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cooling water tank equipment

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    Hitema - Model ENW.200 - Water-Cooled Chiller

    Water-cooled chiller ENW.200 for indoor installation, with open frame 3355mm of length instead of the standard length of 4355mm. Chiller without tank and without pump, with two plate evaporators and with two plate contenders each with 3-ways pressostatic control valves.

    By Hitema International based in Bovolenta Padua, ITALY. from Water-Cooled Chiller Product line

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    Primozone - Cooling Water Skid

    To keep the high performance of your GM-ozone generator and to ensure continuous operations it is important to cool the ozone generator with cooling water. With the Primozone cooling skid it is possible to use process water as cooling water in a very energy efficient way. The only requirement is that the process water has a temperature between ...

    By Primozone Production AB based in Löddeköpinge, SWEDEN.

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    Hitema - Model ENR.061 - Air-Cooled Liquid Chiller

    Air-Cooled liquid chiller ENR.061 with additional tank of 410 liters. Double refrigerant circuit, hydraulic circuit in non ferrous material, coaxial evaporator in stainless steel, low water temperature kit, electronic expansion valves.

    By Hitema International based in Bovolenta Padua, ITALY. from Air-Cooled Liquid Chiller Product line

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    GWT - Scale Prevention Tank Systems

    The GWT Series Scale Prevention Tank Systems offer protection from scale formation on pipe surfaces caused by hard water. These systems are available in a range of system capacities from 10 - 450 GPM. These systems are to be installed on the cold water supply line prior to entering a system that utilizes water in its operations (RO systems, ...

    By Genesis Water Technologies, Inc. based in Maitland, FLORIDA (USA). from Scale Prevention Tank Systems Product line

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    Zero Power Cooling System

    Maintain tepid water in emergency tank showers without the need for power. A new addition to the Hughes range of tank cooling options is the Zero Power Cooling System*. Designed and developed in collaboration with Celantel to temper water stored inside emergency tank showers in hot ambient climates, as stipulated by ANSI Z358.1-2014 and EN15154 ...

    By Hughes Safety Showers - A Justrite Group Company based in Stockport, UNITED KINGDOM. from Zero Power Cooling System Product line

  • Chemical Dosing Equipment

    We make and supply an extensive range of dosing equipment for applications such as boiler water treatment, cooling water systems and effluent chemical dosing. As well as standard chemical dosing equipment, we have the capability to design and supply bespoke dosing systems to meet your needs.

    By Feedwater Ltd based in Moreton, UNITED KINGDOM. from Chemical Dosing Equipment Product line

  • Water Cooling Tanks

    We all know how hot Kuwait can be in the summer and, as a result, the temperature of the water goes up. If we take a look at the water inside the tanks, we’ll find it very hot. That’s why SoftWater cares to provide Water Cooling Tanks in Kuwait from one of the best German companies; EcoSoft. Water Cooling Tanks are made of fiberglass ...

    By Soft Water Treatment Co . based in KUWAIT.

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    Biometra - Model Eco-Maxi - Electrophoresis System

    Eco-Maxi comes with glass plates with 21 cm width and 20 cm length. Eco-Maxi is also compatible for Maxigel glass plates. For electrophoretic separation under controlled temperature conditions the use of the EBC buffer tank with cooling option (integrated water circulation system) is recommended. The problem of smiling effects and ineffi cient ...

    By Analytik Jena AG based in Jena, GERMANY. from Electrophoresis System Product line

  • Model WCh - Cooling Tanks

    The tank consists of a base made from sections. From the top the cooling chamber is fastened to the base. The chamber is made from stainless steel in the form of a polyhedron. Inside the chamber the pipe with sprinklers is mounted on its circumeference. On the side wall or the top there are inspection covers. At the bottom of the chamber water ...

    By Gamart S.A. based in POLAND. from Cooling Tanks Product line

  • Cooling Spray Tanks

    Our cooling tanks are suitable for the high capacity and high quality of pipe production. Spray nozzles are placed frequently. Positions can be adjusted front and back or left and right. Front-back movements are done by a stepless inverter motor which can make either high-speed or incremental adjustments. A Cooling spray system which can get very ...

