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deionizer equipment available in Palestinian Territories

  • Culligan - Portable Exchange Deionizers

    Convenient High Quality Water Without Maintenance Hassles. Culligan Portable Exchange deionizers (PEDI) are part of a multiple-process treatment system that produces high-quality water required for specialized applications. PEDI systems reduce both positively and negatively charged ions from water by means of ion exchange resins. We also offer ...

    By Culligan Water based in Rosemont, ILLINOIS (USA). from Portable Exchange Deionizers Product line

  • Napier-Reid - Ion Exchange Systems

    An ion exchange system consists of a tank containing small beads of synthetic resin. The beads are treated to selectively adsorb either cations(positive) or anions(negative) and exchange certain ions based on their relative activity compared to the resin. This process of ion exchange will continue until all available exchange sites are filled,at ...

    By Napier-Reid Ltd. based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Ion Exchange Systems Product line

  • Deionization Systems

    Capacities to 2000 gpm •  Packed bed Countercurrent Regeneration for Maximum Chemical Efficiency •  Water Qualities to 18 Megohm •  ASME Code Stamp Vessels Available

    By Hudson Industries based in Vienna, OHIO (USA). from Deionization Systems Product line

  • Model WDI - Water Deionizer

    On-site regenerable Ion Exchange with counter-current packed-beds and fully-automatic feed-forward grain counting regeneration for highest efficiency. Water Innovations Inc. is an Industrial Water Treatment Company specializing in Water Deionization Systems. Our staff is equipped with  years of experience in delivering, ...

    By Water Innovations, Inc based in Escondido, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Water Deionizer Product line

  • INNOVA - Model IONRO series - Deionizers Machines

    INNOVA deionizers series IONRO operate on the reverseosmosis principle which consists of salts and organics removal from water by means of one or more semipermeable membranes. In order to function effi ciently it is necessary to pressurize the water to deionize inside the membranes. Under the effect of pressure only pure water H2O and a very small ...

    By Innova S.r.l. based in Bareggio, ITALY.

  • Deionization Systems

    Specifications: Capacities to 2000 gpm. Packed bed Countercurrent Regeneration for Maximum Chemical Efficiency. Water Qualities to 18 Megohm. ASME Code Stamp Vessels Available.

    By Hudson Industries based in Vienna, OHIO (USA). from Deionization Systems Product line

  • Watertrak - Electro-Deionization Process

    The Electro-deionization process uses electric current to treat (polish) deionized water from RO systems etc., to ultra-pure standards required for many critical applications. EDI’s will replace the conventional Mixed Bed Polishers and provide several advantages including: Lower capital and installation costs. Easier to maintain. No ...

    By Aquatech International Corporation based in Canonsburg, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Electro-Deionization Process Product line

  • Electro Deionization Plant

    Electrodeionization is a water treatment process that removes ionizable species from liquids using electrically active media and an electrical potential to effect ion transport. It differs from other water purification technologies such as conventional ion exchange since it does not require the use of chemicals such as acid and caustic soda. In ...

    By O.M.C. Collareda S.r.l. based in Schio (Vicenza), ITALY. from Electro Deionization Plant Product line

  • Culligan - Premier Deionizer System

    High Quality Water for Specialized Applications. Culligan Premier Deionizers are part of a multiple process treatment system that produces high quality water required for specialized applications. Premier deionizers use ion exchange to reduce unwanted contaminants.* Choose from a flexible configuration of weak base or strong base resin tanks. You ...

    By Culligan Water based in Rosemont, ILLINOIS (USA). from Premier Deionizer System Product line

  • Deionizers (DI) Systems

    Our Deionizers (DI) remove ionized impurities in your water. The Deionization (or demineralization) process uses a combination of filters and ion exchange to remove up to 95% of dissolved minerals. <br/ > Our solutions are built to suit your needs, with a multiport valve or valve nest design, appropriately sized pressure vessels (ranging ...

