disposed waste equipment in Arizona

  • Mark-Costello - Model AS-Series - Medical Waste Disposal Systems

    The Mark-Costello Co. Sterilizers use the basic principle of high temperature steam under pressure in an enclosed fully automatic steam retort. The sterilizer comes completely assembled and ready for simple final connections. All chamber vessels are built in accordance with requirements of the ASME Pressure Vessel Code. All Mark-Costello Co ...

    By The Mark-Costello Co. Office in ARIZONA (USA). from Medical Waste Disposal Systems Product line

  • Mark-Costello - Medical Waste Autoclaves

    The Mark-Costello has been building high pressure medical waste autoclave sterilizers since 1973 (40 years). We have been providing quality autoclaves to hospitals, commercial medical waste processors, flight kitchens and agricultural companies with to date over 600 units sold. Safe and economical treatment, processing and disposal of bio ...

    By The Mark-Costello Co. Office in ARIZONA (USA). from Medical Waste Autoclaves Product line

  • EST - Waste Water Evaporators

    Why pay to have water hauled away by a pumping company when you can effectively and economically evaporate it off?  EST evaporators are utilized to dispose of waste water from waste streams including truck washing, pressure washers, phosphate pre-treatment and various other waste streams. Evaporators can be used as a standalone system or ...

    By EST Companies LLC (EST) based in Tempe, ARIZONA (USA). from Waste Water Evaporators Product line

  • Model TEB - Thermal Emulsion Brekaer

    Many industrial processes generate aqueous-based waste streams which require either on-site treatment or off-site disposal. These waste streams quite often are comprised of mostly water which you pay by the gallon for treatment or disposal. In addition to this cost there is ever increasing pressure to reduce the amount of waste generated, disposed ...

    By Filtertech Office in ARIZONA (USA). from Thermal Emulsion Brekaer Product line

  • Hazardous Waster Super Pack

    Hazpack 3 is the ideal solution for disposal of solid waste materials from hazardous waste clean-up. Use to dispose of solids in packaging Group 1, 2, and 3. To get more information see www.environmentalchemistry.com

    By BASCO, Inc Office in Phoenix, ARIZONA (USA).

  • Aerosol Can Depressurizer

    Aerosol Cans - with flammable propellants or paint are regulated as hazardous waste. For safe, legal and economical usage. Our system meets state and federal regulations for aerosol can disposal. Simple to use, safe and quick. Depressurize, Drain, Dispose.

    By Clean It Up based in Surprise, ARIZONA (USA). from Aerosol Can Depressurizer Product line

  • Roll off liners

    Tough Liners - by Clean It Up make waste disposal easy! Patented disposable polyethylene liners for: Roll-Off containment , Dump Trailers and Railroad Gondola Cars and Dewatering applications. Container Bag, Filter/Dewatering Bags, Spill Diapers.

    By Clean It Up based in Surprise, ARIZONA (USA). from Roll off liners Product line

  • Drums

    Our Drum Products - are Constructed of high quality materials and are used in diverse application and industries - from chemicals to pharmaceuticals, environmental remediation to radioactive waste disposal, transportation to food processing and specialty uses. Poly, Steel, Stainless, Fiber, Specialty.

    By Clean It Up based in Surprise, ARIZONA (USA). from Drums Product line

  • Stationary Ram Compactor

    Open-top containers are dangerous and your workers do this more often than you think. Well suited to dry waste disposal and cardboard recycling.

    By Blue Rhino Industries of America based in Fountain Hills, ARIZONA (USA). from Stationary Ram Compactor Product line

  • Self-Contained Ram Compactor

    Reduce trash disposal costs by reducing container hauls/ pulls. Product destruction and security enclosures reduce employee theft. Reduce waste disposal labor costs. Upto 34 cubic yard compactor container capacities. Liquid tight compactor and container is perfect for wet waste applications. Improved cleanliness when compared to open-top ...

    By Blue Rhino Industries of America based in Fountain Hills, ARIZONA (USA). from Self-Contained Ram Compactor Product line

  • Oil Sponge - Model AB - Absorbent

    Oil Sponge AB absorbs most types of petroleum spills quickly, efficiently and with less associated solid waste disposal costs than other absorbents. It is constructed of a renewable, 100% certified organic cellulose material with a high capacity for absorption. Oil Sponge AB will absorb liquefied chemicals, is non-leaching up to saturation and ...

