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cooling water treatment equipment

  • Showcase

    ECO - Model DRY HP-C Series - Low Temperature Wastewater Evaporator with Heat Pump and Endless Scraper-Screw

    Distillation throughput from 10 to 42 L/hour. Low temperature vacuum evaporator with heat pump, powered with electrical energy able to reach extreme concentration. Specially configured to obtain semi solid concentration and to concentrate fouling wastewater, saline water and high density waters. To be installed wherever an extremely strong ...

  • QUES - Cooling Water Treatment System

    we design highly effective chemical formulations that remedy various threats to both open and closed recirculating cooling systems. We offer our standard products as well as customized formulations using our toll manufacturing capabilities. Our cooling water treatments include scale and corrosion inhibitors, dispersants, biocides, antifoams, ...

    By Ques Industries Inc. based in Cleveland, OHIO (USA).

  • Feedwater - Cooling Water Treatment System

    Without effective cooling water treatment, a cooling water system can suffer from scale formation, corrosion and fouling and may become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria such as those which cause Legionnaires’ Disease. This reduces efficiency, shortens plant life and makes your operation unreliable and unsafe. Poor control can not only ...

    By Feedwater Ltd based in Moreton, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Cooling Water Treatment

    Cooling water systems are prone to corrosion, scaling, fouling and microbial growth. These problems are interdependent and exist in every system; only their extent or degree varies. Corrosion is the reversion of the metal to its natural stable state –metal oxide. This leads to metal loss and fouling due to iron oxide often necessitating ...

    By Wex Technologies Pvt. Ltd. based in Kothrud, INDIA.

  • Cooling Water Treatment

    Our organic cooling-water treatments are based on the latest polymer technology and are designed to give the best possible performance. The chemicals will be chosen to suit each individual application and water parameters.

    By Hydro-X Water Treatment Ltd based in Sheffield, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • FlexPro - Model CL - Cooling Water Treatment System

    FlexPro CL is a breakthrough innovation in cooling water treatment specifically designed to work on a broad range of cooling systems. This truly green solution supports emerging regulations while outperforming other cooling water chemistries.

    By ChemTreat, Inc. - a subsidiary of Danaher Corporation based in Glen Allen, VIRGINIA (USA). from Cooling Water Treatment System Product line

  • Ecospec BacComber - Cooling Water Treatment System

    With the increasing demand on high performance green technology to save our environment, Baccomber offers not only more effective & efficient water treatment solutions, but also provide long term eco-friendly protection to your system. BacComber uses Ultra Low Frequency (ULF) Patented Technology to treat the water without harming the ...

    By Ecospec Global Technology Pte Ltd based in Singapore, SINGAPORE. from Cooling Water Treatment System Product line

  • Cooling Water Treatment System

    In various industries diverse types of cooling systems are used. Depending on the type of system all cooling water needs a particular treatment. The primary reasons therefor are: saving on consumption of cooling water and protection against corrosion, deposits (to preserve the heat-transfer) and biological growth (to avoid legionaire's disease). ...

    By PCA NV based in Aalst, BELGIUM. from Cooling Water Treatment System Product line

  • Cooling Water Treatment Programs

    CHEMSTAR OFFERS A COMPLETE LINE of cooling water treatments. Chemstar uses our own custom formulations and also selects products from our ISO 9001 suppliers. Chemstar's cooling water treatment programs are custom designed to meet the technical requirements of each customer. Through proper formulation selection and application, scale and corrosion ...

    By International Chemstar Incorporated based in Baltimore, MARYLAND (USA).

  • Cooling Water Treatment System

    Proper water treatment is essential in preventing problems in your cooling water systems - to avoid disruption of service, to avoid energy waste, and to avoid liabilities. Below is a short summary of the problems commonly found in cooling water systems.

    By WET USA Inc. based in Streamwood, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • GLA - Cooling Water Treatments and Systems

    We have a variety of products designed specifically for cooling towers. Whatever your need, we have a product that can treat your system.

    By G.L.A. Water, Inc based in Hiram, OHIO (USA).

  • AS Inc. - Model AS-8310 - Cooling Water Treatment Unit

    AS-8310 is a field use concentrated solution. The tin based corrosion inhibitor will passivate metal surfaces to provide lower equilibrium corrosion rates and promote generalized rather than localized corrosion. Additionally, AS-8310 provides minimal nutrients to aid in bacterial growth to the system.

    By AS Inc based in Oakland,, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • BiOzone - Ozone Cooling Tower Water Treatment System

    BiOzone ozone water treatment and ozone cooling tower water treatment produces clean and reusable water through ozone oxidation. This ozone cooling tower water treatment approach provides water disinfection and sterilization. The high oxidation potential of ozone through our ozone cooling tower water treatment processes are utilized to its ...

    By BiOzone Corporation based in Englewood, COLORADO (USA).

  • Boiler & Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals

    BEC provides the full line of Aries Chemical products to provide corrosion and deposit control in boilers, steam lines, condensate lines and associated equipment used in utilities, commercial and industrial facilities. BEC's treatment programs are designed to prolong equipment life, reduce utility costs, and reduce maintenance and manpower ...

    By Butterfield Environmental Corp. (BEC) based in Plymouth, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

  • AS Inc. - Model AS-8320 - Phosphate Free Cooling Water Treatment

    AS-8320 is a field use concentrated solution. The tin based corrosion inhibitor will passivate metal surfaces to provide lower equilibrium corrosion rates and promote generalized rather than localized corrosion. Additionally, AS-8320 provides minimal nutrients to aid in bacterial growth to the system.

    By AS Inc based in Oakland,, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • BacTerminator - Dental Cooling Water Treatment System

    One system can supply up to 8 units. BacTerminator Dental is a complete water treatment system designed especially for use in dental units.

    By Adept Water Technologies A/S based in Herlev, DENMARK. from Dental Cooling Water Treatment System Product line

  • Premium

    H2O - Cooling Water Biofouling Control - Water Treatment Optimisation Plan

    Based on more than 25 years of world wide experience, H2O developed together with its partner AZES Energy Solutions the WATER-TOP approach. This Water Treatment Optimization Program that takes plant-specific water conditions (such as material of construction, local fauna, water composition, temperature, etc.) into account. This important factor ...

    By H2O Biofouling Solutions B.V. based in Bemmel, NETHERLANDS.

  • cooling tower water treatment chemical

    stable chlorine dioxide in liquid form with purity 99%,.and generates NO harmful by products.Our product is highly effective for the inhibition of all type of microorganism,including bacteria and viruses as well.It also removes algae and bio film effectively.

    By PROPHYLAXIS based in Surat, INDIA.

  • Cooling Tower Water Treatment Systems

    While many buyers of Cooling Tower water treatment systems purchase equipment to treat scale and microbes (particularly Legionella prevention), ECOsmarte can often create the option of using process or other. Whether your cooling comes from a tower, chiller bundle or evaporative cooler, ECOsmarte’s natural oxygen and ionization package can ...

    By ECOsmarte Planet Friendly, Inc. based in Richfield, MINNESOTA (USA). from Cooling Tower Water Treatment Systems Product line

  • EST - cooling tower water treatment system

    The Electrochemical Scale Treatment System (E.S.T) is a state of the art, patented system which prevents scaling, prevents bio fouling, microorganism growth, inhibits corrosion, produces oxidants in the water and prevents the spread of airborne bacteria. Using a unique electrochemical process, the E.S.T system actively, efficiently and cost ...

    By Elgressy Engineering Services Ltd. based in Tel Mond, ISRAEL.

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