disc filter equipment in North Carolina

  • ENTEX - Model FlowTex™ - 2nd Gen Disc Filter

    FlowTex is a user-friendly, high-performance, tertiary filter suitable for both small and large flow applications. The FlowTex design incorporates a fixed disk with a rotating vacuum head. This outside-to-inside flow ensures that solids stay trapped within the basin and the stationary disc offers a visual check for clarity of the effluent. The ...

    By Entex Technologies Inc. based in Chapel Hill, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from 2nd Gen Disc Filter Product line

  • Filter Discs

    We produce filters in any shape and size from wire cloth and non-woven fabrics. Materials: Stainless steel, plain steel, galvanized steel, copper, brass, phosphor bronze and special alloys. Weaves: Plain weave, twilled weave, plain Dutch weave, Dutch twilled weave, reverse plain Dutch weave and twilled reverse Dutch weave. Filtration grade: From 3 ...

    By Rolf Koerner, LLC based in Charlotte, NORTH CAROLINA (USA).

  • Model S-DISC - Disc Thickener

    The heart of the S-DISC sludge thickener is an inclined, slowly rotating filter disc that separates flocculated sludge from filtrate. A baffle plate distributes the inflow from the flocculation reactor evenly across the entire filter radius. Flexibly supported plows divide and move the sludge layer on the disc and open up furrows so that water can ...

    By Huber SE Office in Huntersville, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Disc Thickener Product line

  • Semi-Automatic Backwash Filters System

    The Semi-Automatic Disc Filtration System consists of filters that are modular, and Medium & High Capacity. The number of filters in the battery range between three and eight, according to the needs of the application (i.e. the flow rate).

    By PEP Filters, Inc. based in Mooresville, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Semi-Automatic Backwash Filters System Product line

  • Spin Klin - Model 2 - Compact Automatic Backflush (Stand Alone)

    The Spin Klin discs are stacked on the Spin Klin spine. The discs are color-coded by micron size, and are assembled according to your water filtration requirements. The spine assembly has a spring compression unit and an internal piston which operate during alternate filtering or backwashing modes. The spine assembly is specially designed to ...

    By PEP Filters, Inc. based in Mooresville, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Compact Automatic Backflush (Stand Alone) Product line

  • ErtelAlsop Double O-Ring Pak - Stacked Disc Filter System

    The ErtelAlsop Double O-Ring Pak System consists of our Pharma-Pak highly polished stainless steel double o-ring housing used in conjunction with our Bio-Pak double o-ring lenticular cartridge. Current flat gasket cartridge technology can present difficulties with sealing between gaskets, the misalignment of cartridges and the dynamic tension ...

    By ErtelAlsop Distributor in NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Stacked Disc Filter System Product line

  • Dustcontrol - Model DC 3900c Turbo - Professional Dust Extractor for Continous Operation

    The DC 3900c Turbo is a medium sized dust extractor that has a tall cyclone and a  three-phase motor. This dust extractor is suitable for longer hoses (up to 65’/20 m), heavy cleaning (1.5”/38 mm accessories) and for source extraction from medium sized power tools such as grinders, jack hammers, and saws. Thanks to the tall ...

    By Dustcontrol AB Office in US-Wilmington, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Professional Dust Extractor for Continous Operation Product line

  • Pak - Stacked Disc Depth Filter Cartridges

    In 1942 one of our engineers met with a customer in a parking lot and presented him with the very first stacked disc lenticular filter cartridge, the Disc-Pak. The customer had requested a filtration system, which was enclosed and would allow for a fast change out when the filter became plugged, in order to minimize exposure to the operators. The ...

    By ErtelAlsop Distributor in NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Stacked Disc Depth Filter Cartridges Product line

  • ZetaDri-Pak - Lenticular Stacked Disc Cartridge - Filter Module

    The ZetaDri-Pak is a lenticular disc cartridge that offers the benefits of depth filtration in addition to capturing free and emulsified water from your product. The depth filter Pak cartridge invented by ErtelAlsop more than 50 years ago allows for easy change out, low labor costs, along with optimizing filtration area and cake space. The 16 cell ...

    By ErtelAlsop Distributor in NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Lenticular Stacked Disc Cartridge - Filter Module Product line

  • AccuScale - Model E-1 - Lab Filter

    The E1 Cylinder filter is perfect for small batch filtration, and for use in the laboratory to simulate the results of full-scale filter equipment. The E-1 filter is a single disc, plate lab filter capable for test filtrations and small batch filtrations up to 40 liters. The E-1 filter unit is internally ported and capable of accepting standard ...

    By ErtelAlsop Distributor in NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Lab Filter Product line

  • Sak-Pak - Activated Carbon Containing Filter

    The Sak-Pak is a Fullers Earth or Activated Carbon containing filterSak Pak Filter element developed by ErtelAlsop as a clean, cost-effective, simple alternative to the traditional means of cake filtration. The Sak-Pak, when used in an ErtelAlsop Pak housing, provides a portable enclosed environment. Sak-Paks are most effective when used after a ...

    By ErtelAlsop Distributor in NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Activated Carbon Containing Filter Product line

  • 12UF Pak - Filter Housing Series

    The ErtelAlsop 12UF Pak Filter Housing Series is specially designed for use in the electric utility industry. Used in the filtration of steam turbine, voltage regulator and circuit breaker oils, these units can be custom fabricated to fit your specific application. Designs include Handtruck Units, Portable Utility Carts and Over-the-Road Trailers. ...

    By ErtelAlsop Distributor in NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Filter Housing Series Product line

  • Model CDF - Continuous Melt Filtration System

    Wood and paper are very common impurities in plastic recycling. Conventional filter systems using mesh screens are usually unable to cope with even small amounts of such impurities. The continuous CDF-type melt filter separates contamination such as paper, wood, aluminum or rubber as well as unmelted plastics efficiently. A scraper removes the ...

    By MAS Maschinen- und Anlagenbau Schulz GmbH Distributor in Pineville, NORTH CAROLINA (USA).

  • Model SC 600V - Vacuum Cleaner

    The vacuum cleaner reliably removes thermoplastic contamination from precleaned extrusion moulds, filter elements, laser discs etc. No cleaning agents required; combustion does not occur during the cleaning process. This protects the components against local overheating and thus against annealing and mechanical damage. A cleaning cycle takes ...

    By MAS Maschinen- und Anlagenbau Schulz GmbH Distributor in Pineville, NORTH CAROLINA (USA).

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