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dredging project equipment

  • Dredging & Marine - Environmental Geotextile Tubes & Bags

    Dredging & Marine's Geotextile Tubes and Bags are used for marine environmental applications such as maximum solids recovery. They can dewater millions of gallons of sludge faster than older methods. Geotextile tubes are a price effective solution commercial for removing sludge from marinas, coastal waterways, lakes, rivers, and lagoons. Using ...

    By Southern Dredging & Marine, Inc. based in Buford, GEORGIA (US) (USA).

  • Dredge Yard - Dredge and Mining Pumps

    Dredge Yard pumps are designed to meet the latest requirements of dredging and mining industry to be able to work in most harsh environment. The dredge pump and mining pumps are suitable for pumping and handling all slurry, mud, sand, gravel, rocks, and debris. The dredge and mining pumps are designed using the latest experience of experts from ...

    By Dredge Yard based in Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES.

  • CDW - Electric Dredges

    CDW can help your project cut production costs by switching to an electric dredge. Converting your dredge and booster pumps can save you up to 70% on production costs per year. Electric dredge options also improve your output by nearly 10%, and boost your company's reputation for government contracts.

    By Custom Dredge Works Inc. based in Topeka, KANSAS (USA). from Electric Dredges Product line

  • Model RN - Hopper Dredge

    The hopper dredges are best suited for project requirements that call for a long distance transit of dredged materials, typically in offshore environments. The “long haul” is utilized for beach nourishment, reclamation, and navigation maintenance projects. Once the vessel’s hopper is loaded with dredged materials, the ship will ...

    By Weeks Marine, Inc. based in Cranford, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Hopper Dredge Product line

  • Standalone Dredge

    The Standalone dredge's ejector system is identical to the successful system used on the Scanmachine, which is pre-rigged on a certified lifting frame. The Standalone dredge solution offers real versatility, making it suitable for operations fewer limited requirements in terms of dredging tolerances (high tolerances would ...

    By Scanmudring AS based in Mandal, NORWAY. from Standalone Dredge Product line

  • Dredging Pipes

    The ancient Indus systems of sewerage and drainage that were developed and used in cities throughout the civilization were far more advanced than any found in contemporary urban cites in the Middle East and even more efficient. The function of the field drainage system is to control the water level, whereas the function of the main drainage system ...

    By Kuzeyboru based in Aksaray, TURKEY. from Dredging Pipes Product line

  • Mud Cat - Model 2010 - Diesel Driven Auger Dredge

    The Mud Cat™ 2010 provides 22,000 inch-pounds of auger torque for difficult sediment removal applications. This auger dredging system was designed to perform in heavy process and remediation type projects. Lagoon dredging can be achieved at depths up to 20 feet. The 325HP diesel with its hydraulically driven submersible slurry pump is designed ...

    By Liquid Waste Technology LLC - Mud Cat based in New Richmond, WISCONSIN (USA). from Model 2010 - Diesel Driven Auger Dredge Product line

  • MUD CAT - Model 727 - Diesel Powered Auger Dredge

    When sediment holding areas reach or exceed their design capacity limits or waterways become filled with contaminated sediment, experts turn to LWT’s Mud Cat 727 for the most efficient and cost effective method to reclaim the site’s original condition. The MUD CAT 727 is a one truck portable, hydraulic suction dredge.

    By Liquid Waste Technology LLC - Mud Cat based in New Richmond, WISCONSIN (USA). from Model 727 - Diesel Powered Auger Dredge Product line

  • HDPE Dredging Pipes

    HDPE Dredging Pipes has made by High Density Polyethylene material and has produced in various dimentions in order to use mostly on the sea to carry of sea sand for dredge of the mud. HDPE Dredger Pipes has manufactured and welded with the fittings as HDPE Flanged pipes or HDPE Two Flanged Pipes. The Dredging Pipes welded with two HDPE Flange ...

    By Zeep Construction Co based in Söğütözü, TURKEY.

