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Myron L - Model CTCII™ - Conductivity / TDS Chemical Treatment Controller / Cooling Tower Controller

by Myron L Company     based in Carlsbad, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The unique circuitry of the CTCII Chemical. Treatment Controller guarantees accurate and reliable measurements. Drift free performance is assured by “field proven” electronics, including automatic DC offset compensation and highly accurate drive voltage.

IWS - Cooling Tower Water Screens

by International Water Screens     based in Bakersfield, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Our cooling tower water screen services include design and installation of large scale screens for processing plants, chemical factories, and more. Special purpose cooling tower water screens are available from IWS including design, manufacture and installation. Clean, debris-free water for cooling towers is a necessity. Protect ...

WEDA - Model YT-600 - Remote Controlled Sediment Removal Vehicle for Cooling Towers etc.

by Weda AB     based in Södertälje, SWEDEN

YT-600 is a remote controlled vehicle for sediment (sludge) removal in all sorts of reservoirs. The powerful on-board submersible pump and wide nozzle allows forefficient cleaning of large bottom surfaces.

Model FC Series - Cooling Towers

by Thermal Care, Inc.     based in Niles, ILLINOIS (USA)

The FC Series cooling towers are designed for outdoor use in industrial manufacturing locations and come with the industry’s best warranty - ten years on the shell and five years on the complete tower – including the motor. Towers ship assembled with the fan motor and fan blade removed to prevent shipping damage.

Model CTFP Series - Cooling Towers

by Torraval Cooling S.L     based in ZAMUDIO (Vizcaya), SPAIN

CTFP Series cooling towers can be forced or induced draft, both versions with axial fan directly coupled to the motor and counter flow.. These towers are built with a resistant structure, support thick steel (3-5 mm) hot dip galvanized (after the realization of all the conformation works) and lateral panels of fibreglass reinforced polyester.

Model EC Series - Cooling Tower

by Evapco Inc.     based in Taneytown, MARYLAND (USA)

EvapTech Series EC cooling towers are induced draft, counterflow towers custom designed to meet your requirements for cost, footprint, power consumption and pumphead.  Browse the sections to the right for more information on the important details of a Series EC cooling tower. For even more personal service, especially about how we can ...

Model EX Series - Cooling Tower

by Evapco Inc.     based in Taneytown, MARYLAND (USA)

An EvapTech EX Cooling Tower is an induced draft, crossflow tower custom designed to meet our customers' requirements for cost, footprint, power consumption and pumphead. Browse the sections to the right for more information on the important details of an EvapTech Series EX Cooling Tower. For even more personal service, especially about how ...

Model PME-E Series - Cooling Towers

by Torraval Cooling S.L     based in ZAMUDIO (Vizcaya), SPAIN

The PME-E series cooling towers are manufactured with a high thickness (3-5 mm) steel bearing frame, which is hot-dip galvanized after all works and with fibreglass sandwich panels of 22 mm thickness. This kind of panel is made by a double laminated layer with supporting expanded material in between. This construction grants, also on large ...

Model AT - Cooling Tower

by Evapco Inc.     based in Taneytown, MARYLAND (USA)

Independently certified to withstand seismic and wind load forces at ALL Building locations in North America. The AT is an induced draft, counterflow design cooling tower with a CTI certified capacity range of 33 to 5,141 nominal tons (144 to 22,596 kW). Standard construction consists of G-235 (Z-725 Europe) galvanized steel with type 304 or 316 ...

Model PMM Series - Cooling Towers

by Torraval Cooling S.L     based in ZAMUDIO (Vizcaya), SPAIN

PMM are open circuit cooling towers of counter-flow composed of factory pre-assembled modules. Its capacity goes from 2.6 to 14 MW (aproximate value, taking as a reference a cell, a thermal range of 5ºC, laminar filling of 19 mm and modular systems). The PMM series is proposed in big-size plants. Each unit is engineered according to the ...

