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coalescing oil-water separator Equipment available in Iceland

  • ZCL - Coalescing Oil/Water Separators

    ZCL uses multiple angle plates that are virtually self cleaning and each tank is designed for easy removal of plate packs for full maintenance. Oil contamination can be reduced to as low as ten parts per million.

    By ZCL Composites Inc. based in Edmonton, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Petroleum Products Product line

  • PANEL - Model XL - Enhanced Coalescing Oil Water Separator

    Enhanced coalescing oil water separator for large oily water flow rates : PANEL XL. Depending on the model selected, each individual panel can handle flow rates of either 320 gallons per minute (GPM) or 640 GPM. Achieves below 5 parts per million (PPM) separation of free non-emulsified oil (below 10 PPM for many types of light crude oil). By far, ...

    By Freytech Inc. based in Miami, FLORIDA (USA). from Oil Water Separators Product line

  • Oil/Water Separator - Slant Rib Coalescing Oil/Water Separator (SRC) & Fiberglass Tank Oil/Water Separator (SRM)

    Parkson’s Model SRC and SRM Oil/Water Separators offer a reliable, compact, and economical solution to a wide array of oil/water separation applications. The Oil/Water Separators remove free, non-emulsified oil and settleable solids to produce an effluent with less than 10 mg/l of oil droplets 20 micron or larger.The influent flow first enters an ...

    By Parkson Corporation based in Fort Lauderdale, FLORIDA (USA). from Separations & ENR Product line

  • Showcase

    AWAS - Model Galaxie Tower - Oil-Sludge-Separator/Coalescence Separator

    The 3 stage separator for industrial use. The vortex separator AWAS Galaxie Tower combines the classic oil separator, coalescence separator and sludge trap. This solution is for maximum efficiency, safety and saving space – all in one component. Attention: oils will be automatically unloaded, as well as sludge. The compact design provides ...

    By AWAS International GmbH based in Wilnsdorf, GERMANY.

  • Alkota - Coalescing Plate Oil-Water Separator

    Alkota offers three categories of products to remove contaminants from water: oil/solid coalescing, evaporators and media filtration. The Alkota Coalescing Plate Oil-Water Separator removes free oil and solids from water and produces effluent with less than 10mg/L of oil droplets larger than 20 microns. Our evaporators minimize your expenses by ...

    By Alkota Cleaning Systems, Inc. based in Alcester, SOUTH DAKOTA (USA).

  • Premium

    Hilliard HILCO Hilcosep - Coalescer Separator

    The Hilcosep was designed to remove moisture and particulate contamination from steam and gas turbine lube oils. Self-sufficient stand-alone models with reservoir capacity ranging from 2,000 gallons to 12,000+ gallons and portable models as well as custom designs are available.

  • Premium

    AWAS - Model Galaxie 1902 / 2002 - Oil-Water Vortex Separator

    Oil-Water separation acc. to the vortex principle for industrial effluents with oil and grease. (successfully tested and type approved ac. To EN858 class I with less than 5 ppm residual oil) AWAS offers for the first time a flexible solution to suit individual applications - non clogging - no coalescence filter material - no corrugated plates - ...

    By AWAS International GmbH based in Wilnsdorf, GERMANY. from Oil-Water Separators Product line

  • Premium

    AWAS - Model Galaxie 2002 - Tower Separates Oil and Sludge

    The AWAS Galaxie Tower separates oil and sludge at the same time. Surface oil will be collected via a patented removal system in an oil tank. Sludge and particles will quickly settle at the bottom, from where they can easily be disposed.

    By AWAS International GmbH based in Wilnsdorf, GERMANY. from Oil-Water Separators Product line

  • Premium

    Model GDS - Gravidynamic Separators

    Gravidynamic separators are designed for separation of two liquids that have different density and that are present as emulsions. Usually they are used for separation of hydrocarbon mixtures or plant oils with water. Main fields of implementation are purification of discharged waters form oils and oil products; regeneration of washing and ...

    By NPO Dekanter, LLC based in Domodedovo, RUSSIA. from Separation Product line

  • Micro-LOKTM - Model JOS Series - Pleated Coalescing Filter Elements

    Micro-LOK JOS Series air/oil separator coalescing pleated elements are designed to coalesce extremely fine liquid particles down to 0.3 microns from a gas stream. Most commonly used to remove lubricating oil aerosols in a compressor discharge.