    By Ultra Clean Water Solutions based in Saint Petersburg, FLORIDA (USA). from Deionizers (DI) Systems Product line

  • Model EDI - Electro Deionization System

    LT Technologies regards EDI (Electro-Deionization) also commonly called continuous deionization, as an emerging technology, from liters per hour to gallons per minute applications, and we are leading the charge. Our designers are always looking to apply well developed technologies to serve our broad range of clients and flow requirements.

    By LT Technologies, Inc. based in East Bridgewater, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Electro Deionization System Product line

  • Electro Deionization Plant

    With electro deionisation, permeate of reverse osmosis or other process waters can be completely demineralised. According to the VGB recommendations, a max. conductivity of 0,08 µS/cm is allowed for fully demineralised water.

    By OSMO Membrane Systems GmbH based in Korntal-Münchingen, GERMANY. from Electro Deionization Plant Product line

  • Model MBDI Series - Mixed Bed Deionizers

    Automatic or Semi-automatic operation. Automatic regeneration when water quality falls below pre-set limit or after manual initiation. Constant monitoring of water quality. Solid-state reliability PLC control for trouble-free service. No untreated by-pass water. Alternate regeneration water source piping - standard. Automatic shut down in the ...

    By Pure Aqua, Inc. based in Santa Ana, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Mixed Bed Deionizers Product line

  • Corodex - Deionizer Systems (DI)

    Total removal of total dissolved cat-ions and an-ions. Corodex Deionizer (DI) systems are available to provide a total dissolved solids removal required for boiler, electronics, pharmaceutical or other application which requires high quality water such high quality water. The complete deionization process is automatically controlled via automatic ...

    By Concorde – Corodex Group based in Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. from Deionizer Systems (DI) Product line

  • Water Deionizer - Hydro-Pure

    The Hydro-Pure series deionizers offered two stages both co-flow and counter-flow deionizers for the applications in different industrial process. These systems are available in a versatile range of outputs from 1.0 m3/hr to 90 m3/hr. The co-flow (HTS) range is developed to produce a cost-effective supply of good quality deionized water to meet a ...

    By Chempure Technologies Pvt Ltd. based in Chennai, INDIA.

  • Model EDI Pure - Continuous Electro Deionization Unit

    The continuous electro deionization unit (CEDI) is designed to further purify reverse osmosis product water to ultra pure or high purity water (0,055 – 0,5 μS/cm). The CEDI technology is a continuous process using ion exchange membranes, ion exchange resin and electricity. DC electric current is the driving force to remove ions from the feed ...

    By Pure Water Group based in Sprundel, NETHERLANDS. from Continuous Electro Deionization Unit Product line

  • Automatic Deionizer (DI) Units

    Two Column: This style of deionizer consists of two media tanks in series. The first tank contains cation resin in the Hydrogen (H) form and the second tank contains anion resin in the Hydroxyl (OH) form.

    By Dime Water based in Vista, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Automatic Deionizer (DI) Units Product line

  • Model LX-HI - Continuous Electro-Deionization Modules

    IONPURE-LX-HI modules are the only CEDI Modules world-wide, which can survive a guaranteed minimum of 150 hot water sanitisation cycles (80°C). With constant performance the LX-HI module dramatically increases the system availability and the effectiveness of the sanitisation. This module is the first choice when sanitisation with hot water is ...

    By USF Water Purification GmbH based in Schwechat, AUSTRIA. from Continuous Electro-Deionization Modules Product line

  • Model LX-X - Continuous Electro-Deionization Modules

    Single LX-X modules are the perfect choice for flow rates up to 7.6 m3 / hour. LX-X modules are widely used in all branches in which additional polishing of the reverse osmosis permeate is necessary.

    By USF Water Purification GmbH based in Schwechat, AUSTRIA. from Continuous Electro-Deionization Modules Product line

  • Electro-Deionization Machine (Edi)

    The EDI is an Electro-Chemical process involving ion- exchange resin as well as electricity, in order to  continuously purify the feed water with continuous  regeneration.How it works? The EDI machine consists of several stacks assembled  together in parallel.The mixed bed ion-exchange resin will remove Cations and  Anions from ...

    By Osmo Asia Pacific Ltd. based in Bangkok, THAILAND.

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