dewatering press equipment in Turkey

  • Belt Presses

    Belt presses are presented as the best solution for sludge dewatering processes with continuous and high flow rates required systems. Low initial investment compared to other dewatering equipment costs and low operating costs of belt presses is emerging as advantageous. AESP series of belt presses are produced in four different sizes for the ...

    By AES aritma based in Istanbul, TURKEY.

  • Filter Press

    Utilized for dewatering sludge.

    By Miranda Water Treatment Systems based in Ankara, TURKEY. from Filter Press Product line

  • Filtre Press

    Filter Presses are dewatering equipments with the highest dewatering rate among all the mechanic dewatering equipments used. By transforming sludge¬like solid material into cake, the filter press separates water. Moreover, this kind of press is the most widely used dewatering system due to its economical and ease-of-use qualities. The closure ...

    By Arsimak Aritma Sistemleri based in Çayırova, TURKEY. from Filtre Press Product line

  • Premium

    ASTIM - Screenings Press

    The screenings to be treated are discharged directly from a screen or conveyor into the feed trough of the Screenings Press “ASP”. A robust conveying and compacting screw transports the screenings into the wash zone where they are exposed to powerful wash water. The washing achieves perfect separation of organic particles and thus ...

    By ASTIM A.S. based in Gebze - Kocaeli, TURKEY. from Screenings Press Product line

  • Sludge Dewatering Belt Filter Presses

    The dryness of the sludge (amount of dry solids in the sludge cake) depends on a variety of parameters some of which can not be predicted beforehand. Type of wastewater and the treatment process affects the dewaterability characteristics of the sludge. Some sludges have a gelatinous structure and are very difficult to dewater by belt filter press. ...

    By EKOTEK Construction Trade and Industry Ltd based in Yenisehir, TURKEY.

  • Screening Presses

    They are used for compressing and dewatering the collected screenings, thus allowing easy and economical waste transportation. They require very little maintenance due to their simple design, sturdy casing, wear resistant press screw, bedding system and reducer withstanding all loads.

    By SISMAT ULUSLARARASI LTD. STI. based in KOCAELI, TURKEY. from Screening Presses Product line

  • Screening Press

    Reduce the volume of discharge 40%. Press, dewatering and transport is done by one mechanical equipment.  Easy to install for all types of screen.  Overload protection is maintained via mechanical tork limiter. Discharge can be transferred by a conveyor or dumpster.

    By Arges Treatment Machinery Company based in IVOGSAN, TURKEY. from Screening Press Product line

  • SISMAT - Model OS Series - Belt Filter Presses

    OS-Series belt filter presses are succesfully used both in dewatering sludge from domestic wastewater treatment plants and in dewatering more aggressive sludge from heavy industries. Dewatering is carried out in three steps with increasing pressure level and a very dry cake output is obtained. OS-series belt filter presses are manufactured in ...

    By SISMAT ULUSLARARASI LTD. STI. based in KOCAELI, TURKEY. from Belt Filter Presses Product line

  • Premium

    ASTiM - Chamber Filter Press

    Pressure filtration is a very cost effective way of producing sludge cakes with high DS concentrations, along with an extremely high degree of clarity in the filtrate. Because of the simplicity and flexibility, the chamber filter press is the most used and reliable machine for solid / liquid separation and sludge dewatering plants. ASTiM chamber ...

    By ASTIM A.S. based in Gebze - Kocaeli, TURKEY. from Chamber Filter Press Product line

  • EYE - Model SP 400 - Screw Press Separators

    Our smallest model that we developed primarily for the dewatering needs of smaller establishments. Determined to impress you with its uncompromising details and low energy consumption, it will surely become the most practical asset in your farm. 

    By EYS Metal Ltd. based in Tepecik / AYDIN, TURKEY. from Screw Press Separators Product line

  • Hydraulic Filter Press

    Hydraulic filter press for sale equipments are used various industrial solid-liquid seperation processes. With the help of filter press, dewatering applications' efficiency is higher also maintenance is cost-effective. Filter press more effective equipment for sludge drying & liquid-solid seperation from belt filter press & centrifuge ...

    By City Filter Press based in Başakşehir, TURKEY.

