desalination equipment in Pakistan

  • Seawater Desalination Plant

    WOG Technologies combats water shortages by deploying seawater, brackish water and wastewater desalination procedures.

    By WOG Group Office in Karachi, PAKISTAN.

  • Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Plants R.O.Tack water technology

    Reverse Osmosis plant is considered as one of the most easy method for desalinization of waters like sea water, Reverse Osmosis Plant ground water, brackish water and so on. When the saline solution comes in contact with the semipermeable membrane the pure water is separated from the impurities. The treatment of brackish water is more or less same ...

    By R.O.Tack water technology based in Karachi, PAKISTAN.

  • Solar Geyser

    Solar Geyser is used to heat water without using any fuel or electricity.Solar Geyser relies on warm water rising, a phenomenon known as natural convection, to circulate water through the evacuated glass tube collector and to the tank. Hot water storage tank is located above the absorber evacuated glass tubes. As water in the absorber heats, it ...

    By BMM Techonologies Pvt Ltd based in Islamabad, PAKISTAN.

  • Aquatreat - Model 522 - Anti Scale Reverse Osmosis Membranes

    AQUATREAT 522 is an ultra high concentrated blend of strong dispersants and sequestrants that will avoid, reduce and even remove deposits of inorganic and organic nature such as calcium carbonate, calcium sulphate, magnesium hydroxide, silicates, mud and silt in reverse osmosis membranes and thermal desalination units. AQUATREAT 522 can also be ...

    By Aquatreat bvba Distributor in PAKISTAN. from Anti Scale Reverse Osmosis Membranes Product line

  • ESPA - Polyamide Membrane

    The energy required to pressurize RO feed water is the largest contributor to the total energy consumption of the RO plant. ESPA membranes are the choice for applications demanding high-energy efficiency, with uncompromised productivity and salt rejection. Operating at significantly lower pressures, ESPA elements produce high quality ...

    By Hydranautics A Nitto Denko Company Distributor in Lahore, PAKISTAN. from Polyamide Membrane Product line

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