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Model CSP - Concentrating Solar Power Technology

by Abengoa     based in Palmas Altas, SPAIN

Solar-thermal technology allows electricity to be generated in a manageable way while also offering huge possibilities for cost reductions in the near future.

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)

by Aries Ingeniería y Sistemas     based in Madrid, SPAIN

Aries Ingeniería promotes, develops and engineers solar power projects from basic design and optimization to the turnkey supply of the plants. Relying on its experience in thermoelectric solar plants, ARIES can offer the optimum solution and the most efficient project. The services of Aries Ingeniería include: Characterization and verification of ...

Concentrated Solar Power Plants

by EnergyNest AS     based in Billingstad, NORWAY

Concentrated solar power plants currently rely on molten salt technology for storing thermal energy. But this is a complex and costly technology. EnergyNest offers promising solution for cost reduction. Parabolic trough plants operating with thermal oil (such as Dowtherm A and Therminol VP-1) will benefit from up to 60% lower CAPEX and up to 75% ...

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Technology

by Torresol Energy Investments, S.A     based in Getxo (Vizcaya), SPAIN

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) consists of concentrating heat in one point. This generates steam to drive the turbine. Moreover, this type of plant can operate continuously, since part of the heat is stored, thus providing a power supply even when there is no sun.

Stirling - Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Systems

by CLEANERGY AB     based in Göteborg, SWEDEN

In designing our Stirling CSP System we thought outside – and inside – the box. The result is a turnkey solution that not only includes the SunBox but is also supported by a family of services from design and installation, to round-the-clock maintenance and troubleshooting. Mounted on top of a parabolic dish that tracks the sun, the ...

Concentrating Solar Thermal Power (CSP) Plants

by DESERTEC Foundation     based in Hamburg, GERMANY

CSP plants are key to the DESERTEC Concept because they are ideal for utilizing the solar potential of the world’s deserts and supplying electricity on demand. A reflector area of just 20 square meters in a solar-thermal power plant is enough to supply all the electricity one person needs (including electromobility) day and night with no ...

SCHOTT PTR - Model 70 - Premium Receivers for Power Plant

by SCHOTT AG     based in Mainz, GERMANY

SCHOTT PTR 70 Premium Receivers incorporate a major benefit for power plant owners and investors: a noble gas capsule. With this solution, receivers affected from the “hot tube phenomenon”, which reduces significantly the thermal efficiency of the receiver, can be recovered easily making possible to reach again thermal efficiencies ...

SCHOTT PTR - Model 70 - Solar CSP Receivers

by SCHOTT AG     based in Mainz, GERMANY

SCHOTT Solar CSP – Your partner for sustainable profitability. The receiver, being the key component of a CSP plant, has a decisive influence on the overall efficiency of the plant and has to withstand drastic temperature changes and mechanical stresses throughout its lifetime. The SCHOTT PTR 70 Receiver responds to this challenges: high ...

B&W - Solar Receiver

by Babcock & Wilcox     based in Charlotte, NORTH CAROLINA (USA)

B&W's solar receiver utilizes the best available boiler technology and integrates it into a system that uses mirror-reflected sunlight as the heat source.

Solar Defender - Model ALM-6800N - Control Panel for Concentrator Modules

by MARSS s.r.l.     based in Tiggiano (LE), ITALY

Control Panel Solar Defender, BUS connection on owner protocol, management up to 36 address for concentrator modules Solar Defender (ALM-6814, ALM-6815, ALM-6812, ALM-6813, ALM-6868 and ALM-6869) by 2 lines, management up to 12.800 linear motor plastic optic fiber. Italian and English driven Men, back-light LCD menu with 4 rows x 20 characters; ...

Trinum - Thermodynamic Solar Cogenerating System

by PM Service Srl     based in Pontassieve, ITALY

Co-generation: Trinum is a cogenerating system able to produce on the same time 1 kW of electric energy 230 V AC 50 Hz and 3 kW of thermal energy (warm water for heating and sanitary use). Trinum is in compliance with the EU directive 2009/28CE and with machine directive.