  • Belt Filter Press

    With its continuously working system, low energy consumption and high capacity characteristics, Belt Press is a broadly applicable product preferred for Municipal and Industrial Zones waste treatment facilities. Belt Presses are high capacity equipments performing dewatering by using pressure-resistant belts for the drum compression pressure. Belt ...

    By Arsimak Aritma Sistemleri based in Çayırova, TURKEY. from Belt Filter Press Product line

  • SISMAT - Model VSP Series - Belt Filter Presses

    VSP series belt filter presses are the ideal and most economical solution especially for small or medium sized biological wastewater treatment plants. The initial investment costs and energy consumption are very low and operation is easy. VSP series belt filter presses are produced in two different capacities and the dewatering process takes ...

    By SISMAT ULUSLARARASI LTD. STI. based in KOCAELI, TURKEY. from Belt Filter Presses Product line

  • SISMAT - Model BS Series - Belt Filter Presses

    BS-Series are high-capacity belt filter presses developed for the dewatering of sludges with low solids content but high flowrate. A special distribution system (pillow blocks) is used to spread the sludge homogenously in order to achieve maximum efficiency in the particularly long predewatering zone. At the beginning of the squeezing level, there ...

    By SISMAT ULUSLARARASI LTD. STI. based in KOCAELI, TURKEY. from Belt Filter Presses Product line

  • SISMAT - Membrane Plate Filter Presses

    Since filterpresses are fill-and-draw type equipments, cutting down filtration time allows dewatering of a given amount of sludge with lower capacity, thus decreasing the necessary initial investment costs. Owing to the technological developments, filtration time can be minimized by means of membrane plates that maintain maximum pumping pressure. ...

    By SISMAT ULUSLARARASI LTD. STI. based in KOCAELI, TURKEY. from Membrane Plate Filter Presses Product line

  • Premium

    ENTA - Beltpress

    Belt filter presses are indispensable for years as an economical dewatering method especially at the places with high sludge flow and because of their operation principle. We are producing beltpresses in order to offer adequate solutions for every kind of sludge which is difficult to be dewatered and has different content and structure.

    By ENTA Treatment Systems Engineering Contracting LTD based in Seyrantepe-Sarıyer, TURKEY. from Beltpress Product line

  • Premium

    ENTA - Screw Grit Classifier

    Grit classifiers are used for pressing, dewatering and decreasing the volume of the wastes which are collected by the screens. Thus, this make easy the transportation of the wastes and gains savings. This needs less maintenance by its simple design, strong body structure, pressing screw durable to detrition, bearing system that meets all loads and ...

    By ENTA Treatment Systems Engineering Contracting LTD based in Seyrantepe-Sarıyer, TURKEY. from Screw Grit Classifier Product line

  • PHOENIX - Filter Presses

    PHOENIX Process Equipment Co. offers recessed chamber and membrane filter presses and piston-membrane pumps. This gives our clients an alternative that can sometimes be preferred to our core belt filter press dewatering technology.

    By PHOENIX Process Equipment Co. Distributor in TURKEY. from Filter Presses Product line

  • ErtelAlsop - Model EA 1200 & EA 1500 - Recessed Chamber Filter Presses

    ErtelAlsop is a US Based filter press manufacturer. Our EA Series sludge dewatering presses are perfect for municipal sludge and sewage sludge treatment. Supplied with lightweight, economical polypropylene plates, these chamber filter presses are ideal for processes that require 50-300 cubic feet of solids handling. With gasketed plates standard, ...

    By ErtelAlsop Distributor in TURKEY. from Recessed Chamber Filter Presses Product line

  • Premium

    FLUXANA - Model VI-0002 - Compressor for Electrical Fusion Machine

    VI-0002Compressor for compressed air for cooling with automatic dehydrationDimensions: Packing: boxContent: 1Weight: 10.00kgContact Us!Compressor for electrical fusion machine- Compressor for compressed air for cooling with automatically dewateringThe fusion technology is used to prepare samples to be analyzed with an X-ray fluorescence machine. ...

    By Fluxana GmbH Co. KG Distributor in Kavacik, TURKEY. from Compressor for Electrical Fusion Machine Product line

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