Desalination equipment available in Nunavut

  • Desalination Plants

    A natural water cycle occurs on the earth's surface whereby seawater is evaporated by solar energy and turned into rain to make rivers, which return the water to the sea. There are areas, however, where it is difficult for this water cycle to occur and inhabitants suffer continually from a shortage of fresh water; for example the Middle East, ...

    By Hitachi Zosen Corporation based in Tokyo, JAPAN.

  • Model 120-4-DB8SW030 - Desalination Plant

    Desalination plant consisting of the modules DB8SW030 with capacity up to 120 m3/day.

    By Aqua-Life based in Kepno, POLAND.

  • Global-Water - Model LS3 - Desalination Systems

    Salt Removal with RO, Potability with LS3 Processing

    By Global Water Group Inc. based in Dallas, TEXAS (USA).

  • Desalination Tanks

    We manufacture surface scrapers for desalination plants where drinking water is produced from seawater. The chains in the surface scrapers are moved by two pairs of wheels, scraping the floating scum on the water surface. Due to high salt contents in the steel parts, the parts must be made of special materials. Super-Duplex EN 1.4410 steel is used ...

    By Finnchain Oy based in Rauma, FINLAND. from Sludge Scrapers for Rectangular Tanks Product line

  • Survivor - Model 06 - Desalinator Watermakers

    The Survivor 06 is the smallest desalinator in the world, weighing only 2.5 lbs (1 kg). Constructed to be compact and lightweight, it is ideal for emergency liferafts and individual survival kits, and trusted by militaries and individuals around the globe.

    By Spectra Watermakers based in Mörfelden-Walldorf, GERMANY. from Marine Watermakers Product line

  • Model 30-1-DB8SW030 - Desalination Plant

    Desalination plant consisting of the module DB8SW030 with capacity up to 30 m3/day.

    By Aqua-Life based in Kepno, POLAND.

  • Model 90-3-DB8SW030 - Desalination Plant

    Desalination plant consisting of the module DB8SW030 with capacity up to 90 m3/day.

    By Aqua-Life based in Kepno, POLAND.

  • Model 150-1-DB8SW150 - Desalination Plant

    Desalination plant consisting of the modules DB8SW150 with capacity up to 150 m3/day.

    By Aqua-Life based in Kepno, POLAND.

  • ROTEC - Model RF - Desalination System

    The basic concept of the ROTEC system is smart 'flow reversal'. To avoid scaling, the system alternates the desalination process direction flow (switching of the entrance and exit of the feed stream) before reaching the critical point in which scaling forms. Flow reversal at the induction time halts the crystallization of minerals, lowers salinity ...

    By AST Clean Water Technologies based in M.P. MENASHE, ISRAEL.

  • Desalination Systems

    The extraction and purification of brackish and seawater is common in coastal municipal water production facilities. Cartridge filters are typically used to protect membrane systems from premature fouling and short life. SupaGard and SupaSpun II have a proven track record in many plants located around the world offering excellent membrane ...

    By Amazon Filters Ltd based in Camberley, UNITED KINGDOM. from Applications in Water Treatment Product line

  • OLTREMAR - SEA Seawater Desalination Elements

    SEA seawater desalination elements range from high productivity elements to small shipboard models, all offering the highest levels of salt rejection and a consistently pure end product. Element formulations are designed to accommodate varying levels of seawater salinity worldwide with reliable field-proven performance. There is a SEA solution to ...

    By OLTREMARE based in Fano, ITALY.

  • AQSep - Model WM series - Small Water Desalination Systems

    The WM series comprises two product lines: The WM-E line which comprises RO units with energy recovery systems. The WM-B line which comprises RO units without energy recovery systems.

    By Nordic Technologies A/S based in Ry, DENMARK.

  • Watermaker - Model WM4000B-321 - Sea Water Desalination System

    Up to 4000 liters per day - the economical solution, affordable for everybody. AqSep is now releasing the WM4000B-321 sea water RO watermaker which is based on the advanced technology of the WaterCube2 and the WM-E line of products. The watermaker is designed to operate completely automatically and the integrated custom made ...

    By AqSep A/S based in Nordborg, DENMARK. from Watermaker Series Product line

  • Watermaker - Model WM4800E-321 - Sea Water Desalination System

    Up to 4800 liters per day - ideal for private homes, small hotels and resorts, remote settlements in islands or coastal areas. AqSep is now releasing a new sea water RO watermaker which is based on the advanced technology of the WaterCube2.  The first model in the Watermaker series is the watermaker WM4800E-321.  This ...

    By AqSep A/S based in Nordborg, DENMARK. from Watermaker Series Product line

  • UNIHA - Renewable Powered Desalination Plant

    Remote locations suffering from water scarcity need special solutions for water treatment. Where there are no, or only small electric grids, new solutions are needed for power supply and flexible plant operation. We provide small scale stand-alone desalination units with renewable energy production (wind, sun, and biomass) and storage as well as ...

    By UNIHA Wasser Technologie Gmbh based in Linz, AUSTRIA.

  • Model TSB 003 - Seawater Desalination Box

    The Trunz water desalination box TSB 003 is complete and ready to deploy. It provides up to max. 250 l of clean drinking water per hour from any seawater source. The system is complete with feed pump, automatic back flushing filtration system and controls. An efficient Reverse Osmosis system removes dissolved solids (salt, inorganic contamination ...

    By Trunz Water Systems AG based in Steinach, SWITZERLAND. from Water Treatment Product line

  • WEGA - Model Two - Brackish Water Desalination

    Wega Two is a compact, easily transportable unit assembled in a container specially designed for harsh and military environments. The container´s construction, meets MIL-STD-810G, MIL-STD2073, MIL-C-4150J, STANAG 4280, DEF-STAN 81-41 and ATA 300. Produces up to 0.33L/min (475L/day) of water. To be used with waters up to 2500ppm of total ...

    By Magic Boats, S.L based in Santa Ponsa - Calviá, SPAIN. from Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Units Product line

  • Bluecube - Reverse Osmosis Desalination Systems

    H2O’s Bluecube watermaker systems set the standard for potable water units through efficient design and ease of use. They are crafted from materials proven through experience to offer decades of dependability in offshore service, utilize fully-automated one button control systems, and use industry-standard filter sizes for worldwide ...

    By H2O Inc. based in Lafayette , LA, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Fresh Water Solutions Product line

  • AQSep - Model WM4800E - Small Water Desalination Systems

    The WM4800E is able to produce 4.800 litres (1.276 gallons) of drinking water per day (24 hours). It is typically using less than 1kW continuous power to desalinate normal sea water. This brings the typical energy consumption down to 4 – 5 kW per 1.000 litres at 35.000 mg/l TDS (25 deg. C). This is significantly below the ...

    By Nordic Technologies A/S based in Ry, DENMARK.

  • Desalination/Reverse Osmosis

    Reverse osmosis (RO); Reverse osmosis (RO) has become the most economical and environmentally friendly way to remove high salinity and purify water for an amazing array of applications including agricultural irrigation, drinking water and industrial use. Ro systems can be used as stand alone solutions or in conjunction with other water treatment ...

    By Global Enviro Science based in Tunis , TUNISIA.

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