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Cross-State Pollution Regulation equipment

  • CMC SmartCEMS - Model SCRTU - Remote Terminal Unit for Pollutants

    The SmartCEMS Remote Terminal Unit is a component of a predictive emission monitoring system (PEMS) that provides continuous stack gas analysis for pollutants and diluents under U.S. EPA 40 CFR Part 60 and/or U.S. EPA 40 CFR Part 75 regulations. The PEMS Analyzer will meet the requirements of Subpart E of Part 75 and/or and the standard under Part ...

    By CMC Solutions, LLC based in Farmington Hills, MICHIGAN (USA). from Hardware Components Product line

  • P.E.R.U. - Pollution Emergency Response Unit

    Cowen Flowline's complete Pollution Emergency Response Unit, conveniently packed and stowed on a dedicated road trailer. The P.E.R.U. contains all essential items for Tier One and Two response to handle emergency oil spills. The necessity of holding your own emergency spill response equipment can not be overstated, and the P.E.R.U. simplifies the ...

    By Cowens Ltd based in Carlisle, UNITED KINGDOM.

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    Genano - Model VOC Series - Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) Gas Abatement Systems - Catalytic Oxidizers

    Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are chemicals that constitute one of the primary elements or air pollution in a wide range of industries. Our catalytic VOC abatement systems are energy efficient, low-temperature custom solutions. They will help you save in operation costs, starting from day one. VOC emissions are significant greenhouse gases, ...

    By Genano Solutions based in Kello, FINLAND.

  • Drain Covers for Storm Water Diverters

    The Drain Cover helps comply with city and state stormwater pollutant regulations. Once laid over the storm drain, the cover blocks the pollutants from entering. The pollutants then can be removed from the site for proper recycling. The drain cover can be filled with sand or water for use.

    By Eldred Environmental & Export Company Ltd. based in Milan, ILLINOIS (USA). from Storm Water Diverters Product line

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    F&J - Model DF-14M - Digital Flowmeter Breathing Zone Air Sampler (110V)

    The Model DF-14M cart mounted mobile low volume air sampler with digital flowmeter has an adjustable, aluminum sampling gooseneck. The adjustable gooseneck permits sampling at heights varying from 4’ to 7’ above floor level. Model DF-14M contains state of the art microprocessor electronics, which provides for corrected flow rate ...

    By F&J SPECIALTY PRODUCTS, INC. based in Ocala, FLORIDA (USA). from Low Volume Air Samplers Product line

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    EPG - Telemetry Control System

    EPG’s Telemetry Control System is a total operating system solution for landfill management. The cost effective control system allows a variety of remote sites to communicate with a central or master station providing the necessary data to monitor and control processes or generate reports. Devices like pumps, valves, blowers, mixers, flares, ...

    By EPG Companies Inc. based in Maple Grove, MINNESOTA (USA). from Telemetry, SCADA & Data Acquisition Product line

  • Macrotek - Horizontal Packed Bed Scrubber

    The Macrotek Packed Bed Scrubber is an air pollution control sollution that utilizes a horizontal cross-flow design for high efficient absorption of gases. In the horizontal cross-flow scrubber design, gas flows horizontally while scrubbing liquid flows down through a liquid distribution system. The scrubber includes a random packing section where ...

    By Macrotek Inc. based in Markham, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Packed Bed Scrubbers Product line

  • Model PZEV - Fuel Systems

    With environmental regulations, like PZEV, applying to an increasing number of vehicles on the North American market and rising end-user demand for non-polluting vehicles, the race is on to design and manufacture environmentally cost effective solutions. Currently, vehicles sold in the United States must meet «Tier II/LEV II» ...

    By Plastic Omnium based in Levallois, FRANCE. from Plastic Fuel Systems Product line

  • Title V

    Argent has extensive experience assisting facilities in complying with the Clean Air Act. We aid clients in all aspects of air permitting including Title V permits, state air construction and operating permits, applicability determinations, emission inventories, air dispersion modeling, compliance plans, emission testing, monitoring plans, and ...

    By Argent Consulting Services, Inc. based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from Focus Areas - Air Product line

  • Model RNV - Regenerative Oxidation System

    First of all, the contaminated air is drawn in through the process fan and heated with the aid of an electric heater or gas burner to the required reaction temperature. Subsequently, the pollutants are converted into carbon dioxide and water in the combined reactor and heat storage bed. The emitted heat from the reactor is passed over a second bed ...

