cooling water pump equipment in Pennsylvania

  • Fultz Pumps - Model SP-400 - Electric Submersible Pump

    This electric submersible pump is ideal for providing representative samples due to the low RPM motor and user controlled flow rate. Our positive displacement gear pumps are machined from stainless steel and Teflon* in the interest of purity. Water enters the pump through a 50 mesh screen into a stainless steel cavity.  Two Teflon* rotors sit ...

    By Fultz Pumps, Inc. based in Lewistown, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Electric Submersible Pump Product line

  • Chemical Feed Systems

    Chemical Feed Systems generally consist of a steel base “skid” which a chemical storage tank and pumps are mounted too which then Feed or “Inject”, “Dose” chemicals into the process at a precise rate. There is an endless list of chemicals and applications these are used for such as phosphates for boiler water ...

    By Johnson March Systems, Inc. based in Ivyland, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

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    Tekran - Model 1102 - Air Dryer System

    The Tekran Model 1102 provides dry air to the Model 1130 Pump Module zero air generating system. The dryer unit contains two columns that alternate between absorbing water when cool and desorbing water during a heated regeneration step. Ambient air is pulled through the cool column by the 1130 Pump Module to remove moisture (typical dew point -40 ...

    By Tekran Instruments Corporation Distributor in Export, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Air Dryer System Product line

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    WTR Stationary Screens

    WTR stationary screens, also known as static screens, are one of the most economical means of protecting downstream equipment. Stationary screens are used in all types of applications where debris fouling is not an hourly issue, yet protection of downstream equipment is essential.Debris in the flow stream that can foul condensers, heat exchangers, ...

    By WesTech Engineering, Inc. Distributor in PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from WTR Stationary Screens Product line

  • High Pressure Fogging System

    J&D Manufacturing’s 1000 psi High Pressure Fogging System is an effective way to reduce the temperature in your agricultural, horticultural or industrial/commercial building. Water is pumped through the high pressure lines and atomized into billions of tiny micron particles where it evaporates into the air for maximum cooling. With a ...

    By J&D Manufacturing, Inc. Distributor in Lititz, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from High Pressure Fogging System Product line

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