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dewatering system equipment

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    Hydroflux Industrial - Complete Dewatering Systems

    Hydroflux Industrial not only supply dewatering equipment such as Belt Presses, Screw Presses, Filter Presses and Centrifuges but we have the skills and experience to design and construct an entire dewatering plant. In order to effectively manage and dewater sludge generated form industrial wastewater processes, a number of steps are required. ...

    By Hydroflux Pty Ltd based in Sydney, AUSTRALIA. from Hydroflux Industrial - Sludge Dewatering Product line

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    Brackett Green - Model MacerAcer - Screenings Conditioning and Dewatering System

    The Brackett Green® MacerAcer® screening package comes in three modular units. The first removes grit and macerates the material into 3/8' pieces. The second unit separates organic from inorganic material, reducing volume by 90%, and the third dewaters the screenings in centrifugal spin cycle. Reduction in volume means fewer trips to the ...

    By Ovivo USA LLC based in Salt Lake City, UTAH (USA). from Municipal Wastewater - Inlet Works Product line

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    Elgin - Model ESS-3000DT - Dredge Dewatering System

    Elgin Separation Solutions manufactures effective solid recycling systems capable of handling high flow capacity for dredge dewatering operations. On-board linear motion shakers have the largest screening surface area on the market. In addition, systems have complete desilter and desander hydrocyclone manifolds incorporated into packaged trailer ...

    By Elgin Separation Solutions based in Stafford, TEXAS (USA). from Dredge Dewatering Product line

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    Bright Technologies - Contract Dewatering System

    Bright Technologies is here to assist clients whose wastewater treatment facilities require on-site processing for any number of reasons. We offer skid and trailer-mounted belt filter presses to work on-site at clients' locations to provide temporary dewatering services. Our dewatering units work as either a complete replacement for clients' ...

    By Sebright Products, Inc. based in Hopkins, MICHIGAN (USA). from Recycling Equipment Product line

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    FFP - Sludge Dewatering Filter Press

    Sludge dewatering using filter presses has become accepted as a reliable and efficient method of dewatering effluents and sludges from industrial and municipal waste treatment processes.Filter press manufacturer equipment available in Canada

    By F.F.P. Systems Inc. based in Mississauga, ONTARIO (CANADA).

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    Hydroflux HUBER - Model RoSF4 - Grit Washing Plant

    The HUBER RoSF4 Grit Washing Plant is the highest performing grit washing and dewatering system in the world with over 1500 installations worldwide. The COANDA Grit Washing Plant combines grit classifying and grit washing in a single and compact unit. With installations in most Australian capital cities including Australia’s largest Grit ...

    By Hydroflux Pty Ltd based in Sydney, AUSTRALIA. from Hydroflux epco - HUBER Technology - Screens Product line

  • Dewatering Systems

    Get the tools and know-how that you need to make sure your project goes off without a hitch. Belt Presses Rentals, Filter Presses, Dredges, Shakers, pumps, hoses, tanks, etc. are all available for rent in our rental fleet.

    By LEFCO Environmental Services based in Montgomery, TEXAS (USA).

  • Dewatering systems - Dewatering systems

    Dewatering systems with well points and pumpsvacuum pipe lifters

    By K.I.F France based in Marseille, FRANCE.

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    Flottweg - Mobile Sludge Dewatering Plants

    In small sewage treatment plants, the investment costs for dewatering and thickening of incoming sludge frequently plays a decisive role. In stationary dewatering systems, for example, the construction of a new building or the expansion of existing space can be significantly costly. You can avoid those costs with mobile container systems for ...

    By Flottweg SE based in Vilsbiburg, GERMANY. from Engineered Systems Product line

  • EcoVee - Dewater System

    Our patented system, EcoVee®, dewater the sludge directly by the septic tank. The water and the micro organism are returned to the tank. At the same time the water gets oxygenised, improving the natural purifying process. The transported volume gets reduced with 95 percent. The sludge has a dryness of approx. 25-30 % ready to be composted or ...

