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drinking water pathogen equipment

  • QuantWave - Rapid Drinking Water Pathogen Testing Technologies

    QuantWave provides drinking water suppliers and food/beverage manufacturers with a rapid, cost-effective, portable, and label-free pathogen and contaminant detection solution that can significantly reduce testing time and cost.

    By QuantWave Technologies Inc. based in Kitchener, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Premium

    GWT - Advanced Oxidation Process - Drinking Water Treatment Technologies

    The pollution of fresh water sources and the increasing demands for clean potable water create a serious threat to mankind and the world. Presently, more than one billion people do not have access to clean drinking water, and within the next 10−15 years, approximately two-thirds of the global population will experience severe water ...

    By Genesis Water Technologies, Inc. based in Maitland, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Aquasure - In-Line Water Treatment Unit

    The filters remove sand, clay, rust and other particles. An activated charcoal block filter guarantees that the water has impeccable taste and odour. The UV-C disinfection unit guarantees germ-free drinking water, meaning that it eliminates pathogens such as legionella.

    By Aqua Innovation GmbH based in Rotkreuz, SWITZERLAND. from Inline Quality Measurement / Remote Monitoring Product line

  • Mobile Sweet Water Chlorine and Taste & Order Removal Filters

    These units are designed to be used in your vacation home, your Recreation Vehicle , in your cabin, your boat and where ever else your mobile life takes you. Chlorine Cl2 is a primary disinfectant used to decontaminate water for human consumption since the early 1900's in the United States and other industrialized nations. The use of chlorine lead ...

    By Hydrotec Systems Company, Inc. based in Tiskilwa, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • KappaLine - Model UV Series - Compact Low-Pressure UV Amalgam Lamp

    The KappaLine UV series is the most forward-looking UV system available in the market today. It features ‘in-one-line’ positioning for the in and out connections and perpendicularly positioned, very compact low-pressure UV amalgam lamps, called EcoLight. The high-efficient ‘state-of-the-art’ EcoLight lamps emit germicidal ...

    By bestUV BV based in Best, NETHERLANDS.

  • BetaLine - Model E Series - Low-Pressure UV Lamp

    The BetaLine-E series uses unique high-efficient amalgam low-pressure UV lamps called Ecolight. The lamps emit germicidal wavelengths at 254nm. The compact Ecolight lamps are ‘state-of-the-art’ low-pressure lamps, especially developed by bestUV for use in BetaLine-E UV systems. The lamplife is extremely long, meaning the operational ...

    By bestUV BV based in Best, NETHERLANDS.

  • SkyHydrant - Model MAX SH-MAX1200 - Ultrafiltration Water Treatment Unit

    Nominal 12,000 ltrs/day using low turbidity feed water. Height: 143 cm. Depth: 18 cm. Width: 25 cm. KG (Dry): 13 kg. KG (Wet): 32 kg. Depth: 18 cm.

    By NW Solutions based in Perth, AUSTRALIA. from Ultrafiltration Units Product line

  • Microfiltration Membranes

    Microfiltration (MF) is a process which removes contaminants from a liquid by passage through a microporous membrane, physically excluding particulate matter. A typical MF membrane pore size range is 0.1 to 10 µm.

    By Esmil Process Systems Ltd based in High Wycombe, UNITED KINGDOM. from Membrane Technology Product line

  • Firewall - Model Cube - Countertop Water Dispensers

    This countertop water dispenser with UV water purification produces glass after glass of clean, clear water. The Firewall™ Cube uses our innovative Firewall™ technology to cleanse pathogens from your drinking water by up to 99.9999%, and acts as a barrier, preventing back contamination from the outside. With a simple, intuitive ...

    By Waterlogic USA Inc based in NEBRASKA (USA). from Water Dispensers Product line

  • Waterlogic Firewall - Model Cube - Countertop UV Water Purifier

    This countertop UV water purifier produces glass after glass of clean, clear water. The Waterlogic Cube uses our innovative Firewall technology to cleanse pathogens from your drinking water by up to 99.9999%, and acts as a barrier, preventing back contamination from the outside. With a simple, intuitive interface and clean design, you’ll ...

    By Waterlogic International Ltd based in Basingstoke, UNITED KINGDOM. from For The Home Product line

  • Separation Plants

    RENEW ENERGY’s separation technology is a further development of the traditional biogas plant. In a natural biological process bacteria convert organic waste into energy and produce a significantly improved residual product. The biogas is cleaned and used for the production of power and heat. Modern separation technology is used to refine ...

    By RENEW ENERGY A/S based in Svendborg, DENMARK.

  • Certified Chlorine

    Chlorine Essentials: A quick turn of the tap and there it is - clean, flowing water to drink, cook with, bathe in. It is so readily available that we forget that obtaining water for daily living was once a time - consuming task that did not always yield healthy results. Before cities began routinely treating drinking water, including disinfecting ...

    By Better Water Industries Inc. (BWI) based in Tyler, MINNESOTA (USA).

  • Watch - Model UF 2500 - Softener System

    The most innovative point of entry system for safe removal of pathogens and colloids from drinking water. A standalone unit with the smallest footprint, simple to install and easy to maintain. Provides more than 2000 liters of pure water per hour thanks to the state-of the art tubular membranes. No storage tanks, no pumps, no electrical valves. ...

    By Watch Water GmbH based in Mannheim, GERMANY. from Filtration Product line

  • CambiTHP - Thermal Hydrolysis Processes System

    Cambi’s thermal hydrolysis processes are at the heart of advanced treatment of sewage sludge and bio-degradable waste, whether planning new or upgrading existing wastewater treatment, food waste or co-digestion projects. Conventional problems are reduced, and the material itself becomes a truly valuable resource. Through Cambi’s well ...

    By Cambi Group AS based in Asker, NORWAY. from Technologies Product line

  • SkyHydrant - Model GEM SH-GEM600 - Ultrafiltration Unit

    Nominal 6,000 ltrs/day using low turbidity feed water. Height: 82 cm. Depth: 18 cm. Width: 25 cm. KG (Dry): 9 kg. KG (Wet): 21 kg.

    By NW Solutions based in Perth, AUSTRALIA. from Ultrafiltration Units Product line

  • Dumo - Algae Cleaner

    Ultrasound is a method that has been known for a long time as a means of fighting Algae. This environmentally friendly method has not yet broken through because the technical and scientifical side of this field have been in a embryonic stadium.

    By Toscano Línea Electrónica SL based in de Guadaíra, SPAIN. from Ultrasonic Product line

  • Aquaray H2O UV Disinfection System

    The Aquaray® H2O is an innovative new solution for the disinfection of waterborne pathogens in municipal drinking waters. Utilizing medium pressure, high output UV lamps, this technology is operational in over 50 installations worldwide for the treatment of potable, process and ultra pure water.

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