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contaminated waterway equipment

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    Organoclay - Bulk Capping

    Mitigates organic contaminant transport into waterways. Adsorptive capacity reduces required thickness compared to in-situ sand cap. Adsorptive capability provides a sub-aqueous chemical isolation of contaminated sediment mitigating organic contaminant transport into the waterway. High capacity for low-soluble organics provides treatment for NAPL, ...

    By Colloid Environmental Technologies Company (CETCO) based in Hoffman Estates, UNITED KINGDOM. from Bulk Capping Product line

  • Contaminant Absorbents

    The IMS ER Vehicle brings to the scene a variety of absorbent materials necessary for pavement, soil and waterway containment of fluid spills. Oil dry is used for puddling fluid spills while other absorbents are used for broad area cleanup as well as final sweeping to leave the incident scene for traffic to pass safely. Boom and pads are used when ...

    By Incident Management Solutions (IMS) based in Minneola, FLORIDA (USA).

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    Gas Plant

    Former manufactured gas plant (MGP) sites offer unique challenges. A by-product of coal gasification was coal tar. Even decades after ceasing operations, coal tar can still remain in on-site soils and sediment in adjacent waterways. CETCO offers cost-effective and innovative products that have successfully helped stabilize impacted soils and cap ...

    By Colloid Environmental Technologies Company (CETCO) based in Hoffman Estates, UNITED KINGDOM. from Gas Plant Product line

  • EEE - Model DD400 SS - Fox Contamination Wash Area System

    One of the main uses is at Hospitals or other Medical facilities in order to shower down victims and emergency personnel who have been exposed to chemicals by either accident or terrorist attack. This will eliminate the exposure of Medical personnel and others on the inside to the chemical or contaminate. The designated shower area will insure ...

    By Environmental Equipment Engineering, Inc. (EEE) based in Mechanicsville, VIRGINIA (USA). from Fox Contamination Wash Area System Product line

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    Chemtex - Ground Guards

    Ground Guards are an economical way to help keep your boatyard clean and to help protect waterways from harmful, contaminated run-off. Two sizes to choose from depending on the size of your boat. The geotextile is made from a high-quality polypropylene which will not rip or tear. Ground Guards will catch paint chips and oils that run off boats ...

    By Chemtex, Inc. based in Cumberland, RHODE ISLAND (USA). from Ground Guards Product line

  • ViroSoil - Contaminated Site Remediation and Soil Treatment

    ViroSoil Technology provides a total solution for the treatment and remediation of contaminated soils and sediments. ViroSoil Technology has been developed to treat Acid Sulfate Soils (ASS), heavy metal contaminated soil, including chromium, lead and arsenic, and other contaminated soil applications, including advanced Rapid Sequestro-Degradation ...

    By Virotec Global Solutions Pty Ltd. based in Coomera Waters, AUSTRALIA.

  • S-Oil Treat

    Oil Contaminated soils produce severe environmental hazards especially if site run offs are allowed to contaminate surface and subterraneous waterways. Site excavation and removal of such contaminated soils is both expensive and time consuming.

    By Cowens Ltd based in Carlisle, UNITED KINGDOM.

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    ORGANOCLAY - Organic Adsorption Media for Environmental Remediation Applications

    The ORGANOCLAY product line is a range of proprietary adsorption media that is highly effective in removing oils, greases and other high molecular weight, low solubility organic compounds from aqueous streams. The ORGANOCLAY products are specialty sorbents, altered to an organophilic state making them attractive to organic molecules.

  • Model VB591 - Biodegradation Nutriation for Water Remediation

    VB591 Water is a totally green, effective treatment for groundwater remediation from hydrocarbon contamination and also water contaminated from oil spills. Using bioremediation technology ,VB591® works effectively in groundwater, rivers, coastal waterways, ship channels, harbors, marinas, lake and open seas.

    By BioNutraTech, Inc. based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

  • Model Type 3 - Silt Turbidity Curtain

    Type III Silt Barrier is a tough silt curtain which is designed specifically for silt control in rivers, inter-coastal waterways, bays and harbors. These rough water floating silt curtain is ideal for demanding applications whether dredging contaminated sediments or demolishing bridges.

