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desalination membrane process equipment

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    Kuriverter & Osmotech - Membrane Cleaners System

    Kurita provides a broad range of membrane cleaners, scale inhibitors and dispersants, for reverse osmosis as well as for ultra- and nano-filtration. High performance solutions for any kind of problems in all membrane processes. Our main aim is it to improve our customer’s daily work.

    By Kurita based in Tokyo, JAPAN. from Water Solutions Technologies Product line

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    Fluence - Reverse Osmosis

    Fluence has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing reverse osmosis (RO) systems, which are used in desalination and many other water purification processes. RO uses a cross-flow membrane separation process that can reject macromolecules and dissolved substances in a solvent, usually water. Substances retained in the separation ...

    By Fluence Corporation based in White Plains, NEW YORK (USA). from Water Treatment Products Product line

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    Kurita Kuriverter - Model RC Series - Rejuvenation Concept for RO Membranes

    Kuriverter™ RC technology by Kurita – the rejuvenation concept for RO membranes. Applications using Reverse Osmosis membrane technologies are everywhere in our lives: from tiny under counter units polishing our drinking water through industrial units preparing water for processes or purifying effluents for reuse, and massive ...

    By Kurita based in Tokyo, JAPAN. from Innovations Product line

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    Horizon DOW™ - Ultrafiltration Modules

    Ultrafiltration (UF) is a pressure-driven purification process that separates particulate matter from soluble compounds using an ultrafine membrane media. Ultrafiltration is an excellent separation technology for desalination pretreatment, reverse osmosis pretreatment, and wastewater reclamation, as well as for producing potable water.

    By Horizon Water Co., Ltd. based in Chaoyang District, CHINA. from Filtration Systems - Filter Element Product line

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    Lenntech - Model LennRO Series - Small Reverse Osmosis Systems

    Lenntech small reverse osmosis systems provide low conductivity water from tap water and low brackish quality water. Lenntech is designing ready-to-use packages, skid mounted, easy to operate systems. The desalination core process is reverse osmosis. Semi-permeable membranes are used to separate brine from fresh water.

    By Lenntech Water Treatment based in Delfgauw, NETHERLANDS. from Reverse Osmosis Product line

  • Model 101 - Desal

    Under natural conditions, osmotic pressure would drive seawater with a lower concentration of dissolved salt though a separation membrane toward water with a higher concentration of salt. In the reverse osmosis (RO) process, with pressure from large pumps, we overcome the natural osmotic pressure and reverse the movement of water by driving the ...

    By Poseidon Resources based in Stamford, CONNECTICUT (USA).

  • Forward Osmosis (FO) Desalination

    Modern Water is the world-leader in Forward Osmosis (FO) desalination. We have successfully implemented and operated commercial FO projects internationally and produce fresh water in some of the most demanding seawater conditions in the world. Our FO process consistently delivers high quality product water even in the most challenging conditions ...

    By Modern Water - Monitoring Division based in Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM. from Membrane Processes Product line

  • S.K Euromarket - Membrane Filtration - Reverse Osmosis System

    For applications where a very high quality effluent is required, membrane filtration is the most appropriate technology utilized. Euromarket's membrane filtration systems range from microfiltration to reverse osmosis (RO) and are custom-made to serve big industrial or commercial applications for: Purification of brackish water, Desalination of sea ...

    By S.K. Euromarket Ltd based in Lemesos, CYPRUS. from Water Treatment Systems Product line

  • Thermal Desalination Process

    Forward osmosis can be coupled with thermal desalination processes, to osmotically dilute a portion of the blowdown stream using the feedwater, the blowdown stream acts as the draw solution. This multi patented process can be used on multi stage flash (MSF) and multiple effect distillation (MED) desalinations plants as a retrofit or for new build.

    By Modern Water - Monitoring Division based in Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM. from Membrane Processes Product line

  • Global Water - Model MemX - Membrane Filtration Systems

    Global Water supply and maintain a range of reverse osmosis desalination equipment that can produce any quantity of scheme, brackish or sea water into pure drinking water.