  • Premium

    Watermaster - Model Classic V - Amphibious Multipurpose Dredger

    The truly amphibious Classic V offers an unseen combination of mobility and heavy duty dredging capacity. New Aquamec innovations take Watermaster to a new performance level in soft soil, hard soil and urban dredging. After years of research, development and thorough testing, the Watermaster Classic V is now ready.

    By Watermaster - Aquamec Ltd. based in Säkylä, FINLAND.

  • Model 350 - Total Clean Systems

    DEL’S patented Total Clean System is the most valuable component of any dredge dewatering project besides the dredge itself.  On most dredging projects the Total Clean System will remove and dewater 60% or more of the dredged material and at a cost much less than any other dewatering method.  The Total Clean will receive the ...

    By DEL Corporation based in Scott, LOUISIANA (USA). from Total Clean Systems Product line

  • Pivoting Traverse System (PTS) mounted on Rotomite-6000 by SRS Crisafulli

    Crisafulli RotomitesTM - self-propelled diesel dredges. Can dredge about anywhere without cumbersome cabling. Crisafulli FLUMPsTM - Unmanned, remote controlled electric dredges. (Floating lagoon pumpers) for industrial and municipal lagoon maintenance.

  • Construction Application

    Stormwater Run-off. Ground Water. Dewatering. Dredge Water. Industrial Applications Too!

    By Dungeness Environmental Solutions, Inc. (DESI) based in Everett, WASHINGTON (USA). from Construction Application Product line

  • Cutter Head Suction Dredger

    Cutter Head Suction Dredger is a type of dredge that uses a rotating cutter sometimes called a crown or a basket to loosen material at the suction mouth of the ladder. Cutterheads are available in a variety of sizes and types. At Custom Dredge Works we currently have designs on Serrated, Pick tooth , Plain edged and Scalping style cutterheads on ...

    By Custom Dredge Works Inc. based in Topeka, KANSAS (USA). from Cutter Head Suction Dredger Product line

  • Particulate Control System

    Filter barrier control system for dredging, discharge, stormwater and settling pond management. Gunderboom engineers, manufactures and supports a number of systems that use aquatic filter barrier technology. Designed to prevent waterborne particulate migration, the PCS can be applied to many different environmental challenges: Dredging and ...

    By Gunderboom, Inc based in Anchorage, ALASKA (USA).

  • Site Development Services

    The development of a construction site during civil construction projects can include the hydraulic and mechanical dredging of adjacent waterways; dewatering of onsite ponds and impoundments; and installing wick drains to control groundwater intrusions. Final site development activities typically include final site grading, development of ...

    By Remedial Construction Services, L.P. (RECON) based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from Site Development Services Product line

  • Model Type 2 - Silt Barrier Turbidity Curtains

    Type II Silt Barrier is specifically designed for in-water control of silt and turbidity around dredging activities, pile driving rip-rap installation, demolition work, etc.

  • Dewatering Systems

    Get the tools and know-how that you need to make sure your project goes off without a hitch. Belt Presses Rentals, Filter Presses, Dredges, Shakers, pumps, hoses, tanks, etc. are all available for rent in our rental fleet.

    By LEFCO Environmental Services based in Montgomery, TEXAS (USA).

  • Booster Station

    Projects that require a very long delivery distance, or to reach a high discharge level, might need a booster station. Submersible dredge pumps can be coupled with booster pumps to cover longer delivery distance. Boosters are powered by diesel, gas engines or electrical motors.

    By Dragflow S.r.l. based in Villafranca, ITALY. from Booster Station Product line

  • Curtains for Marine Construction

    Turbidity Curtains, also known as silt barriers, or silt curtains, are floating barriers designed to contain and control floating silt and sediment in a water body. Turbidity curtain are commonly used in projects such as dredging activities, pile driving, and marine construction. These products are designed to keep jobsites in environmental ...

    By Indian Valley Industries, Inc. (IVI) based in Johnson City, NEW YORK (USA).

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