  • Model STC - Stormceptor Systems

    When it rains, oils, sediment and other contaminants are washed from paved surfaces directly into our storm drains and waterways. Non-point source pollution such as stormwater now accounts for 80% of water pollution in North America and governments are responding with demanding regulations to protect our water resources.

    By Imbrium Systems Inc. based in Whitby, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Stormceptor Systems Product line

  • MUD CAT - Model 727 - Diesel Powered Auger Dredge

    When sediment holding areas reach or exceed their design capacity limits or waterways become filled with contaminated sediment, experts turn to LWT’s Mud Cat 727 for the most efficient and cost effective method to reclaim the site’s original condition. The MUD CAT 727 is a one truck portable, hydraulic suction dredge.

    By Liquid Waste Technology LLC - Mud Cat based in New Richmond, WISCONSIN (USA). from Model 727 - Diesel Powered Auger Dredge Product line

  • MSI - Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS)

    Maritime Solutions Inc.’s safe and environmentally sound shipboard ballast water treatment system (BWT System) (patented) addresses the global ballast water problem of the shipping industry that caused contamination of the world’s harbors and waterways by delivering aquatic nuisance species during ship ballast operations (taking on or ...

    By Maritime Solutions, Inc. based in Linthicum Heights, MARYLAND (USA).

  • SPI - Storm Water Petro Barriers

    SPI’s Storm Water Petro-Barriers provide the Quintessential Oil-Spill Containment System for any Industrial and Municipal Setting where hydrocarbons are stored.  Now you can Guarantee Your Property’s Total Compliance by completely isolating any designated area from all threats of an Oil-Spill that could potentially contaminate ...

    By Solidification Products International, Inc. (SPI) based in Northford, CONNECTICUT (USA).

  • Fox - Model CMS600 - Constant Monitoring System

    When your site has the potential to have stormwater run-off that has been contaminated with water soluble products such as wines, milk or chemicals entering the waterways there is a need for a Fox model CMS600 Constant Monitoring System. The Fox CMS600 system will monitor all site run-off for pollutant concentrations that exceed predetermined ...

    By Fox Environmental Systems Pty Ltd based in Warana, AUSTRALIA. from Constant Monitoring System Product line

  • EEE - Model DD 400 - Washdown System

    A major concern to our waterways is contamination from quantities of pollution generated by the washing of items such as rubbish bins and cars in high-rise building developments. Motor vehicle wash-water will contain not only detergents but also significant amounts of free-floating hydrocarbons including leaking oils and lubricants and dust from ...

    By Environmental Equipment Engineering, Inc. (EEE) based in Mechanicsville, VIRGINIA (USA). from Washdown System Product line


    Storm water is simply rain water or melted snow that runs off the land and into rivers, streams, and lakes. When storm water flows through industrial sites it may accumulate pollutants and transport them into national waterways where they can impact wildlife, restrict swimming areas, and affect the navigability of the nation’s waters.

    By Argent Consulting Services, Inc. based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from SWPPP Product line

  • EEE - Model SCS 600 - Spill Control System

    A spill of hydrocarbons entering our waterways will have a disastrous impact on the delicate balance of our ecosystems. Penalties for these breaches will include the cost of rectification and clean up as well as fines and limitations on the continuation of the business. The Fox SCS600 Spill Control System will eliminate the risk of these events by ...

    By Environmental Equipment Engineering, Inc. (EEE) based in Mechanicsville, VIRGINIA (USA). from Spill Control System Product line

  • Hydro Quip - Below Ground Oil Water Separators

    Hydro Quip’s Below Ground Oil Water Separators are designed for industries that need to prevent contaminated runoff and spills from getting into public treatment plants and natural waterways. Our design not only exceeds API 421 guidelines and meets local SPCC and NPDES Permits, but it is also capable of achieving a discharge limit of 5ppm or ...

    By Hydro Quip, Inc. (HQI) based in Seekonk, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Below Ground Oil Water Separators Product line

  • BIO-SOK - Marina and Boat Bilge Oil Spill

    BIO-SOK bilge maintenance products are an easy-to-use, completely nontoxic and environmentally sound means of capturing and biodegrading the oil and fuel that leaks in a boat bilge, which often escapes into marina waters. The active ingredient in BIO-SOK, BUSTER\PRP, absorbs, encapsulates and remediates oil and fuel naturally, biodegrading ...

    By OilSpillRem - Universal Remediation Inc based in Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

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