    By AquaTeq Sweden AB based in KALMAR, SWEDEN. from Sludge Dewatering Product line

  • Agri-Clean - Dewatering System

    The purpose of the Agri-Clean System is to remove solids and nutrients from animal manure wastewater. The system consists of an Internal Drum Thickener (IDT), an Agri-Press Screw Press, a Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF) Clarifier, a twin polymer make-down system, a chemical feed system, a PLC control, a data collection system and a telephone modem.

    By Press Technology & Mfg., Inc. based in Springfield, OHIO (USA).

  • Zhejiang-Lifeng - Model MDS202 - Dewatering System

    MDS202 dewatering system:the sludge thickener thickens sludge with concentration of 1% or less to that with a concentration of 4 to 6%. This mechanical thickening will constantly produce stable thickened sludge, which is difficult with gravity thickening. It is possible to install as pre-thickener for your existing belt press or centrifuge ...

  • SludgeNET - Dewatering Systems

    SludgeNet’s mobile dewatering system is the most efficient way to dispose of the sludge generated by wastewater treatment plants. Typically the waste generated by wastewater plants is 98% water which is taken to belt presses, centrifuges or drying beds for evaporation and then the dry solids are taken to the landfill.

    By SludgeNET Dewatering Systems, Inc. based in Highlands, TEXAS (USA).

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    ENTA - Sludge Belt Filter Press

    Belt filter presses are indispensable for years as an economical dewatering method especially at the places with high sludge flow and because of their operation principle. We are producing beltpresses in order to offer adequate solutions for every kind of sludge which is difficult to be dewatered and has different content and structure.

    By ENTA Treatment Systems Engineering Contracting Corporation based in Seyrantepe-Sarıyer, TURKEY. from Sludge Dewatering Systems Product line

  • Teknobag-Draimad - Bag Dewatering System

    For dewatering the sludge produced by small W.W.T.P., TEKNOFANGHI proposes TEKNOBAG®-DRAIMAD®. This system dewaters in bags and stores the sludge of every nature. The heart of the system is the original filtration bag TEKNOBAG®-DRAIMAD®, which permits to reach 15-30% dry solids content after only a few hours and 50-80% of dry ...

    By Teknofanghi S.r.l. based in CERNUSCO S/N, ITALY.

  • Geotube Dewatering Systems

    Bradley manufactures two basic types of geotubes used for dewatering sludge. Whether it be industrial sludge, human waste, animal waste or virtually anything that uses our water supply to move from one location to another. Traditional geotubes are manufactured from mill widths of fabric and can be assembled in usually fifteen foot circumferences ...

    By Bradley Industrial Textiles, Inc. based in Valparaiso, GEORGIA (US) (USA).

  • Sludge Dewatering System

    HUBER is able to offer all common methods of sludge dewatering: screw presses, belt filter presses, and centrifuges.  

    By Picatech Huber AG based in Horw, SWITZERLAND. from Sludge Treatment Product line

  • Thickening and Dewatering System

    The key equipment for sludge thickening and dewatering is the main unit of sludge dewatering, namely the horizontal decanter centrifuge (the decanter centrifuge for short), which is the equipment for suspension separation by the use of centrifugal sedimentation principle.

  • Syskill - Sludge Dewatering System

    Dewatering of liquid sludges from SYSDAF and SYSSBR to spadable solids. Syskill can offer various dewatering processes applicable to particular sludge types. Belt press, filter press, decanter, dewatering bins.

    By Syskill - WWTS P/L based in Castle Hill, AUSTRALIA.

  • Merit Filter - Sludge Dewatering System

    The Merit Filter Media Advantages Many years of developing and testing various dewatering devices for efficiency and reliability ends right here. The Merit Filter Media sludge dewatering system now offers the best financial alternative to both costly mechanical dewatering and obsolete, inefficient sand drying beds. Best of all, Merit Filter ...

    By Merit Filter Corporation based in Clarks Summit, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

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