in Agricultural buildings: Greenhouses, Dairy farms and poultry.

    By Amitec Ltd. based in Rishon Le Zion, ISRAEL.

  • AgroMax - Model SCC 7 - Stage Climate Controller

    Agromax offers a wide range of climate controllers. The main feature of the controller is that it is easy to install and very user friendly. The SCC is a modern, digital climate regulator for farmers who require a simple, economical basic system for the control of the climate.

    By AgroMax based in Wijchen, NETHERLANDS. from Poultry Breeders Product line

  • Model CB-2000 series - Climate Control System

    CB-2000 series climate computers easily and effi ciently control the climate in an individual room. The controllers have two displays that keep you up to date with the current temperature and ventilation in the house. Several fans can be controlled in two groups. If the ventilation demand ever exceeds a certain level, ...

    By Stienen Bedrijfselektronica B.V. based in Nederweert, NETHERLANDS. from Pig Farming Product line

  • Mabeg - Model THM - Climate Control Systems

    Climate control is a system for creating and maintaining a constant room climate. In Germany the term 'Klimaanlage' is used in the sense that the temperature, humidity and air quality within a room can be produced and maintained. By contrast, when referring to such a system in other countries, it is often understood to simply mean a system for ...

    By Mabeg Regeltechnik GmbH based in Oststeinbek, GERMANY. from Greenhouse Automation Product line

  • JF McKenna Fancom - Climate Control System

    Fancom systems allow you to control every aspect of the house, to achieve optimum growing results. Fancom has a climate computer suitable for each phase of the production process, from fermentation to harvest. Simple to operate, it will take all the routine work out of your hands. Leaving you more time to devote to the actual production process.

    By JF McKenna Ltd. based in Armagh, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • ClimateZone - Climate Controlled Enclosures

    The ClimateZone provides a secure climate-controlled environment for the testing of pharmaceutical products. Temperature and humidity are controlled in the ClimateZone.

    By a1-safetech based in Dusseldorf, GERMANY. from Air Conditioned Containment Product line

  • Model CB-4000 - Climate Control System

    The CB-4000 simply and efficiently controls the climate in one room with a maximum of two groups of air inlets. The controller has two displays that keep you up to date on the current temperature and ventilation in the house. It features several control functions like ventilation, heating, cooling and growth curves (4 set ...

    By Stienen Bedrijfselektronica B.V. based in Nederweert, NETHERLANDS. from Poulty Farming Product line

  • Model 60Hz - Climate Control System

    The Fogco 60 HZ ICC mist system is a 1000 psi all inclusive climate control system that monitors both temperature and humidity levels based on programmable set points and will automatically operate the system as needed. The system includes the direct drive misting pump, the 2 zone FOGCOntroller microprocessor with remote sensor, 50′ of ...

    By Fogco Systems, Inc. based in Chandler, ARIZONA (USA). from Misting System Pumps Product line

  • Yamko - Climate Control Systems

    The need for heating or cooling agricultural structures has led to the development of automated systems that control the temperature within the structure. Yamko’s climate control systems are intended to chill, heat or ventilate the greenhouses, manually or automatically, based on various crop requirements and climatic conditions. These ...

    By Yamko Yadpaz Industries Ltd. based in Ashkelon, ISRAEL.

  • Model FC Series. - Climate Control System

    Environmental control is based on monitoring and control of the air temperature and relatively humidity as well as concentration of Carbon Dioxide gas in greenhouse. Software-based algorithms of system operation supply the coordinated control of the several heating pipes in climate zones: the pipe of the lower (over soil) heating, the pipe of the ...

    By FITO-AGRO Ltd based in Moscow, RUSSIA.

  • PlantFactory - Climate Controlled Plant

    Our Urban Crop Solutions PlantFactory allows you to grow in any available space, whether it is a basement or a warehouse. This way, you can produce leafy greens year-round on an industrial scale. In an Urban Crop Solutions PlantFactory, everything is designed and engineered according to the available space and to your needs: the cultivation area, ...

    By Urban Crop Solutions based in Beveren-Leie (Waregem), BELGIUM.

  • Hortiplan - Climate Control System

    In a greenhouse operation, it is all about the crop. Reaching the best possible result starts with a proper climate control. Complicated growing processes need to be made intelligible and controlable.

    By Hortiplan N.V. based in Sint-Katelijne-Wave, BELGIUM.

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