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Climate Pollutant Health equipment

  • Climate - Gas Phase Media

    Certain environments demand the removal of gaseous pollutants and toxins from the air that can best be achieved with gas phase filtration.

    By Climate Technologies Corp. based in Farmington Hills, MICHIGAN (USA). from Bioclimatic Air Systems Product line

  • Premium

    Munters - Zeolite Rotor Concentrator/Oxidizer System for VOC Abatement

    Munters Zeolite Rotor Concentrator/Oxidizer Systems are the leading technology for cost-effective abatement of VOCs (VOC abatement). With hundreds of systems currently in service, Munters installed base includes some of the world's most respected companies in semiconductor manufacturing, automotive and aerospace industries. Munters Zeolite ...

    By Munters based in Amesbury, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Pollution Control & VOC Abatement Product line

  • Jimco - Model Mac500 - Air Cleaner

    Jimco has specialised in combating odours by using patented UV-C and Ozone technology. Improved indoor climate, improved working environment! A poor indoor climate in rooms which we occupy affects our quality of life and health negatively. Unpleasant odours can themselves create discomfort but indoor air pollution is also the source of headaches, ...

    By Jimco A/S based in Rudkøbing, DENMARK. from Mobile Air Cleaning Product line

  • Air Quality Services

    IAQ Testing – Poor indoor air quality caused by hazardous substances or pollutants can lead to problems such as asthma and other health issues in the workplace, hospitals and schools. Many office buildings have significant air pollution sources. Some of these buildings may be inadequately ventilated; for example, mechanical ventilation ...

    By Performance Environmental Services, Inc. based in Wixom, MICHIGAN (USA).

  • Lagoon Biomedia

    Our innovations reduce costs, improve performance, and above all, protect human health and nature. A New Hope For An Old Approach. Microbubble Aeration and Waving Biomedia bring new hope to lagoon systems that fail, pollute, or treat wastewater too slowly.

    By Water Warriors LLC based in Cincinnati, OHIO (USA).

  • MiPro - Model Eco3 - Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP)

    Most appropriate when pollutants are degraded effectively by the radical reaction path. Combines Xylem’s Wedeco ozone system with H2O2 dosing unit. Cost effective. Suitable for wide range of organic/inorganic pollutants. Residual ozone destruction system.

    By WEDECO - a Xylem brand based in Herford, GERMANY. from Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP) Product line

  • Model 5012 - Multi Angle Absorption Photometer

    The Model 5012 MAAP measures the aerosol-related absorption of light and the corresponding atmospheric black carbon mass concentration. Continuous data is provided by a multiple detector setup to simultaneously measure the transmitted and the scattered light from a particle-loaded filter. Typical applications include determining ambient ...

  • Inland Technology - Model EP-921 - Replacement for MEK and Lacquer Thinner

    EP-921 - Replacement for MEK and Lacquer Thinner.  Designed for resin and paint application equipment clean-up. Contains no Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPS).

    By Inland Technology based in Tacoma, WASHINGTON (USA). from Cleaning Solutions Product line

  • Fire

    Biomass refers to the entirety of the mass of organic material in a defined ecosystem that became bio-chemically synthesized. Therefore it contains the mass of all living beings, including the died out organisms and the organic metabolism products. About 60% of the biomass of the earth is represented through microorganisms. Biologists and ...

    By HAFNER Srl based in Bolzano, ITALY. from Renewable Energy Product line

  • Jimco - Model OZ1000 & OZ2000 - Air Cleaner

    OZ1000 Eliminates mould & fungi up to 99.9%. Not only removes the odour from the air, but also the odour that may remain in fabrics hich means the contaminated air is subjected to a combination of UV-C light and ozone.

    By Jimco A/S based in Rudkøbing, DENMARK. from Mobile Air Cleaning Product line

  • Drinkable Air - Water Producing Machines

    Make 99.99% Pure, Safe Drinking Water in your own home, office or anywhere you need water! Our patented technology converts moisture from the air we breathe into an unlimited safe and reliable supply of Clean, Fresh and Pure Drinking Water. Drinkable Air's Patented Water Producing Machines help reduce greenhouse gases & global warming. ...

    By Shelron Enterprises based in Mississauga, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Drinkable Air Canada Product line

  • WEDECO - Model Pro3 Mix - Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP)

    Ideal solution for mitigating bromate formation. Combines Xylem’s Wedeco ozone system with H2O2 dosing unit. Compact and skid mounted. Residual ozone destruction system.

    By WEDECO - a Xylem brand based in Herford, GERMANY. from Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP) Product line

  • Air Scrubber

    The most efficient solution, for example, with explosive dusts. Uncomplicated, robust and easy maintenance – and all at extremely low operating costs. Especially with problematic and potentially explosive dusts (e.g. organic dusts like flour), CLAROFIL is working safely and reliably.  The filter sludge is thoroughly ...

    By ILT Industrie-Luftfiltertechnik GmbH based in Ruppichteroth, GERMANY.

  • BAPPU - Model Vocoo - Indoor Air Quality Sensor

    The BAPPU-Vocoo is a supplementary IAQ sensor (Indoor Air Quality) for assessing room air. Vocco measures the concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in room air and - by means of VOC measurement - provides an additional indicator for assessing room air. A further option available is the measurement of carbon monoxide (CO) which complements the IAQ ...

    By ELK GmbH based in Krefeld, GERMANY.

  • Heat Recovery Ventilation - Ventilation and the Recovery of Heat

    The requirement for managed ventilation in new homes grows as levels of insulation and air tightness are increased to improve energy efficiency. Architect Chris Morgan, writing for the Green Building Bible explains that damp, stale air needs to be collected and expelled from a house in order to avoid condensation and mould which can lead to sick ...

    By Ecoliving Ltd. based in Glasgow, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Unifil - Filtering Separators

    UNIFIL air cleaners stand out for easy installation, easy operation and easy maintenance. Thanks to the well-devised design and the utilization of high quality filter elements, the units achieve long operating times and a collection efficiency of 99.997% for particles >0.3µm. The decisive advantages compared to other solutions ...

    By ILT Industrie-Luftfiltertechnik GmbH based in Ruppichteroth, GERMANY.

  • Genaq - Atmospheric Water Generator

    HOW IT WORKS: A GENAQ atmospheric water generator obtains drinking water through the condensation of water vapor contained in the atmospheric air. It uses the thermodynamic cycle with mechanical refrigeration technology with an advanced electronic control. Technological improvements have been developed to increase efficiency and, thereby, reduce ...

    By Genaq Technologies S.L. based in Lucena, SPAIN.

  • Water Treatment Systems

    Water quality is of the utmost importance as water is essential to human survival. Despite the advances of the 20th century, 25% of the world’s population still lacks access to clean, uncontaminated water. Even though most of the world has access to clean water, there are still many sources of contamination, such as:

    By Phoenix Water Technologies, Inc. based in San Pedro, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Government Product line

  • BIODISK - Wastewater Treatment Systems

    Wastewater treatment using a BIODISK is a natural biological process based on the principle of the rotating biological contactor (RBC). It is self regulating, a complete treatment plant and can be sized to meet your needs. The treatment process has capabilities of secondary, tertiary and advanced treatment with an additional capability of ...

    By BIODISK Corporation based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA).

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