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  • Sewer and Drain Pipe Programme PE

    In the sewage construction an important and usage oriented innovation is emerging with the moulded fit-tings made of polyethylene (PE). Now, complete sewage pipelines made of polyethylene can be prepared with this new programme. This omits the time consuming and expensive individual constructions and is re-placed with more efficient and cost ...

    By HakaGerodur based in Gossau SG, SWITZERLAND. from Sewer and Drain Pipe Programme PE Product line

  • Flow-Liner - In-Side Building Sewer & Drain Pipe Lining System

    With the installation of Flow-Liner, there is no need to dig-up and replace piping under floors and inside of walls. This non-intrusive process will save you valuable time and money. It also eliminates the annoying dust and debris caused by intrusive demolition, keeping your tenants and customers happy.

    By Flow-Liner Systems, Ltd. based in Columbus, OHIO (USA). from In-Side Building Sewer & Drain Pipe Lining System Product line

  • Flow-Line - Out-Side Building Sewer & Drain Pipe Lining System

    The Flow-Liner Small Drain Inversion System allows the lining of sewer pipes from a single point of entry for commercial, residential and industrial applications.

    By Flow-Liner Systems, Ltd. based in Columbus, OHIO (USA). from Out-Side Building Sewer & Drain Pipe Lining System Product line

  • Eljen - Pipe Sleeve

    Keep underground drains clear for maximum performance and longevity. PipeSleeve separates soil from groundwater preventing sediments from clogging perforated drain pipes.

    By Eljen Corporation based in East Hartford, CONNECTICUT (USA).

  • Ateco - Roof Drain Systems

    Ateco offer two types of roof drain systems for external floating roof tanks - Ateco Articulated Pipe with BendMasters and Ateco Articulated Pipe with Swivel Joints. Ateco Articulated Pipe with BendMasters is the most practical and cost effective roof drain system incorporating the maintenance free Ateco BendMasters. The advantages of this type of ...

    By Ateco UK Ltd. based in UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Drain Brushes

    Used for many applications, from chimney cleaning to drain cleaning. These brushes can be used to clean away any tough debris attached to the inside of pipes that could potentially cause blockages. Available in both lockfast and universal fittings. Manufactured from high density plastic for flexibility and precision.

    By Pipetech Industries Ltd. based in Harworth, UNITED KINGDOM. from Drain Brushes Product line

  • Model PE - Domestic Drainage Pipes / Bridge Draining

    Domestic drainage pipes made of PE are used as a connection between the roof drainage and the sewer or the rainwater drainage system.

    By HakaGerodur based in Gossau SG, SWITZERLAND. from Domestic Drainage Pipes / Bridge Draining Product line

  • Drain Couplings

    Flexseal Drain Couplings are used to connect, repair and maintain drainage systems and other non-pressure pipelines and are available to suit any pipe material up to 275mm outside diameter.Drain Couplings are designed for use in drainage systems where the resistance to earth loads (usually provided by a Standard Coupling) is not required.Flexseal ...

    By Wardsflex Limited based in Mildenhall, UNITED KINGDOM. from Drain Couplings Product line

  • Smart Drain

    A revolutionary new drainage material for all water drainage needs. SMART DRAIN is a revolutionary new drainage material that has finally solved the biggest problem in drainage, clogging! Many other systems have claimed to solve clogging, but only SMART DRAIN has achieved this definitively. SMART DRAIN is a belt of extruded PVC that is constructed ...

    By Erosion Control Forum based in Bend, OREGON (USA). from Smart Drain Product line

  • Flow-Liner - Drain Inversion System

    The Flow-Liner Small Drain Inversion System allows the lining of sewer pipes from a single point of entry for commercial, residential and industrial applications.

    By Flow-Liner Systems, Ltd. based in Columbus, OHIO (USA). from Drain Inversion System Product line

  • Roto-Rooter - Pipe Shield

    Our exclusive formula creates a shield on the inside of pipes to help keep waste from building up and clogging drains. It's a fast, economical way to keep your drains free-flowing longer. Pipe Shield is specially formulated to break down long-chain fatty acids, which are the number one cause of clogs. Commercial strength and available only through ...