    By Phase III, Inc based in Chandler, ARIZONA (USA). from Absorbent Product line

  • Oil Sponge - Model AB+ - Premium Absorbent

    Having the same great absorbing power as our AB product, Oil Sponge AB+ features Bio·Green Technology that is a proprietary blend of Class 1, ATCC certified active cultures. Oil Sponge AB+ will assist in converting most absorbed oil based liquids into safe carbon-dioxide and water. Fast and easy to use, Oil Sponge AB+ will effectively ...

    By Phase III, Inc based in Chandler, ARIZONA (USA). from Premium Absorbent Product line

  • Trainable Carts

    Transport waste/ recycleables from point of generation to a Compactor. Reduces material handeling and trash disposal/ recyling labor costs. Heavy-duty carts designed for quiet operation over rough terrain. Trainable carts can be towed behind a golf cart or pick-up truck heavy-duty 2,000# trailer axles and spindles. DOT approved hitch coupling and ...

    By Blue Rhino Industries of America based in Fountain Hills, ARIZONA (USA). from Trainable Carts Product line

  • EXPO Water Evaporation/Reduction Heater for 55 gal Steel Drum

    Unique heater fits standard 55 gallon steel drums, reduces the amount of waste requiring disposal. Rugged aluminized steel housing. Thermostat and high temperature limit cut-off switch automatically shuts off heater when water is reduced. Thermostat range 70º – 250º F. Operates on 240 volts, single phase, 3000 watts. Heater supplied with 6´ cord ...

    By BASCO, Inc Office in Phoenix, ARIZONA (USA).

  • Model C/I - Food Services Lift Units

    The Food Services series from Bayne Premium Lift Systems are the perfect lifting solution for supermarkets, restaurants, cafeterias, bakeries, commercial kitchens, and more. These food service units make short order of waste disposal. Sized to fit typical food waste containers, our Food Services cart lifters, or cart tippers, ...

    By Bayne ThinLine - Environmental Solutions Group Company. based in Phoenix, ARIZONA (USA). from Food Services Lift Units Product line

  • Lamp Compactor

    Lamp compactors provide an easy solution for disposing of fluorescent lamps while capturing dangerous mercury vapors in an activated carbon filter. 2'' diameter receiving tube accepts any length lamp. Rear Tower accepts various size lamps. Each unit will pulverize approximately 1100 T12 lamps (even more T8´s), filling the 55-gallon steel drum ...

    By BASCO, Inc Office in Phoenix, ARIZONA (USA).

  • TITANLiner™ - For Liquid Waste Hauling and Disposal

    TITANLiner™  is used to filter water from waste which is mechanically placed in a roll-off dumpster. TITANLiner™ is available in 20 cy and 30 cy sizes and Flint can make a custom size to meet your needs. This is an efficient way to reduce the need for liquid waste hauling and disposal.

    By Flint Industries Distributor in ARIZONA (USA).

  • Premium

    THIOTEQ - Sulphate Recovery

    Why let valuable dissolved metals go to waste? Why mix toxic metal with a pile of gypsym? THIOTEQ™ technology recovers dissolved metals from liquids by the formation of high purity metal sulphides. These can either be marketed or else disposed off in a very compact form.

    By Paques B.V. Distributor in ARIZONA (USA).

  • Level Lodor

    The JDV LEVEL LODOR™ provides Water Quality professionals with a better means to dispose of processed waste and material with increased odor control and reduced risk of operator personnel being unnecessarily exposed to processed material.

    By JDV Equipment Corporation Distributor in ARIZONA (USA). from Level Lodor Product line

  • Purifics CUF - Complete Ultra-Filtration Unit

    CUF’s proven water filtration technology reduces the size, cost, and complexity of traditional systems. This compact filtration package is environmentally friendly with low energy costs and chemical free operation. CUF operates without producing waste water discharge and the sludge contains no added chemicals for a safer and less costly ...

    By Purifics Water Inc. Distributor in Litchfield Park, ARIZONA (USA).

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