conveyor system equipment in Ontario

  • Model XL - Pallet Conveyors System

    The pallet conveyor systems are based on FlexLink´s conveyors, with product carrier sizes from 100×128 mm up to 640×640 mm, carrying products up to 60 kg per pallet. Available as single track or twin track depending on the production requirements. A pallet conveyor can handle a variety of products, from hard disk drives to ...

    By FlexLink AB Office in Burlington, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Pallet Conveyors System Product line

  • Atlas Polar - Model mvht3750 - Mixveyor Conveyor systems

    Atlas Polar Mixveyor Conveyor systems have been pouring concrete for over 30 years. Our 38' Mixveyor Conveyor system is reliable, easy to operate and is the choice for many ready-mix producers. The latest Mixveyor Conveyor design makes it simple to pour concrete from the back of the truck and deliver on flat, above or below grade areas. For added ...

    By Atlas Polar Company Ltd. based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Mixveyor Conveyor systems Product line

  • Model X45 - Puck Handling Conveyor Systems

    Conveyor functions for puck handling are well suited for handling small, fragile products. The individual product is placed on a standard puck (carrier) through the production line. The pucks are used with a high capacity conveyor system with the possibility to add more bends, and can run at a high speed.

    By FlexLink AB Office in Burlington, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Puck Handling Conveyor Systems Product line

  • LIFTUBE - Conveyor Belts System

    The patented LIFTUBE system enables the belt to run on a central horizontal tilting roller and to slide on the edges, which also tilt. A removable hood can be adapted to the equipment to reduce belt conveyor dust emission. Only the size of the hood and the central horizontal roller depends on the width of the conveyor. The conveyor belt and ...

    By Standard Industrie Office in Ajax, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Conveyor Belts System Product line

  • Model XLX - Chain Conveyor Systems with Stainless Steel Beams

    The chain conveyor systems with stainless steel beams are clean, robust and modular, and include a complete range of guide rails and supports.

    By FlexLink AB Office in Burlington, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Chain Conveyor Systems with Stainless Steel Beams Product line

  • ML Grit Washer

    A compact grit washer carried out by a cyclone with a prewash and Grit Dewaterer.

    By ML Spirals based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA). from ML Grit Washer Product line

  • KEITH Freight Runner™ - Conveyor

    The KEITH Freight Runner™ Conveyor replaces the manual process of cargo handling that requires a forklift operator and an employee with a pallet jack. Load/unload full trailer in as little as two minutes. Conveying system automatically indexes cargo for loading/unloading. Reduces labor costs up to 75%. Compatible with most trailers and can ...

    By KEITH Manufacturing Co. Office in ONTARIO (CANADA). from Conveyor Product line

  • Model X45 - Plastic Chain Conveyors

    The multi-flexing plastic chain conveyor systems with aluminum beam permits horizontal as well as vertical distribution of products. The conveying systems tight vertical bends save floor space by enabling multilevel transportation and make access easy for operators.

    By FlexLink AB Office in Burlington, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Plastic Chain Conveyors Product line

  • STREAMTEK - Threaded Air Conveyor

    The Air Conveyor simply uses compressed air to move items or media! The compressed air is injected into the Air Conveyor using a standard NPT fitting. This creates a vacuum-like effect at one end and a high output flow at the other. The Air Conveyor system can transport all types of solids in large volumes over great distances, all with absolutely ...

    By STREAMTEK Corp Office in Barrie, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Threaded Air Conveyor Product line

  • Material Handling Systems

    Whether its a grain storage site; feed mill; fertilizer plant; or seed plant, the demands of material handling operations are constant. Larger quantities of material must be moved quickly at no expense to the quality of the product. That is why Norstar places great importance on providing industry-leading grain handling equipment that boosts your ...

    By Norstar Industries Office in Aylmer, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Shore Conveyors

    Aquamarine Shore Conveyors are an unloading link between an Aquamarine Harvester and a dump truck or other offloading site. Each encompasses a conveyor body, an interlock system, an undercarriage on wheels for local transport and a lifting/balance mechanism. Shore Conveyors are supplied with an integral hydraulic power train.

