drainage pump equipment in Europe

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    Vertical Pumping Station

    Our vertical Pumpstor Commercial pumping stations are ideal for developments and premises where drainage by gravity isn't an option.

    By Kingspan Water & Energy based in Co. Armagh, NORTHERN IRELAND. from Vertical Pumping Station Product line

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    BBA Pumps - Model BA500G D675 - High Flow Flood Relief Pump

    The 20' diesel set is often the first choice from our large volume pumps series. This is because the BA500G produces a relatively high pressure, allowing the pump to discharge water over considerable distances and through extended drainage lines. This is especially suitable for dredging and land reclamation. In addition, the favorable ...

    By BBA Pumps North America Office in Doetinchem, NETHERLANDS. from High Flow Flood Relief Pump Product line

  • Submersible Pumps for Wastewater and Drainage

    The submersible pumps S.C.M. Tecnologie are suitable for civil and industrial waste waters. They are equipped with two, four or six pole drives, and available in three-phase and single-phase versions. Every aspect is subject to careful designing, from the single components to the machine as a whole. The impellers, vortex-type or channel-type, are ...

    By SCM Tecnologie based in San Giorgio (MN), ITALY. from Submersible Pumps for Wastewater and Drainage Product line

  • Model 1250 Series - Package Pump Stations

    We offer the most extensive range of package pump stations on the market to meet all your sewage and drainage applications. These systems can be used for developments where the station remains in private ownership or they can be adopted by the water utility company. We operate throughout the UK and select equipment from a wide range of reputable ...

    By PIMS Group based in Farnborough, UNITED KINGDOM. from Package Pump Stations Product line

  • Chromatography Spares - Model OvanTherm C - Refrigerated / Thermostated Baths

    Refrigerated/Thermostated baths controlled by microprocessor, with high precision Pt100 sensor. Double skinned tank, with inner tank made of stainless steel AISI 304 and metallic housing protected with Epoxi of great resistance to aggressive surroundings. Digital Display LCD backlighted showing the selected and actual temperature. CFC free ...

    By Chromatography Spares based in Thessaloniki, GREECE. from Refrigerated / Thermostated Baths Product line

  • Weda Pump - Model RL 6070 - Submersible Drainage Pump

    The RL4150 is designed for heavy-duty applications. It combines high capacity (4.700 Ltr./min) and flexibility owing to the various impeller versions that can be adapted on the pump for each site configuration. It is a genuine 'plug-and-play' model, very easy to install and featuring unattended operation as it can be equipped with a build-in NVB ...

    By WEDA Pump based in Groningen, NETHERLANDS.

  • Model AR 45 LFP C - Semi-Hydraulic Three-Diaphragm Pump

    Semi-hydraulic three-diaphragm pump, for use with aggressive products in low pressure systems. Parts in contact with pumped liquids in reinforced polypropylene, Kynar and AISI 316 L. Diaphragms in BlueFlex™. Seals in Viton®. Three-diaphragm design for smoother operation and less hammer effect in the delivery circuit. Die-cast casing with ...

    By Annovi Reverberi S.p.A. based in Modena, ITALY. from Semi-Hydraulic Three-Diaphragm Pump Product line

  • Submersible Electro Pumps

    Submersible electropumps for drainage, for sewage sludge, chopper pumps and for harsh working conditions.Whether dealing with waste water, white water, biological liquids or slightly dirty waste water, A.M.I.S. proposes the most suitable submersible pump for your requirements.

    By A.M.I.S. srl based in Torino (TO), ITALY. from Submersible Electro Pumps Product line

  • SEDA - Double Drain Station

    The SEDA-Double station for improved efficiency and power. Up to 100 end of life vehicles per day without operator idle or waiting times. The SEDA-Double station combines two state-of-art SEDA-Single stations resulting in a doubled capacity and an optimized workflow. Some of the countless advantages derive from the use of powerful suction pumps in ...

    By SEDA Umwelttechnik GmbH based in Kössen/Tirol, AUSTRIA. from Double Drain Station Product line

  • Model 6, 8 & 10 - Waste Water Drainage Pumps

    Waste water submersible pumps produced for pumping of dirty water containing the particles. These pumps fully insulated against water can be immersed into the water up to the height of compression. Water-cooled wet wrapped beds are water lubricated, have a stable structure, easy installation and dismantling.