    By Roto-Rooter Group, Inc. based in Cincinnati, OHIO (USA). from Pipe Shield Product line

  • ULTRA - Model CORR / RIB - PVC Gravity Sewer Pipe

    JM Eagle realizes the growing demand for an effective all-out attack on water pollution, highlighting the need for improved collection systems. A modern system needs pipe with improved design for reserve strength and stiff-ness to increase load-bearing capacity—all within the framework of maximizing system capacity at a reasonable cost. JM ...

    By JM Eagle based in Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA (USA). from PVC Gravity Sewer Pipe Product line

  • Vertical Drains System

    Vertical drains have a rectangular cross-section. The core is plastic so that it serves as a channel allowing water to circulate freely. This core is surrounded by a thin filter casing made of a material that acts as a barrier to prevent the soil surrounding the drain from penetrating into the core, while at the same time allowing water in. ...

    By Terratest Group based in Madrid, SPAIN. from Vertical Drains System Product line

  • Pinpointer - Model PP3000 - Drain Tracer Kit

    The Wardsflex PP3000 Pinpointer system is typically used for tracing underground clay, brick or plastic drains, sewers, ducts and culverts (not suitable for cast Iron, Ductile Iron or Steel Pipes).

    By Wardsflex Limited based in Mildenhall, UNITED KINGDOM. from Drain Tracer Kit Product line

  • Boiler Drain Valves

    Full flow. brass body. and angle spout. 3/4' hose outlet with stuffing box. 125P5ICWP. ISO 9001:2000. Pipe threads comply with ANSI B2.1. Solder connections comply with ANSI B16.18. Hose threads comply with ANSI B2.4.

    By Charman Manufacturing, Inc. based in Vernon, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Boiler Drain Valves Product line

  • Pipe Plugs

    Municipal pipe plugs for spils near sanitary sewers and storm drains. Multi-size pipe plugs reinforced with Kevlar have a wide application range. Each plug covers several pipe sizes. Multi-size ranges overlap for more user selectivity. For pipes from 1'' diameter to 72' diameter. Plugs are flexible and bend easily around tight corners or when ...

    By Sava Trade, Inc. based in Daytona Beach, FLORIDA (USA). from Pipe Plugs Product line

  • Pipe Legs

    For smaller tank applications that require high corrosion resistance the pipe leg is a desirable support method. Many day tanks and pump feeding systems have incorporated these versatile accessories. Pipe legs can be fabricated out of a number of differant sized pipes including 2,3,4,and 6 in. pipe. Most applications also include 'foot' pads which ...

    By Protectopals Company based in Streetsboro, OHIO (USA).

  • Titan - Sure-Drain Round Hole

    Titan's SURE-DRAIN round hole perforated drainage pipe is available in a broad range of diameters, schedules and classes.  Sizes from 1/2' to 24' can be readily produced in wall thichnesses ranging from SDR 35 to SCH 80. A variety of thermoplastic pipe compounds can be used including PVC type I and II, ABS, CPVC, PTFE AND HDPE.

    By Titan Industries Inc. based in Paxton, NEBRASKA (USA).

  • Van Pack - Model 200 Series - Drain Cleaning Unit

    The ‘200 Series’ van pack has a powerful performance of 200 bar 41 litre per minute. It is suitable for drains up to 200 – 250 mm in diameter and is aimed primarily at the domestic & small commercial drain cleaning markets. Being compact and very lightweight at only 465 kg’s, the ‘200 Series’ is ideal to be ...

    By Flowplant Group Ltd based in Salisbury, UNITED KINGDOM. from Drain Cleaning Unit Product line

  • Electric Eel - Model EJ 3000 - Gasoline Powered Drain Jetter

    The EJ3000 Gasoline Powered Drain Jetter provides power and portability for a fast blast through clogged drain lines. Our steel nozzles will penetrate and clean tough problems from pipe walls.

    By Electric Eel based in Springfield, OHIO (USA). from Gasoline Powered Drain Jetter Product line

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