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cross-flow scrubber equipment

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    CECO HEE-Duall - Packed Bed Scrubbers for Municipal and Industrial Odor Control System

    Scrubbers are used for gaseous and particulate control, by means of utilizing water, or other liquid, to remove pollutants from an exhaust stream. HEE-Duall brand pre-engineered and customized packed bed odor control scrubbers and systems are available to meet customer specific needs.

    By CECO Environmental based in Dallas, TEXAS (USA). from CECO HEE-Duall - Scrubbers Product line

  • Cross-flow Scrubbers

    The liquid is conducted into the top of the cross-flow scrubber and flow through a zone of special packing material. The gas to be cleaned flows horizontally, and an intensive contact between liquid and gas is achieved within the zone containing the packing. This enables an effective mass transfer.

    By atea Anlagentechnik GmbH based in Ransbach-Baumbach, GERMANY.

  • Verantis - Cross-Flow Scrubbers

    Minimizes height for low-profile applications. The Verantis crossflow scrubber is both streamlined and highly effective at absorbing gaseous pollutants. Thanks to its flushing characteristics, it can also effectively handle moderate loadings of solids. There’s no need for interconnecting ductwork with the Verantis crossflow scrubber. The ...

    By Verantis Environmental Solutions Group based in Middleburg Hts, OHIO (USA). from Wet Scrubbers Product line

  • Model H2 - Double Stage Horizontal Cross-Flow Scrubber

    Gli Scrubber Orizzontali a due stadi separati di abbattimento sono completamente costruiti in Polipropilene. In ciascun stadio viene dosato un prodotto chimico fortemente corrosivo (rispettivamente Acido Solforico, Soda Caustica e Ipoclorito di Sodio), perciò non è possibile la realizzazione dello Scrubber in Acciaio Inossidabile per ...

    By F.G.M. engineering srl based in S.Croce S/Arno (PI), ITALY. from Horizontal Cross-Flow Air Scrubbers Product line

  • Model MPX - Cross-Flow Scrubbers

    Our cross flow scrubbers feature a number of advantages compared to vertical packed bed towers. Ducting is simpler and the crossflow design makes it convenient to fit the scrubber in a ducting system. In the case of a single stage design, a packed tower may be preferred in view of its convenient combination with a stack. Choice of material is ...

    By Pure air solutions bv based in Heerenveen, NETHERLANDS. from Chemsorption Product line

  • Cross-Flow Scrubbers

    Complex and not exactly defined waste air (e.g. from waste treatment or food processing) normally cannot be cleaned sufficiently through simple scrubbing. The reason for this is the different solubility of the waste air components. Some compounds easily dissolve in neutral water whilst others, e.g. sulphides, prefer alkaline pH. Amines, in turn, ...

    By Tholander Environmental Engineering based in Viernheim, GERMANY.

  • Bionomic - Model 5500 Series - Cross-Flow Scrubber

    The Series 5500 Crossflow Scrubber's low profile lends itself to applications where there is a height restriction or esthetic concern such as indoors or building roof tops and the contaminant to remove is a toxic fume, gaseous pollutant, mist or odor that requires a chemical reagent scrubbing solution. This horizontal packed bed scrubber utilizes ...

    By Bionomic Industries Inc. based in Mahwah, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Wet Scrubber Product line

  • Colasit - Model RHE - Cross-Flow Scrubber

    Application  : Purification of highly polluted exhaust air with acidic or alkaline contamination. Food industry. Pharma, chemical and biochemical industry. Surface treatment and solar technology. Waste, sewage treatment. Composting. Drying process.

    By Colasit AG based in Spiez, SWITZERLAND. from Environmental Technology Product line

  • Horizontal Cross-Flow Scrubbers

    Horizontal Cross-flow scrubbers are commonly used in the surface finishing industry where space is limited and inlet loadings are relatively low. The rooftop is an ideal spot for these compact scrubbers if headroom is insufficient.

    By KCH Services, Inc. based in Forest City, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Chemical Scrubbers Product line

  • Heil - Model 760 Series - Horizontal Cross-Flow Scrubbers

    The HEIL Series 760 Horizontal Crossflow Scrubber is a versatile unit, specifically designed to remove mists, gases, and particulates.