Model RM Serie - Cooling Towers

by Torraval Cooling S.L     based in ZAMUDIO (Vizcaya), SPAIN

RM series are induced draught cooling towers, counter-flow with axial fans. These are high efficiency equipments, capable of cooling flows from up to 1.700 m3/h per cell. Their design and conception is focused on industrial processes, where, depending on the selected type of fillings, any water qualities can be treated. Its structure covered with ...

Model PMS-D Series - Cooling Towers

by Torraval Cooling S.L     based in ZAMUDIO (Vizcaya), SPAIN

PMS-D Cooling towers are built entirely in fiberglass (orthophthalic polyester resin, reinforced with several layers of glass fibre matting) in order to avoid corrosion problems due to the fact that the tower is constantly in contact with water and it is exposed to all kinds of weather. the structure is self-supporting and strengthened at the ...

Model HBR Series - Cooling Towers

by Torraval Cooling S.L     based in ZAMUDIO (Vizcaya), SPAIN

HBR series is the result of the long experience of MITA technicians. It combines the well-known TORRAVAL’s distinguishing feature of corrosion-free products with an easy and innovative working principle,designed to reduce water and energy consumption to a minimum.. The distinctive characteristic of the HBR hybrid cooler is that it has two ...

Model CV Series - Cooling Towers

by Torraval Cooling S.L     based in ZAMUDIO (Vizcaya), SPAIN

Cooling Towers Torraval CV type are atmospheric refrigerants of forced draft in counterflow and centrifugal fan. It is modular structure equipment which compact design, combined with any fan type, gives it a low noise level which makes this series suitable for air conditioning installations in hotels, hospitals or public buildings as they comply ...

Model Series 3000 - Cooling Towers

by Baltimore Aircoil Company     based in Jessup, MARYLAND (USA)

The NEW Series 3000 Cooling Tower continues its industry leading tradition. With expanded selection flexibility and a capacity increase of up to 16%, the Series 3000 Cooling Tower provides an extremely efficient solution for all your application needs. With a large range of CTI Certified Capacities, Series 3000 Cooling Towers are available from ...

EvapTech - Model Series ES/ESP - Cooling Tower

by EvapTech, Inc.     based in Lenexa, KANSAS (USA)

The FM Approved Series ES and ESPevolved from the proven EvapTech Series EC product line. These products share high quality fire-retardant fiberglass pultrusions with proven structural integrity and a design methodology co

Cooling Tower

by Odyssee Environnement     based in Requeil, FRANCE

Control of scaling, corrosion and the development of bacteria, particularly Legionella, are the objectives Odyssee Environnement has set for your facility : Our company has established its own treatment strategy : BIOTECHNOLOGY, based on the use of a bio-dispersant which destroys the biofilm (harbouring bacteria, Legionella in particular…).

ASM - Cooling Towers

by Aqua Sonic Management Pty ltd     based in North ipswich, AUSTRALIA

ASM sonic wave proven technology to control algae, fouling, legionnaire and ruducing smell in a environmentally way. Contaminated Cooling Towers have been responsible for major outbreaks of severe gastric illnesses such as legionnaire and others caused by the Cryptosporidium organisms. Disinfection is essential for the maintenance of an efficient ...

Cooling Towers

by Samesa Group     based in Gijón, SPAIN

Different sizes and models of equipment in terms of the cooling capacity needed. They are all freestanding and made out of FRP, conferring high resistance in the most aggressive environments and high durability. SAMESA supplies the towers pre-assembled in the factory, in this way reducing the on-site installation time and enabling their start-up. ...

ENSURE - Model CTS - Cooling Tower

by Guardian Manufacturing     based in Cocoa, FLORIDA (USA)

Guardian Manufacturing'sEnsure-CTSfamily of skid Cooling Tower Systems antimicrobially treats cooling tower process water for reduction or elimination of bio-films, bacteria and viruses on water circulation surfaces. Most importantly,Legionella pneumophilais NOT ozone resistant but is effectively killed by aqueous applied ozone solutions.

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