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digester optimization equipment

  • LysoGest - Sludge Digestion Optimizations System

    At conventional municipal sludge processing, primary and waste activated sludge’s (WAS) are often mixed followed by anaerobic digestion. The easy degradable primary sludge’s could be normally dewatered more efficiently compared with systems where mixed dewatering of primary and WAS is applied. WAS is normally more difficult to dewater ...

    By ELIQUO Water & Energy B.V. based in Barneveld, NETHERLANDS.

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    Ovivo M-TAD™ - Mechanically Thickened Aerobic Digestion System

    The Ovivo M-TADTM (Mechanically Thickened Aerobic Digestion) process is a controlled aerobic digestion system specifically designed to handle sludge produced by mechanical thickeners such as gravity belt thickeners or rotary drums. The M-TAD system utilizes two or more aerobic digesters to optimize aeration requirements, helping to keep ...

    By Ovivo USA LLC based in Salt Lake City, UTAH (USA). from Municipal Wastewater - Sludge Treatment / Aerobic Digestion Product line

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    WesTech - Digester Covers

    WesTech anaerobic digester covers are ideal for new and retrofit installations. These custom covers are innovatively designed by WesTech engineers who have decades of experience meeting customer specifications for biogas and odor containment. Incorporating the most current structural standards, WesTech covers are economical and easy to install.

    By WesTech Engineering, Inc. based in Salt Lake City, UTAH (USA). from Anaerobic Digestion Product line

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    Challenge Technology - Model ODM-200 - Oxygen Demand Monitor

    The ODM-200 Oxygen Demand Monitor is a portable unit for measuring real-time oxygen demand at any point in a wastewater treatment process.

    By Challenge Technology based in Springdale, ARKANSAS (USA). from Oxygen Demand Monitors Product line

  • BioNatural Pet - Model 9717 - 5-in-1 Daily Probiotic Supplement for Dogs

    5‐in‐1 contains a proprietary blend offive effective probiotic strainsformulated to help maintain optimaldigestive health in dogs.One 3.5 oz. package contains amonth’s supply, with just a smallscoop per day added to food or water.5‐in‐1 formula is highly stable, and isideal for all breeds, sizes and lifestages.

    By BioNatural America Institute based in Royal Oak, MICHIGAN (USA).

  • HEPU - Model M 100-330/1-100 - Building Material/Surplus Material High-Performance Mixer

    With an agitator and mixer blade (active) and fixed paddle (passive) that are arranged so that the medium is optimally digested.  The shaft is arranged without contact. Packing or seal elements are omitted. The mixer is finished in heavy construction. The mixer is equipped with a large-dimensioned access panel in order to optimise maintenance ...

    By HEPU Pumpen und Maschinen GmbH based in Herten, GERMANY. from HEPU Saw Unit and Hydraulic Press Product line

  • Prohydroxy - Model P - Meal Replacement Shakes & Protein Powders

    Scientifically designed to support healthy digestion of meal-replacement shakes & protein powders. Supports Digestion of Large Amounts of Protein, Converting it into Valuable Amino Acids. Promotes Nutrient Absorption. Supports Optimal Digestion of Meal-Replacement Shakes & Protein Powders. Comprehensive Digestive Blend with Proteases, ...

    By Specialty Enzymes & Biotechnologies Co. based in Chino, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • DigeSEB Line - Digestive Enzyme

    Proven and effective digestive enzyme blends to promote optimal digestion and nutrient absorption. Supports digestion of foods ranging from legumes, milk, soy, cereal grains to meat. Supports breakdown of carbohydrates, fats, proteins and dairy products into nutrients the body can use to provide energy and rebuild tissue. Effective throughout the ...

    By Specialty Enzymes & Biotechnologies Co. based in Chino, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Biogas Production and Mixing System

    The 'Bio-Gas Production & Mixing System by PE' is applied in the Primary and Secondary Digestion with the aim to produce Bio-Gas through the Anaerobic Digestion of the Sludge. Thanks to its properties, the Bio-Gas System by PE' performs: a continuous & controlled mixing of sludge, the uniformity of the digestion process inside the ...

    By Process Engineering Srl based in Fenegro, ITALY. from Equipment by PE Product line

  • Digestive Performance Supplements

    Optimal digestion and functioning of the digestive system is the key success factor towards healthy and performing animals. With our products we focus on digestive efficiency, fermentation, Salmonella & Campylobacter control, balanced intestinal microbiota, antibiotic reduction, villi development and absorption improvement. Already for several ...