    By Prantner GmbH Verfahrenstechnik based in Reutlingen, GERMANY. from Air Purification Product line

  • CMC SmartCEMS-60 - Model SCUS60 - Predictive Emission Monitoring System

    The SmartCEMS-60 PEMS or predictive emission monitoring system (PEMS) is a complete system that provides continuous data recording and report generation compliant under U.S. EPA 40 CFR Part 60 regulations. The system comes with a data acquisition component and is guaranteed to meet 40 CFR Part 60, Appendix B, PS-16 audit standards on combustion ...

    By CMC Solutions, LLC based in Farmington Hills, MICHIGAN (USA). from Complete Systems Product line

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    Flottweg - Model C Series - Decanter Centrifuge for Wastewater and Sewage Sludge

    Requirements for the quality and efficiency of sewage treatment plants increase year after year, driven not least by the increasing costs of energy and disposal. As a result, the state of the art is now to use decanter centrifuges to dewater the incoming sludge. The high-performance centrifuges of the Flottweg C series achieve the best possible ...

    By Flottweg SE based in Vilsbiburg, GERMANY. from Decanter Centrifuges Product line

  • CMC SmartCEMS-75 - Model SCUS75 - Predictive Emission Monitoring System

    The SmartCEMS-75 PEMS or predictive emission monitoring system (PEMS) is a complete system that provides continuous data recording and report generation compliant under U.S. EPA 40 CFR Part 75 regulations. The system comes with a data acquisition component and is guaranteed to meet 40 CFR Part 75, Subpart E for combustion turbines and gas/oil ...

    By CMC Solutions, LLC based in Farmington Hills, MICHIGAN (USA). from Complete Systems Product line

  • Lint Removal System (LRS)

    Commercial laundry systems are typically found in high occupancy, institutional facilities. Common problems associated with commercial laundry operations are fugitive laundry lint emissions polluting the exterior of the facility and fire hazards. Air Dynamics Industrial Systems has successfully designed and engineered a solution to these ...

    By Air Dynamics Industrial Systems Corporation based in York, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Air Cleaning & Purifying Product line

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    Environnement S.A. - Model AMESA - Dioxin Monitoring System

    Traditionally, the monitoring of pcdd/fs is achieved by taking 1–3 short-term samples per year (each of 6 hours). However, over the past 10 years it was discovered that especially during start-up and shut-down periods of (state of the art) incinerators the dioxin emissions in the flue-gas can increase compared to normal operation up to ...

    By Environnement S.A based in Poissy, FRANCE. from Dioxin Monitoring Product line

  • C.I.Agent - Continuous Low-Level Aquatic Monitoring (CLAM)

    The C.L.A.M. is a water monitoring equipment and state-of-the-art small submersible extraction sampler using EPA approved SPE (Solid Phase Extraction) media to sequester Pesticides, Herbicides, PAH’s, TPH, and other trace organics from water. The C.L.A.M. uses low flow rate extraction sampling (5-60 ml/minute), where water is drawn continuously ...

    By C.I.Agent Solutions based in Louisville, KENTUCKY (USA). from Storm Water System Product line

  • Brownfield Redevelopment Services

    The expansion, redevelopment, or reuse of most brownfield properties is complicated by the possible presence of pollutants in soil or groundwater. Certain building materials, such as asbestos and lead, pose additional challenges because they must be managed as hazardous waste during and after demolition. The United States Environmental Protection ...

    By BBJ Group, LLC based in Chicago, ILLINOIS (USA). from Real Estate and Transaction Support Product line

  • Right-To-Know Planning Guide

    Performing state-by-state comparisons has been made much more easy and immediate with the addition of a new tool: the Right-to-Know Chart Builder. Developed based on feedback from current customers, the Right-to-Know Chart Builder enables users to create custom compliance charts comparing state requirements from the Emergency Planning and ...

    By Bloomberg BNA based in Arlington, VIRGINIA (USA). from Chemicals Product line

  • Daily Environment Report

    Turn to the nation's most objective and informative daily environmental news resource to learn how the United States and key players around the world are responding to the environmental challenges of our times.

    By Bloomberg BNA based in Arlington, VIRGINIA (USA). from Environmental Compliance Product line

  • Solar Boiler - Model SB32-9PV - Solar Domestic Water Heating System

    The Solar Boiler collects energy from the sun and converts it into hot water.Domestic hot water is the second-highest energy cost in the typical household. In fact, for some homes it can be the highest energy expenditure. Solar water heating can now reduce your domestic water heating costs by as much as 65%.The Thermo Dynamics' Solar Boiler is ...

    By Thermo Dynamics Ltd (TDL) based in Dartmouth, NOVA SCOTIA (CANADA).

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