    By Global Water Group based in Tonsley, AUSTRALIA. from Potable Water Treatment Product line

  • LoWatt - Desalination Process

    Aquatech has developed LoWatt technology to focus on membrane desalination’s two biggest pain points: biofouling and energy consumption. Our proprietary process couples cutting edge pretreatment, an innovative cleaning cycle, and decades of RO plant design to deliver: Increasing plant availability through fewer cleanings. A proprietary ...

    By Aquatech International Corporation based in Canonsburg, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Innovations Product line

  • Model BWP 53000 - Brackish Water Desalination Units

    Reverse osmosis represents, nowadays, the most convenient and the safest technique for desalinization of different kinds of water. This treatment is replacing other technologies for water desalinization, thanks to the excellent combination between quality results and low running costs. Reverse osmosis also guarantees low energy consumptions and ...

    By WTEC Plants Srl based in Trani (BT), ITALY. from Desalinization Product line

  • Aquatech - Industrial Water Process Systems

    Aquatech’s water treatment options consist of both customized and packaged treatment systems and products to give maximum flexibility and value in structuring industrial process water solutions. Running the gamut from raw water treatment and desalination to membrane systems and zero liquid discharge, Aquatech’s wide range of custom engineered ...

    By Aquatech International Corporation based in Canonsburg, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Technologies Product line

  • Forward Osmosis Water Purification Systems (FO)

    The objective of the Trevi forward osmosis process is to desalinate water at lower pressure and lower energy than a reverse osmosis system. In order to achieve a low energy system we take advantage of a concentration gradient to pull water across a selectively permeable membrane and ‘waste heat’ to separate the draw solution from ...

    By Trevi Systems, Inc. based in Petaluma, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plants

    Fresh water sources are becoming rare or insufficient due to climate change and population growth. The consequences of these changes are felt today which means we must find solutions now. H2O Innovation, a leader in membrane filtration, uses a proven technology to produce drinking and utility water from sea water and brackish water: reverse ...

    By H2O Innovation based in Quebec, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Other Products Product line

  • Aquatech - Thermal Water Desalination Technologies (MED & MSF)

    Aquatech is one of the few companies in the world offering both membrane-based and thermal water desalination technologies. Our thermal technologies include Multiple Effect Distillation –(MED) & Multi Stage Flash( MSF) that uses a Spray Film™ Technology. We are committed to reducing our clients’ energy and water footprints, creating the best ...

    By Aquatech International Corporation based in Canonsburg, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Technologies Product line


    Just feed Sea Water, and get Potable WaterMost Compact and Eco-friendly Design* Continuously removing the impurities by full automatic back-washable microfiltration* ​Perfectly removing plankton and bacteria by Hollow-fiber UF up to 0.04 micron* Saving electricity by over 40% than existing other SWRO by Energy Recovery Device* Reducing chemicals ...


  • Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Plants R.O.Tack water technology

    Reverse Osmosis plant is considered as one of the most easy method for desalinization of waters like sea water, Reverse Osmosis Plant ground water, brackish water and so on. When the saline solution comes in contact with the semipermeable membrane the pure water is separated from the impurities. The treatment of brackish water is more or less same ...

    By R.O.Tack water technology based in Karachi, PAKISTAN.

  • Desalination

    Desalination is a process that separates most of the salts dissolved in a saline solution. There are several different techniques used to this aim, however the most extended one is Reverse Osmosis desalination. High pressure water is pumped through semi-permeable membranes that separate water and salts. The energetic efficiency in the desalination ...

    By Cadagua based in Bilbao, SPAIN.

  • Model TWT-Revo - Desalination Plant

    TWT-AQUASAVE plants, used for underground or tap water demineralization and potabilization are produced as skid-mounted installation or in containers. Such configuration make the plants ideal for continuous operation or in case of water emergencies. The demineralization process with reverse osmosis is possible thnks to special polymeric membranes ...

    By Tecnoimpianti Water Treatment Srl (TWT) based in Pozzuolo Martesana (MI), ITALY. from Water Product line

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