    By Nutriad based in Dendermonde, BELGIUM.

  • Niagara Scientific - Model DIGI-6 - Kjeldahl Digestion System

    The DIGI-6 Kjeldahl Digestion System allows the parallel digestion of up to 6 samples at the same time. Its strong and space-saving structure was studied to provide excellent heating efficiency and insulation. As a consequence, the power consumption is reduced dramatically, meanwhile ensuring an optimized digestion procedure. The temperature is ...

    By Niagara Scientific based in Lancaster, NEW YORK (USA).

  • AccuBubble - Electronic Gas Mixer Monitoring

    AccuBubble™ is an electronic monitoring system that fully automates the oversight of large gas piston-bubble mixers in anaerobic digester facilities. Continually tracking the performance of all digester mixers, AccuBubble ensures the efficiency of the mixing system and of the anaerobic digestion process for optimal biogas production and ...

    By Claro Inc based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Anaerobic Digestion Product line

  • Aurora Biomed TRANSFORM - Model MW680 - Microwave Digestion System

    The TRANSFORM 680 Microwave Digestion System is a top-loading, closed vessel microwave digester with high-pressure capabilities to enhance digestion quality while decreasing digestion time. This microwave digestion system is capable of simultaneously running up to 6 high-pressure closed vessels, providing a fast and automated method to digest even ...

    By Aurora Biomed Inc. based in Vancouver, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Elemental Analysis Product line

  • BioNatural Pet - Model 9731 - DigestAlign Daily Probiotic Supplement for Cats

    DigestAlign is a concentrated probioticformula comprised of a proprietaryblend of probiotic strains thatcontribute to feline digestive health.One small scoop per day will ensureoptimal amounts of “good” bacteria inthe digestive tract.One 3.5 oz. package will last onemonth for adult cats, and 5‐6 weeksfor kittens.

    By BioNatural America Institute based in Royal Oak, MICHIGAN (USA).

  • Aerobic Digester

    Schreiber handles sludge treatment with a unique all-in-one digester and thickener configuration. Termed the GRS, it consists of a central circular thickener surrounded by an aerobic digester in the form of a concentric annular ring. One advantage of the GRS digester/thickener configuration is that it optimizes the space required for sludge ...

    By Schreiber LLC based in Trussville, ALABAMA (USA). from Aeration and Clarification Product line

  • Giantmix - Model FR SP - Agitators

    The Giantmix FR SP has been specially designed to optimize the biological process in digester and afterfermenters with almost constant substrate levels.

    By SUMA Rührtechnik GmbH based in Sulzberg, GERMANY. from Agitators Industry Product line

  • Bart - Vertical Agitator

    Highest efficiency through level adjusted agitator blades. Our new developped vertical agitator has been designed especially for the use in hydrolysis tanks, buffer tanks with variable filling levels or direct in the digester. The agitator consists of flow-optimised stirrer blades in the floor area and an automatic height-adjustable floating ...

    By AAT Abwasser- und Abfalltechnik GmbH based in Wolfurt, AUSTRIA. from Equipment - Agitators Product line

  • Giantmix - Model FR 30° - Agitators

    The Giantmix FR 30° has been specially designed to optimize the biological process in digester and afterfermenters with almost constant substrate levels.

    By SUMA Rührtechnik GmbH based in Sulzberg, GERMANY. from Biogas Agitators Product line

  • Continuous Batch Cooking (CBC)

    Continuous batch cooking (CBC) combines the advantages of batch operation with the continuous preparation of cooking liquors. The basic concept is to prepare all the process-related liquors in the tank farm using different tank-to-tank circulation loops.

    By Lenzing Technik GmbH based in Lenzing, AUSTRIA. from Pulp Technology Product line

  • Claro - Retrofit Of Existing Mixers

    Claro's Mixer Retrofit Program modernizes existing gas and internal-to-tank mechanical draft tube mixers by installing fully-flushable, non-clog Big Bubble Gun Mixer™ bubble injectors onto the existing draft tube mixer units. Custom-designed, manufactured, and installed within a few weeks of purchase order, our rapid response retrofits ...

    By Claro Inc based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Anaerobic Digestion Product line

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