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Dosing System

by Verderflex Peristaltic Pumps - part of the Verder Group     Office in Linkou Hsiang, TAIWAN

Constant Dosing: Constant pumps (C) can be adjusted manually via frontal keypad or just turning a knob. The number of strokes per minute have to be set manually by the operator and do not vary automatically during the entire dosing process, until the next manual input. Fixed flow rate and speed regulation peristaltic pumps fall into this category.

Model VP Pro PH-RX - Tube Dosing Pump

by Verderflex Peristaltic Pumps - part of the Verder Group     Office in Linkou Hsiang, TAIWAN

Advanced digital proportional dosing pump system with an LCD display suitable for pH/Redox control.

Metrohm - Model 846 - Dosing Interface - Automated Liquid Handling

by Metrohm AG     Distributor in Taipei, TAIWAN

The Dosing Interface is your ideal solution if you want to automate liquid handling tasks in your laboratory. This instrument can be either operated as a standalone instrument for all liquid handling operations or integrated into existing Metrohm systems to expand the liquid handling capabilities of your system. The Dosing Interface uses the ...

Basidin - On Line Cleaning System

by Kurita     Office in Taipei, TAIWAN

Cleaning and boil out operations in pulp and paper lines are a key element for keeping operational conditions on a high level. On the other hand all cleaning operations require machinery downtimes.

Integration Method - Drinking Water Systems

by Kurita     Office in Taipei, TAIWAN

Kurita´s patented supporting method for the treatment of drinking water systems in waterworks and municipal water production plants.

Metrohm - Model 894 - CVS Systems for Organic Additive Determination

by Metrohm AG     Distributor in Taipei, TAIWAN

The 894 Professional CVS is a made-to-measure CVS instrument for the electroplating industry that masters large sample loads and changing applications. Its central applications are the determination of brighteners, suppressors, or levelers in electroplating baths. With its modular design, its diverse automation options, and the viva software that ...

Model CA80COD - COD Analyzer Liquiline System

by Endress+Hauser     Office in Taipei, TAIWAN

Analyzer for chemical oxygen demand in environmental monitoring, industrial and municipal wastewater. Liquiline System CA80COD offers constant online measurement of the chemical oxygen demand (COD). It supports you in monitoring the cleaning capacity of wastewater treatment plants and enables load-based billing for industrial dischargers. ...

Metrohm - Model 865/876 Dosimat plus - Automated Liquid Handling Systems

by Metrohm AG     Distributor in Taipei, TAIWAN

Taking care of all kinds of dosing and liquid handling tasks, Dosimat plus instruments are indispensable in many modern laboratories. Used as an independent system, the Dosimat plus is a manually controlled dosing instrument. If you are already using a Titrino or Titrino plus titrator in your lab, you can use the Dosimat plus as an automated ...

Panel Mounted Tube Pumps for OEM Applications

by Verderflex Peristaltic Pumps - part of the Verder Group     Office in Linkou Hsiang, TAIWAN

The Verderflex OEM range of tube pumps are designed for panel mounting or incorporation into 3rd party machines that need an accurate, low maintenance dosing solution that can be found in many applications.

OMNIS - Fully Integrated Titration System

by Metrohm AG     Distributor in Taipei, TAIWAN

OMNIS is Metrohm’s new, fully integrated titration system that caters to the needs of today’s laboratories. With OMNIS, we have gone beyond just creating a new titrator. We have put your requirements and your laboratory in the focus to develop a titration solution that simply offers more: faster results, more safety, more convenience, ...

Cetamine - Filming Polyamines for Boiler Water and Steam Treatment

by Kurita     Office in Taipei, TAIWAN

Kurita´s broad range of filming amines for boiler water, steam and closed systems. Cetamine is an innovative and comprehensive technology based on filming polyamines for boiler water and steam treatment. It prevents scale and corrosion in feed water tanks, boilers, steam and condensate systems.

Verderflex - Model Dura 45 - Industrial Peristaltic Hose Pump

by Verderflex Peristaltic Pumps - part of the Verder Group     Office in Linkou Hsiang, TAIWAN

The Verderflex Dura 45 is the pathfinder in a new generation of medium flow, industrial hose pumps. A product of intensive engineering investigation, with genuine class-leading performance, the Verderflex Dura 45 combines a close-coupled pump’s compactness with a long coupled pump’s easy serviceability. Additionally, its innovative, ...

Partech - Model ColTechw² - Self Cleaning Colour Sensor for Apparent Monitoring

by Partech (Electronics) Ltd.     Distributor in TAIWAN

The ColTechw² Sensor has been specifically designed to monitor Apparent Colour in applications where a broad indication of the colour of the water is required. The self cleaning sensor is ideal for monitoring at the intake stage of drinking water processing, allowing automatic coagulant control with no need for a complex analyser. Organic ...

Ecoflex - Model 520CV - Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser

by Ecologix Technologies Asia Pacific, Inc.     based in Tainan, TAIWAN

The Ecoflex diffuser was developed specifically for releasing 1–3mm fine bubbles in the wastewater treatment plant. All materials were selected for their ability to withstand the effects of chemical and bio-chemical agents, and 0–100°C wastewater tanks. The diffuser can be placed in an evenly distributed grid system at the bottom ...

SWAN - Analyzer AMI Silica for Complete Monitoring System

by SWAN Analytische Instrumente AG     Distributor in Taipei, TAIWAN

Complete monitoring system for the automatic, continuous measurement of silica in water steam cycles. Measuring range: 1 to 5'000ppb. Based on colorimetric measurement principle. Complete system including: measurement and control electronics, photometer with integrated reaction chamber, flow indicator, reagent dosing system and reagent containers. ...

Verderflex - Dura 55 Peristaltic Industrial Hose Pumps

by Verderflex Peristaltic Pumps - part of the Verder Group     Office in Linkou Hsiang, TAIWAN

The Verderflex Dura 55 is the class leader for this size of peristaltic pump, significantly outperforming its competitors in both continuous and intermittent duty applications. 

Frac Water Reuse Technologies

by Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc.     Office in Taipei, TAIWAN

Over the last ten years, the US energy sector has accelerated the development of its unconventional oil and gas resources through increased use of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing practices. Water is an essential element in the fracturing process.  The volume of water required to fracture a well varies across the country, but it ...

Myron L - Hydroponic Instruments - Handheld Meters, Monitors and Kit

by Myron L Company     Distributor in TAIWAN

Handheld meters measure TDS and/or pH. Monitor measures TDS. all instruments are easy to operate and calibrate. High degree of accuracy. Immediate results. Kit comes with solutions required to calibrate. temperature Compensated readings.

Model AMI Codes-II - Colorimetric Process Analyzer

by SWAN Analytische Instrumente AG     Distributor in Taipei, TAIWAN

Colorimetric process analyzer (DPD-method) for measurement and dosing control of disinfectants such as free chlorine, hypochlorus acid, chlorine dioxide, ozone, bromine, iodine and monochloramine.

Metrohm - Model Titrando - High-end Titrator for Discerning Professionals

by Metrohm AG     Distributor in Taipei, TAIWAN

Titrando titrators have been developed to meet exacting titration demands. These titrators come with a wide range of security and traceability options, making them particularly suitable for use in regulated industries. Titrandos are capable of performing all common titration types and offer a host of automation and control options.

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