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Mellegard & Naij - Model RS - Drum Screen

by Hydria Water AB     based in Borås, SWEDEN

Simple robust quality machine for pumped flows. Separated dirty/clean side eliminates ”carry over”. Can be used as one stage pre treatment before membrane filtration. Easy changeable & alternative filter/screen/slot panels. Integrated screenings conveyor, wash press & shredder. Alternative solutions for drum cleaning reduces ...

Suboscreen - In-Channel Rotary Drum Screen

by ANDRITZ Separation - a division of the Andritz Group     based in Graz, AUSTRIA

The ANDRITZ Suboscreen ensures maximum online availability with minimum maintenance and low space requirements in many solid/liquid separation processes. It is used in various industrial sectors, such as municipal sewage treatment, industrial wastewater, pulp and paper, slaughterhouses, tanneries, textiles, breweries, and food processing.

Girapac - Model GP - Rotating Drum Screen with Compacting Screw

by ANDRITZ Separation - a division of the Andritz Group     based in Graz, AUSTRIA

The Girapac screen GP is a fully encased compact unit for the pre-treatment of effluents from small and medium sized urban or industrial waste water treatment plants.

CleanFlo™ SHEAR™ - Rotary Drum Fine Screen

by WesTech Engineering, Inc.     based in Salt Lake City, UTAH (USA)

For years, Rotary Drum Fine Screens have been the industry's choice for applications requiring high solids removal efficiency at an economical cost. WesTech innovation offers direct drive propulsion for drum rotation, eliminating the messy and maintenance-prone chains and sprockets.

PWTech - Cyclone - Patented Self-powered Drum Screen

by Process Wastewater Technologies LLC     based in Rosedale, NORTH CAROLINA (USA)

This patented self-powered drum screen is ideal for applications such as storm water tank discharges, pumping station overflows, sewage treatment plant by-passes, and small combined sewer overflows. The Cyclone achieves 100 percent removal of ¼' particles for two dimensions. Designed to be virtually maintenance free, the Cyclone has a ...

Eldan - Drum Wind Screen

by Eldan Recycling A/S     based in Faaborg, DENMARK

The Drum Wind Screen have been developed to separate crushed complex scrap into: Light fraction and possible cyclone fraction. Heavy fraction. The heavy fraction is classified into coarse and fine particles.

Drum Screens

by Bezner Anlagen- und Maschinenbau GmbH     based in Detmold, GERMANY

Drum screens are mainly used in waste sorting, recycling plants and compost plants and are designed for the creation of different particle fractions for nearly all kinds of waste. Not only the good mixing of the material is a big advantage but also the better screening of several screening fractions are an advantage of drum sieves.

Drum Screen

by API S.p.a     based in ROZZANO (MI), ITALY

They are automatic self cleaning filtration systems designed to remove debris and particles from the waters flowing to pumping station, irrigation systems or industrial water intake.

Drum Screen

by Beaudrey     based in Loveland, COLORADO (USA)

Drum screens are typically installed in cooling water intake systems downstream from trash rakes or coarse bar screens. Beaudrey drum screens remove process water debris before the circulating water is distributed to plant components. They are self-cleaning and environmentally friendly as they are fully compatible with any of Beaudrey's fish ...

Drum Screen

by N.M. Heilig B.V.     based in Heerhugowaard, NETHERLANDS

Drum screens are used to sort various types of waste and sort material into one or more fractions. The big advantage of this type of screen relates to the rotating drum, which causes the product to pass through the screen without mechanical load. Material does not consequently end up in one heap, on account of which virtually no build-up occurs. ...

SIGMA - Drum Screen

by SIGMA S.A.     based in Jastków (k/ Lublina), POLAND

A drum screen (drum sieve) is a device for mechanical segregation of municipal waste. This is a cylinder-shaped spacial steel structure with perforated skin plate. The cylinder carrying raceways lay on load-bearing rolls which are also elements of transmission drive. The whole device has an insulation casing which limits noise or smell and dust ...

Model SGR - Fed Drum Screen

by SAVI S.r.l.     based in Roncoferraro (MN), ITALY

The EXTRENAL FED DRUM SCREEN mod. SGR is a machine for the fine screening of sewage coming from industrial or civil purification plants, or for the screening of process waters coming from industrial transformation plants. It is used in purification plants or process water treatment plants, where it is necessary to screen a large amount of fluid, ...

Primus - Mobile Drum Screening Machine

by Komptech GmbH     based in Frohnleiten, AUSTRIA

For higher throughput and more demanding screening requirements, the Primus is the next step up. Boasting sturdy, robust components and innovative features, it excels in screening performance and operating efficiency.  The Primus is the right solution for smaller and mid-sized composting and treatment plants, as well as for getting into the ...

Liqui-Fuge - Model LFP - Perforated Rotary Drum Screen

by Vulcan Industries     based in Missouri Valey, IOWA (USA)

The Liqui-Fuge LFP, Perforated Drum Screen is an automatic, self-cleaning fine screen for a variety of applications from primary to membrane screening in municipal and industrial sewage treatment applications. This latest rotary drum screen from Vulcan Industries is specifically designed for protecting secondary and tertiary wastewater treatment ...

Liqui-Fuge - Model LFS - Rotary Drum Screen

by Vulcan Industries     based in Missouri Valey, IOWA (USA)

The Model LFS Liqui-Fuge RDS, rotary drum screen is an automatic, self-cleaning fine screen for primary screening in municipal and industrial sewage treatment applications. The screens are also ideal for industrial applications such as slaughterhouses, tanneries, breweries and paper plants. The Liqui-Fuge RDS is designed to accept pumped flow and ...

JOKER - Mobile Drum Screening Machine

by Komptech GmbH     based in Frohnleiten, AUSTRIA

The Joker screening machine is an entry-level product in the world of professional screening technology. Ease of mobility (mounted on single-axle trailer) as well as compact and rugged construction are distinguishing features of the Joker. The drum screen is an excellent solution for gardening, landscaping and for smaller composting sites, and ...

Model Maxx / Maxx E - Mobile Drum Screening Machine

by Komptech GmbH     based in Frohnleiten, AUSTRIA

The Maxx drum screen was built for use in mid to large-sized composting operations. Its rugged construction and high-performance components make it suitable for almost any screen application and it is a professional solution for contracting companies. Electrically driven variants are available as alternatives: On the “E“ variants, ...

Drumtec - Rotating Drum Screen

by Aqualitec Corp.     based in Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Drumtec is a rotating drum screen built for heavy pretreatment applications such as draining, mud thickening, and sandy or industrial water treatment. This product is highly recommended for membrane bioreactor (MBR) treatment plants. In more technical details, this is an Internally Fed Rotary Drum Screen with a pinion and rack driving system that ...

Raptor - Rotating Drum Screen (RDS)

by Lakeside Equipment Corporation     based in Bartlett, ILLINOIS (USA)

The Lakeside Raptor Rotating Drum Screen (RDS) consistently exceeds standards, impressing operators worldwide. Not only does the RDS remove solids, it also washes and dewaters captured screenings. Along with a simple design and operation process, this screen has a high removal efficiency and low disposal costs.

FY-XL - Model 037 - Drum Screen Baskets

by Anping County Xinlu Wire Mesh Products Co     based in Hengshui City, CHINA

Drum Screen BasketsCustom solutionsEach of our products is available in standard versions, but we can also work to design and manufacture customized units that meet your requirements and specifications.Main SpecificationsMaterial: stainless steel, galvanized carbon steel, carbon steel with plastic coating, or custom materialsSlot opening size: ...

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