    By Aquamarine based in Oakville, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • WTP - Screw Conveyors

    Shaftless screw conveyors, an enclosed conveying system designed without internal shafts or bearings to eliminate wrapping and plugging, are the equipment of choice for handling wet, coarse, sticky and stringy materials: wastewater screenings, dewatered sludge, grit, food processing and pulp and paper wastes. Choose from standard equipment designs ...

    By WTP Equipment Corp. based in Brampton, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Model RC 4000 - Conveyor Radiation Detection Systems

    The RC4000 Conveyor Radiation Detection System constantly monitors your material handling conveyors for radioactive materials. The RC4000 Conveyor Radiation Detection System consists of two main components - the RCD conveyor radiation detectors and RC4000 Control Console. RCD radiation detectors are mounted on the infeed conveyor to the shredder ...

    By RadComm Systems based in Oakville, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Conveyor Radiation Detection Systems Product line

  • Screw Conveyors

    Sizes: from 150mm to 600mm. Larger sizes are available. Capacity: Up to 100M.T.P.H. at 45% conveyor loading. Capacities are based on material density of 45# / cu. ft. or 721kg/m3.  Direct coupled gearbox, chain and sprocket, 'V' belt drive systems are available. Heavy duty construction, mild steel or stainless steel fabrication. Capital cost ...

    By Mitchell Mill Systems Canada Ltd based in Newton, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Belt Conveyor

    At Nordstrong Equipment Limited we offer a range of CEMA belt conveyor design options such as, shuttle belts, belt feeders, radial stackers, belt trippers, overland belts, high angle belts and belt conveyor galleries (structural / tubular). Our knowledgeable and experienced technical sales, procurement, engineering and project management teams, ...

    By Nordstrong Equipment Limited Office in Mississauga, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Belt Conveyor Product line

  • Belt Conveyors

    Rotogran has been designing and manufacturing high-end belt conveyors for factories, contractors and warehouses across the world. Our conveyors come in a variety of builds, including: wire mesh, inclined, tabletop, heavy duty, medium duty and standard belt conveyors. No matter what conveyor you decide to purchase from us, you can rest assured it ...

    By Rotogran International Inc. based in BOLTON, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Belt Conveyors Product line

  • TS - Belt Conveyors

    Whether your project calls for Idlers or Slider Bed Conveyors, Gallery Conveyors, Underground Conveyors, Trippers, Shuttles or Stacking Systems, TS has the conveying solution to suit your application. TS will engineer, design, detail and certify your customized belt conveyor anywhere from 18' to 96' belt widths. We also have standard designed ...

    By TS Manufacturing Company based in Lindsay, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Belt Conveyors Product line

  • Round Drag Conveyors

    Sizes: from 225mm to 450mm. Capacities: Up to 200M.T.P.H., based on material density of 45#/ cu.ft or 721kg / m3.  Heavy duty totally enclosed take up units ensure that the chain stays tight. Direct coupled gearbox, chain and sprocket , “V?belt drive systems are available. Heavy duty construction, mild steel or stainless steel ...

    By Mitchell Mill Systems Canada Ltd based in Newton, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • TS - Conveying & Screening Systems

    Each Reclaim and Boiler Feed System requires a combination of Conveying & Screening Systems. These can include: Vibrating Conveyors, Belt Conveyors, Flexi-Wall Belt Conveyors, Screw Conveyors, Chain Conveyors, Paddle Style Conveyors and Pneumatic Systems. All of these can be paired with Size Check Screening to ensure consistent material feed. ...

    By TS Manufacturing Company based in Lindsay, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Conveying & Screening Systems Product line

  • BioWear - Liners for Shafted & Shaftless Screw Conveyors

    BioWear Liners are designed to minimize wear that occurs during transport of abrasive material in both shafted and shaftless screw ocnveyors. BioWear Liners are interchangeable with existing wear liners and can be provided in various thicknesses. The liners will be designed to match the existing screw conveyor securing system. The exact size of ...

    By BioSec Enviro Inc. based in Guelph, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Liners for Shafted & Shaftless Screw Conveyors Product line

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