    By Masfen Machinery based in Istanbul, TURKEY. from Cooling Spray Tanks Product line

  • Cooling Towers & Water Storage Tanks

    Contaminated Cooling Towers and day storage tanks have been responsible for major outbreaks of severe gastric illnesses such as legionnaire and others caused by the Cryptosporidium organisms! Disinfection is essential for the maintenance of an efficient cooling water system. Pathogens must be removed from industrial process waters to ...

    By Aqua Sonic Management International Limited. based in North ipswich, AUSTRALIA.


    This Korean made Closed Expansion Tank acts as a substitute of open expansion tank to prevent the corrosion of pipes. It guarantees smooth operation by completely intercepting the contact of pipe water in cooling, heating and hot water heating pipes with an air and filling proper pressure to receive and restore expansion water. This Korean made ...


  • BedaTec - Model VWK/1 - Cooling Water Re-cooler

    VWK/1 - Cooling water re-cooler with a coolingcapacity of 2 to 100kW, with tank and pump. Compact design with high temperature accuracy.

    By Beda Technology Ltd. based in Corby, UNITED KINGDOM. from Cooling Water Re-cooler Product line

  • Kodsan - Model KA Series - Water Storage Tank

    Accumulations tanks are used for storing the conditioned water hygienically in heating and cooling systems. Usually, a heat exchanger (plate heat exchanger, tubular heat exchangers, boilers, chillers, fan coil, etc.) is mounted behind. CFC-free polyurethane insulation material is used in all products which has a low heat loss.

    By Kodsan based in Ankara, TURKEY. from Water Storage Tank Product line

  • Cisterns-Holding Tanks Cooling Towers

    Cisterns and holding tanks can grow algae and thats when the E,coli, Salmonella, Listeria and other bacteria/pathogens start to grow. We have custom designed equipment to oxidize and ionize this water to not only keep the tank or tanks clean but also to kill the pathogens and bacteria that can be harmful to humans, animals and plants.

    By Agri Ionization Systems, Inc. based in Sarasota, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Chilled Water Pump Tanks

    Chilled Water Pump Tank assemblies provide chilled process cooling water to the industrial process. Chilled process cooling water is circulated by centrifugal pumps with cast iron housings, bronze impellers and mechanical seals. Full sized pump suction and discharge valves are expertly assembled on solid decks and include suction isolation ...

    By ACS Group based in New Berlin, WISCONSIN (USA). from Chilled Water Pump Tanks Product line

  • Concrete Tank

    Concrete tanks are strong, long lasting and can be installed underground. When they are installed underground, the water stays cool and dark and they are not prone to alge or bacteria growth. They are fire proof and aesthetically pleasing.

    By Rainmaster Technologies Pty Ltd based in Wyong, AUSTRALIA.

  • AWAS - Model Nano - Flotation System

    Pretreatment: The sewage, cooling, process, ground or river water polluted with light liquids or emulsions is preferably pre-purified through the simultaneous separator AWAS Galaxie Tower. This pre-cleaning system separates sludge, light materials or light liquids simultaneously in an efficient way from the water. They are deflected into the ...

    By AWAS International GmbH based in Wilnsdorf, GERMANY.

  • Kodsan - Model G Series - Galvanized Water Storage Tank

    G series of galvanized accumulations tanks used for storing the conditioned water in heating and cooling systems. Usually, a heat exchanger (plate heat exchanger, tubular heat exchangers, boilers, chillers, fan coil, etc.) is mounted behind. All products used in soft foam polyurethane insulation. Additional electric heater can also be installed. ...

    By Kodsan based in Ankara, TURKEY. from Galvanized Water Storage Tank Product line

  • Madden - Blowdown Tanks for Boilers

    Blowdown tanks are used as an alternative system for cooling the bottom boiler blowdown. These large tanks retain the blowdown water volume from one blow after the flash steam has been vented to the atmosphere and allow the water to cool down by natural convection over 6-12 hour period. The cooled water will be below 140° Farhrenheit when it ...

    By Madden Manufacturing Inc based in Elkhart, INDIANA (USA).

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