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demineralization equipment

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    Lenntech - Ion Exchange Demineralization Plants

    Lenntech designs and build tailor-made IX demi-plants to produce demi-water from groundwater, tapwater or RO permeate.

    By Lenntech Water Treatment based in Delfgauw, NETHERLANDS. from Ion Exchange Plants Product line

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    Lenntech - Mixed Bed Ion Exchange Demineralization Polishing Plants

    Lenntech engineers design and build tailor-made mixed bed polishing plants after Reverse Osmosis or Ion Exchange demi plants to produce demi-water below 0,1 uS/cm.

    By Lenntech Water Treatment based in Delfgauw, NETHERLANDS. from Ion Exchange Plants Product line

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    Intereco - Waste Recycle and Demineralization RO Unit

    In this process, rinse waters from a stainless steel etching process (with small capacity), the same unit is used for the two different purpose. Beside separating pollutants reducing the volume of waste to be disposed, recycle permeate as side effect quality of final product has been improved, not having any more stains due to salts in tap water. ...

    By Intereco S.a.s based in Scalenghe (TO), ITALY. from Reverse Osmosis and Ultrafiltration Product line

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    Ovivo - Model EDI - Electro Deionization Unit

    Simple and highly effective demineralized water polishing technology that uses a combination of ion selective membranes and ion exchange resins arranged as a sandwich. When a current is applied the ion exchange resins remove the ions in the water and are regenerated by the electrical current applied.

    By Ovivo USA LLC based in Salt Lake City, UTAH (USA). from Power - Boiler Feed Water Treatment Product line

  • Demineralizers

    Canadian Crystalline ranges of softeners are from standard packaged- type-skid mounted and large custom build installation. Units are available manually controlled or semi or fully automatic.

    By Canadian Crystalline based in Chennai,, INDIA. from Water Treatment Plant Product line

  • Demineralization Systems

    Cation and anion exchange resins are used for exchanging cations and anions with H and OH ions bounded to resins, thus producing demineralised water. Fluidized-bed systems producing high quality of demineralised water at minimum operation costs by consuming much less chemicals and water during regeneration while compared with conventional ion ...

    By Ussu Engineering based in Ümraniye, TURKEY. from Demoralization Systems Product line

  • Doosan Hydro - Demineralization Systems

    Doosan Hydro Technology provides various types of Demineralization systems to meet the requirements for ultrapure water.

    By Doosan Hydro Technology, Inc. based in Tampa, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Demineralization Plants

    All Index Water Systems Demineralization vessels are filled with virgin resin, ensuring high quality control standards. In Strong Acid Cation Exchanger systems are provided for removal of Cation from the water. The normal operation cycle of the unit will be down-flow and regeneration mode will be Counter Current. Also Acid Measuring ...

    By Index Water Systems (IWS) based in Amman, JORDAN.

  • BONO ARTES - Demineralization System

    Demineralization is concerned with the removal of all dissolved mineral matter from water. Most common applications of demineralisation: Treatment of Boiler Feed Water (BFW), in order to maintain high heat-transfer efficiency in the boiler by preventing deposition of precipitated scale and corrosion or deterioration of surfaces in contact with ...

    By Cannon Bono Energia S.p.A. - part of the Cannon Group based in Peschiera Borromeo, ITALY.

  • Demineralization System

    All naturally occurring water contains dissolved mineral salts. While in solution, these salts separate into positively charged cations and negatively charged anions. Through the process of ion exchange, demineralization can significantly reduce the levels of these ions, thereby lowering the conductivity.The process begins when raw water is passed ...

    By Wigen Water Technologies based in Chaska, MINNESOTA (USA).

  • TWT-Aquasave - Demineralization Plants

    TWT-AQUASAVE plants are used for underground or tap water demineralization and potabilization. they are based on the reverse osmosis principle.

    By Tecnoimpianti Water Treatment Srl (TWT) based in Pozzuolo Martesana (MI), ITALY. from Water Product line

  • Demineralizers System

    The demineralization is a chemical-physical treatment, in general, water for elimination, partial or total dissolved salts. Demineralisers Water Energy working with the reverse osmosis technology. Reverse osmosis is the phenomenon that occurs when it is applied to the surface of a semipermeable membrane that separates two solutions of different ...

    By Water Energy Group based in S. Pietro in Casale BO, ITALY.

  • SIMPEC - Demineralization Plant

    The demineralization is a chemical-physical process, generally applied to the water, destined to totally or partially dissolved salts elimination. Simpec produces two types of demineralization plants: ion exchange resin plants and reverse osmosis plants. The obtained water is called demineralized or deionized. The ions contained in to the water ...

    By SIMPEC S.r.l. based in Nova Milanese (MB), ITALY. from Demineralization Plants Product line

  • Treat Ment - Demineralization Plants

    Plants of this type produce demineralized water by means of ion exchange technology. Among other things they are used in hospitals and laboratories as well as in industry for production of process water, water for steam boilers and high-pressure hot water boilers and cooling water. Flow rates for standard modules: Up to 30 m³/h.

    By Treat Ment CFS based in Tel Aviv, ISRAEL. from Water Treatment Technology Product line

  • Demineralizer Systems

    For Removal of all Total Dissolved Solids. 'Most commonly used process to remove dissolved impurities'.  Commercial & Industrial, Two Bed Demineralizer Systems. All water contains dissolved minerals. When in solution water separates into negatively charged anions, and its counterpart positively charged cations. A process known as ...

    By Excellent Solutions Water Equipment Trading (EXSO) based in Ajman & Sharjah, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES.

  • Hidromatic - Model 720 m³ - Demineralization Cogeneration Plant

    Filtration plant= 720 m³/day. RO and mixed-bed plant= 240 m³/day.

    By Hidromatic S.r.l. based in Modena, ITALY. from Large Plants Product line

  • Huvis Water - Model MRM - Demineralization System

    Huvis Water currently supplies a couple of demineralization system, that is, the conventional ion exchanger and the MRM system, depending on the customer specifications and the operational environment of the site. Equipped with its decades of experience and state-of-the-art technologies, Huvis Water is more than competent to design and construct ...

    By Huvis Water based in Bangbaecheon-ro, Seocho-gu, SOUTH KOREA. from Water Treatment and Wastewater Treatment Product line

  • Demineralization System

    Some production processes require highly pure water, even completely demineralized. Such water is needed among others in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, electric, energetic (steam boiler water) industry, in labs, air conditioning devices etc.

    By Proeko based in Konstantynow Lodzki, POLAND.

  • Hidromatic - Model 1440 m³ - Demineralization Cogeneration Plant

    Filtration plant = 1440 m³/day extension 2880 m³/day
. Ultrafiltration plant= 1440 m³/day estensione 2880 m³/day
. RO and EDI plant = 120 m³/day – estensione a 600 m³/day.

    By Hidromatic S.r.l. based in Modena, ITALY. from Large Plants Product line

  • Aquatech - Ion Exchange Demineralization

    Aquatech has over 34 years of experience with industrial process water. One of the technologies in their vast tool box is Ion Exchange Demin. Pure Water Treatment systems remove dissolved minerals from process water used in steam generation and other industrial applications. One of the most common methods of demineralizing water is Ion Exchange. ...

    By Aquatech International Corporation based in Canonsburg, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

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