    By Heil Process Equipment based in North Ridgeville, OHIO (USA). from Wet Scrubbers Product line

  • Macrotek - Horizontal Packed Bed Scrubber

    The Macrotek Packed Bed Scrubber is an air pollution control sollution that utilizes a horizontal cross-flow design for high efficient absorption of gases. In the horizontal cross-flow scrubber design, gas flows horizontally while scrubbing liquid flows down through a liquid distribution system. The scrubber includes a random packing section where ...

    By Macrotek Inc. based in Markham, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Packed Bed Scrubbers Product line

  • Model H - Single Stage Horizontal Air Cross-Flow Scrubber

    Horizontal Scrubber (cross-flow) single stage model H represent the best solution to industrial air pollution and odour control issues where the available space for installation is very small or on the roof. As per single stage vertical scrubber 'V' the application range is restricted to offgases, vents air emissions well defined in terms of ...

    By F.G.M. engineering srl based in S.Croce S/Arno (PI), ITALY. from Horizontal Cross-Flow Air Scrubbers Product line

  • Cross-Flow Packed Bed Scrubbers

    Crossflow Scrubber moves contaminated air horizontally through a packed bed and the irrigation process flows down vertically through the packing media for a flexible and efficient removal of various types of contaminants from gas streams. Crossflow Scrubbers can be very effective especially when using a caustic solution to scrub an acid gas. ...

    By Indusco Environmental Services Inc. based in Spanish Fort, ALABAMA (USA). from Scrubbers Product line

  • Cross-flow Packed Tower Scrubber

    Series: RHE 315 – 1250 h. Type of construction: horizontal, single or multi-stage. Volume flow rate of waste air: 1’000 – 45’000 m3 / h. Width: 1000 / 1700 mm. Heights: 2500 / 2900 mm. Volume flow rate of washing medium: 5 – 55 m3 / h.

    By Colasit AG based in Spiez, SWITZERLAND. from Environmental Technology Product line

  • WATPACK - Vertical & Horizontal Scrubber

    WATPACK is our portfolio of chemically compatible random and structural packing used in gas absorbers, and allowing maximum gas-liquid contact and low gas-phase pressure drop.

    By Waterleau based in Wespelaar, BELGIUM. from Air Product line

  • Kon-Tane - Scrubber and Tower Packing Mist Eliminators

    In unit operations or gas cleaning applications, mass transfer refers to the net movement of a chemical from one phase to another. Typically, this involves the transfer of a gaseous component into a liquid component, but can be from liquid to gaseous. Some of the processes where mass transfer is performed includes absorption, scrubbing, stripping ...

    By Kimre Inc. based in Homestead, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Wet Scrubber Systems

    Waste gas treatment and odour control systems Gas scrubbing systems absorb gaseous pollutants in liquids as water, sometimes with added chemicals.LIKUSTA scrubbers can be manufactured as single- or multistage unit, round, angular, upright or horizontal for indoor or outdoor construction.Processes based on physical-chemicalabsorption as well as ...

    By LIKUSTA Umwelttechnik GmbH based in Lich, GERMANY. from Waste Gas Treatment Product line

  • Envipure - Process Exhaust Scrubbing Plants

    ENVIPURE is the market leader and possesses an unsurpassed track-record in the design and supply of chemical scrubbing plants and solutions for the treatment of process exhaust in these areas of applications and Customers :

    By Envipure based in Admirax, SINGAPORE. from Odor and Air Pollution Control Technology Product line

  • Wet Scrubbers for Particulate Removal

    Wet Scrubbers are devices that utilize some liquid (most often water) to remove contaminants from an exhaust gas stream. Wet scrubbers are most easily categorized by the type of contaminant that they are designed to remove: particulate or gaseous.

    By Heumann Environmental Company based in Jeffersonville, INDIANA (USA).

  • Biofilters

    The biofilter technology is due to its process integrated biological regeneration a cheap method for odour elimination and treatment of low concentrated or undefined air flows.

    By Tholander Environmental Engineering based in Viernheim, GERMANY.

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