    By Jonell Inc. based in Breckenridge, TEXAS (USA). from Coalescers Product line

  • Premium

    ECE - Model COP - Oil Water Separator

    COP is an acronym for Coalescing Oil & Polishing. The COP-System separates and recovers emulsified and free-floating oils (non-dissolved hydrocarbons) from water solutions using a combination of filtration, coalescence, and gravity. It separates oil emulsions as fine as 0.5 micron.

    By Environmental Compliance Equipment (ECE) based in Stuart, FLORIDA (USA). from Other Product line

  • Coalescer

    Advantages: Large filtration area; high filtration capacity; long life-cycle. Area of application: For the filtration of aviation fuel as well as dehydration of oil and diesel. Flow rate: Various filter sizes and the modular design enable any required flow rate.

    By FAUDI GmbH based in Stadtallendorf, GERMANY. from Separation and Adsorbers Product line

  • RGF - Model CCC Series - Centrifugal Coalescing Clarifier System

    RGF’s Centrifugal Coalescing Clarifiers have a unique system, which involves the process of injecting the oily wastewater along the circumference of the cone shaped tank to initiate the centrifugal separation of the heavier particles. The free oils are skimmed off the surface of the cone tank and stored in the hydrocarbon accumulator. The ...

    By RGF Environmental Group, Inc. based in Riviera Beach, FLORIDA (USA). from Water - Oil Water Separators Product line

  • Coalescence Separators

    The separation of oil in the high efficiency coalescence separators is performed through the phenomenon of gravitational separation of oil and water, which is additionally supported by coalescence and sorption phenomena (ESK-S). The design of the separator calms down the flow of polluted water and, at the same time, forces the division into oil ...

    By Ecol-Unicon Sp. z o.o. based in Gdansk, POLAND. from Separators Product line

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    ECE - Model DRLC OWS - Oil Water Separators

    Dual Reverse Lamella Clarifier OWS provides superior separation of free and non water soluble oils using two angled packs of poly coalescer plates and reversing the flow through one pack to assist in flushing the solids from the pack. The on board oil collection systems allows for collection and further separation of oils. Two passive skimmers ...

    By Environmental Compliance Equipment (ECE) based in Stuart, FLORIDA (USA). from Other Product line

  • Atmospheric Coalescing Separators

    Specifications: Capacities from 1 gpm-8000 gpm. Gravity and Coalescing Systems. Few Moving Parts. API and AWS Design & Construction. Broad Range of Skimmers. Media Available in a Variety of Materials.

    By Hudson Industries based in Warren, OHIO (USA). from OWS/ Oil Water Separators Product line

  • Coalescing

    The REMOVAL Water Energy are used for the separation of mineral oils.The REMOVAL Water Energy are used for the separation of mineral oils, also in emulsion, present in water treatment. These systems exploit the system to coalescence (merging of two or more particles to form a larger one), are modular and manufactured completely in stainless steel ...

    By Water Energy SRL based in San Pietro in Casale BO, ITALY.

  • Premium

    Air Oil Separation Media

    Ahlstrom’s Microglass Technology offers single- or dual-layer mechanical filtration media with very high efficiency for maximum filtration performance. At a range of submicron to over 30 microns mean flow pore size, Ahlstrom’s proprietary chemistry allows customization of our products to the required level of oleophobic and hydrophobic ...

    By Ahlstrom Corporation based in Helsinki, FINLAND. from Transportation - Hydraulic and Air Oil Separation Product line

  • Model MS - Magnetic Separator

    These durable, hard-working, automatic systems are designed to keep your cutting, grinding, drilling, and milling machinery operating at peak performance while keeping the coolant free of swarf, dirt, chips, grit, and other machining by-products. By filtering out harmful contaminants, coolant life is greatly extended saving both coolant ...

    By Graymills Corporation based in Broadview, ILLINOIS (USA). from Filtration Systems & Oil Coalescers Product line

  • Model HFC-series - Repack Coalescers & Demisters

    The Hydro-Carbon Filtration & Separation liquid – liquid separators from the series HDPC are designed for the removal of water and solids from process streams with moderate to high separating efficiency. The separators are especially suitable for treatment of large amounts of hydrocarbons due to the construction of the repack coalescers.

    By Hydro-Carbon Filtration & Separation based in MH Urk, NETHERLANDS. from Separation of Water Product line

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