    By Sahinler Submersible Pumps Ltd based in KARAKÖY, TURKEY. from Waste Water Drainage Pumps Product line

  • Tsurumi - Model LSR Series - Residue Pumps

    Ideal for complete drainage of flat surfaces where a sump is not available: rooftops, parking garages, roadways underpasses, service utility pits, basements, plant maintenance cleanup, pools, and spas.

    By Tsurumi Pumps Office in GERMANY. from Residue Pumps Product line

  • Garic - Settlement Tanks

    Garic’s settlement tanks are designed to prevent silt and solid discharge being released into the water course or drainage system. With many authorities and environment agencies now insisting that settlement tanks are used for certain specific applications, it’s crucial that you can find a robust and reliable tank which maintains full ...

    By Garic Ltd. based in Pilsworth, Bury, UNITED KINGDOM. from Settlement Tanks Product line

  • Model DR - Steel Submersible Pump

    DR Steel is a range of clean water drainage, submersible pumps for draining rooms or emptying tanks for agriculture, water extraction and for many more applications. 0.25 - 0.75kW, 16m maximum head and 335l/min max. capacity. Stainless Steel, submersible, drainage pump for clean water containing solids up to 12mm. For draining rooms or ...

    By T-T Pumps Ltd. based in Woore, UNITED KINGDOM. from Steel Submersible Pump Product line

  • Pumps & Pumping Stations

    Pumping stations are suitable for developments where foul drainage to mains drains via gravity is not possible including: Septic tank pumps Twin pump systems for larger developments Storm water removal.

    By SPe Ltd based in Redditch Worcestershire, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Model Flotec - Double Chambers Float Switch

    Double chambers float switch for extreme applications where a major push in the water is required. Suitable for level regulation in drainage plants, pumping stations and dirty water systems.

    By Tecnoplastic Srl based in Saonara, ITALY. from Double Chambers Float Switch Product line

  • Model PSA - Submersible Drainage Pumps

    Application: submersible water pumps for drainage. Particulary suitable in civil and industrial water systems, for non aggressive liquids, even with suspended solids and for cesspool drainage.

    By PRIMA POMPE - by FINVALORI based in Casarsa (PN), ITALY.

  • Drainage Pump

    Submersible Électropompes for waters of drainage and pluviales. General-purpose, resistant in the corrosion and of reduced dimensions, available in three versions with wheel on channels or Whirlpool. Available with or without float. Condenser integrated into the pump.The engine is cooled by the pumped liquid and is equipped with a thermal ...

    By Side Industrie based in VILLEMER, FRANCE. from Drainage Pump Product line

  • Skipper - Electric Immersion Pumps

    Electric immersion pumps for drainage and for highly polluted water with swimming solids. The motor is oil cooled and has a double ring seal. An integrated thermic protection protects the motor from overheating in case of running dry. The pump is also equipped with a float switch to switch it on and off. Pre-installed with 10 m H07RN-F cable and ...

    By Haase Abwassertechnik GmbH & Co.KG based in Troisdorf, GERMANY. from Electric Immersion Pumps Product line

  • Tenax - Electric Immersion Pumps

    Electric immersion pumps for drainage and for highly polluted water with swimming solids. Connection can be made with a counter flange. The motor is oil cooled and has a double ring seal. The powerful 3 phase motor ensures high supply performance. An integrated thermic protection protects the motor from overheating in case of running dry. ...

    By Haase Abwassertechnik GmbH & Co.KG based in Troisdorf, GERMANY. from Electric Immersion Pumps Product line

  • Model THN - Dewatering Pumps

    High capacity and all-purpose submersible pumps for foul water. Failure safe submersible pumps for manifold tasks in the field of flushing and drainage. The THN pumps are fully submersible, equipped with permanently lubricated rolling bearings of high quality and double or triple acting shaft sealings. They are suited for applications ranging from ...

    By Hoelschertechnic-Gorator GmbH & Co. KG based in Gescher, GERMANY. from Dewatering Pumps Product line

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