Solar Defender - Model ALM-6811 - Concentrator For Optical Sensors

by MARSS s.r.l.     based in Tiggiano (LE), ITALY

Concentrator Module for Optical Sensors Solar Defender, with 1,7A feeder. Mangement up to 120 optical sensors ALM-6000 by 2 Lines. Operation mode Stand-alone. Alarm conditions: alarm from sensor, cable tampering (cable cut or short). Signal outputs: alarm (Line 1 and Line 2), etwork power absence, battery fault, box tamper . Display at 7 segments, ...

Solar Defender - Model ALM-6813 - Concentrator for Optical Fiber, 2 Loop, 220V

by MARSS s.r.l.     based in Tiggiano (LE), ITALY

Concentrator Module for Plastic Optical Fiber Solar Defender 220 V., with 1,7A feeder . Manage 2 line of optical fibre lenght 200 mt for each one, by 2 Loop. Double operation mode selectable by dip-switch: Stand-alone and on BUS (communication with the control panel Solar Defender by owner protocol). Addressing by dip-switch, alarm conditions: ...

KUBO - Model solar-clima - Greenhouses Generate Steam

by KUBO Greenhouse Projects     based in Monster, NETHERLANDS

KUBO greenhouses are also used in various highly innovative applications, such as oil recovery. Working in collaboration with Glasspoint, KUBO has developed a very special greenhouse: the Solar Clima. Glasspoint is a company specialised in extending the life span of oil deposits. For economic reasons, the costs of oil recovery exceed the yields at ...

Solar Defender - Model ALM-6815 - Concentrator for Optical Fiber, with Torsion, 2 Loop, 220 V

by MARSS s.r.l.     based in Tiggiano (LE), ITALY

Concentrator Module for Plastic Optical Fiber Solar Defender with torsion 220 V., with 1,7A feeder. Manage 2 Lines of optical fiber lenght 200 mt for each one, by 2 Loop. Double-mode to detect fiber alarm signals: interruption and torsion. Double operation mode selectable by dip-switch: Stand-alone and on BUS (communication with the control panel ...

Monarch Power - Solar Power for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

by Monarch Power Corp.     based in Scottsdale, ARIZONA (USA)

The sun is the most ubiquitous, free, personal, and clean energy source. You can locally generate, store, and use solar energy, instead of relying a centralized utility system based on burning fossil fuel. There are two main ways to collect solar power: using flat photovoltaic panels or using sunlight concentrating mirrors. We adopt built in PV ...

Model Solar-Vent-Plus - Solar Panel

by Chatron     based in Vale de Cambra, PORTUGAL

Due to the quality of the absorber material used in the manufacture of panels, more than 90% of the solar energy is absorbed and used to heat the air passing through the inside of the panel. Fully developed and manufactured by Chatron this hot air solar panel has unique advantages for certain types of applications.

Mini Solar Thermal Power Plants

by Sustainable Heat & Power Europe GmbH     based in Grabow, GERMANY

The concept of mini solar thermal power plants (MSTPP’s) was first elaborated by SHP Europe in 2003. Basically, it’s a small thermal expansion machine driven by steam supplied from a solar collector field. The system can be combined on a project-by-project basis with a thermal storage system or a back-up boiler, as well as various ...

Matarenki - Model Light 5.3 - Solar Concentrator

by Global Sun Engineering (GSE)     based in Boden, SWEDEN

Matarenki Light 5.3 is a cutting edge and hassle-free way to produce electricity and hot water. If Matarenki Light 5.3 is used off-grid, for example in a remote location, it is convenient to connect batteries to the system. A battery buffer facilitates continuous electricity usage 24-7, and during days of cloudy weather. If Matarenki Light 5.3 is ...

Solar Defender - Model ALM-6870 - Kit (TX+RX) for Conversion to Plastic Optical Fiber

by MARSS s.r.l.     based in Tiggiano (LE), ITALY

Kit (TX+RX) for conversion to Plastic Optical Fiber of the BUS-485 Solar Defender. Maximum range 200 meters. The ideal and innovative solution to solve the problems related traditional cable: signal quality at distance, RF disturbs, living with electrical cables, ducts undersized. Use also with POF in rodent model. Easy installation and ...

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