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Dry-Colorimetric Analyser equipment

  • KELMA - Model Monocolor1 N and Monocolor2 Ex - Gas Analyser for Hydrogen Sulfide

    The H2S gas analyser MONOCOLOR operates semi-continuously by the colorimetric measuring principle with a dry reaction on a reagent paper strip. The intensity of the reagent paper stain is proportional to the mean concentration of H2S and to the flow rate. This measuring principle allows the measurement of small H2S concentrations and is very ...

    By KELMA NV based in Niel, BELGIUM. from Colorimetric Analysers Product line

  • Partech - Model MicroMac 1000 - Portable Single or Multiparameter Colorimetric Analyser

    The MicroMac 1000 is designed to operate as a free standing colorimetric analyser which gives the user the ability to get 'live' data from a site for a short period of time without having to install complex on-line monitoring packages.

    By Partech (Electronics) Ltd. based in St Austell, UNITED KINGDOM. from Colorimetric Analysers Product line

  • Partech - Model MicroMac C - Single or Multiparameter Colorimetric Analyser

    The MicroMac C is designed to operate in an industrial or treatment works environment with minimal routine intervention and uses wherever possible industry standard chemistry methods. The robust nature of the MicroMac C with its separate electronic and chemistry compartments the latter including reagent storage provides a highly reliable on-line ...

    By Partech (Electronics) Ltd. based in St Austell, UNITED KINGDOM. from Colorimetric Analysers Product line

  • Burkard - Model FIA2000 Series - Multi-channel Flow Injection Analyser

    The FIA2000 is a multi-channel fast automatic analysis system using flow injection. Full range of quick-change chemistry manifolds for nutrients, food, water, quality control and other applications. FIA 2000 is an advanced multi-use high precision flow injection analyser for the discriminating chemist. Based on colorimetric or UV detection, it has ...

    By Burkard Scientific (Sales) Ltd based in Uxbridge, UNITED KINGDOM. from Analysers Product line

  • AWA - Model CL Series - Colorimetric Online Analyser

    Waste water treatment plants. Industrial applications. Surface water monitoring. Ultra-pure water. Steam and condensate water. Osmosis plants. Ion exchange systems. Boiler feed water. Demineralisers. Process control. Process optimisation of waste water treatment plants. Monitoring activated sludge basins. Monitoring waste water treatment plant ...

    By Awa Instruments based in Singapore, SINGAPORE.

  • SADPmini - Hand Held Dewpoint Meter

    Calibration as standard and has also on-board logging for the capture and display of up to 16000 data points, with 20 user-definable TAG references. The Model SADPmini dew-point meter combines the proven reliability and excellence of ultra-high capacitance aluminium oxide dew point sensor technology with state of the art electronics in an ultra ...

    By Alpha Moisture Systems based in Bradford, UNITED KINGDOM. from Portable Analysers Product line

  • COD-LAB/COD-FIX - Model 200/2000 - COD Analysers

    COD-LAB and COD-FIX are online analysers for continuous monitoring of chemical oxygen demand. The measurement range can be set at between 0.5 and 50.000 mg/L. The COD-LAB is suitable for use in dry, heated spaces. The COD-FIX can also be installed outdoors, directly at the site of measurement. The COD value is determined from the consumption ...

    By GIMAT GmbH Umwelttmesstechnik based in Polling, GERMANY. from COD Analysers Product line

  • SADPminiEx - Portable Digital Hygrometer

    This is a fully self-contained digital portable hygrometer which will deliver the most dependable moisture measurements in industrial and laboratory applications. The model SADPmini is the first truly portable device of its kind. Weighing only 1.2kg, the unit is designed to fit and be used in the hand.Its diminutive size and weight however, ...

    By Alpha Moisture Systems based in Bradford, UNITED KINGDOM. from Portable Analysers Product line

  • Model DAB - Moisture Analysers

    Halogen quartz glass heater 400 W. Observation window above the sample, useful during initial setting. Internal memory for automatic sequence of 15 complete drying processesand 5 drying processes carried out. The last value measured remains on the display until it is replaced by a new measurement. 50 sample plates included. Application handbook: ...

    By KERN & SOHN GmbH based in Balingen, GERMANY. from Laboratory Balances - Moisture Analysers Product line

  • Model DS1200 - Single Channel Analyser

    Model DS1200 from Alpha Moisture Systems is a single channel on-line hygrometer designed to measure dewpoint in process gases and dry compressed air. The panel mounted ? DIN dewpoint meter, providing panel protection to IP65 (NEMA4X), combines with the Model AMT range of ultra high capacitance sensors for accurate trace moisture measurement. ...

    By Alpha Moisture Systems based in Bradford, UNITED KINGDOM. from Single Channel Moisture Analysers Product line

  • Model 3000P - Gas Pre-Treatment Unit

    Combustion and emission processes usually involve wet gases that need to be conditioned before analysis by a gas analyser. The portable or bench type gas sampling and conditioning unit model GAS 3000 COOLER is a professional and compact unit integrating all needed components for sampling, cleaning and drying the gas before analysis.

    By G.E.I.T. Europe bvba based in Bunsbeek, BELGIUM. from Portable Gas Analysers Product line

  • Model DS2000 - Single Channel Dewpoint Analyser

    Model DS2000 is a single channel, on-line hygrometer designed to accurately measure dew point in process gases and dry compressed air. This panel mounted, large 5½ digit, seven segment LED display is fully self-contained in 1/8 DIN panel mounted case providing front panel protection to IP66 (NEMA 4). Advanced digital technology together ...

    By Alpha Moisture Systems based in Bradford, UNITED KINGDOM. from Single Channel Moisture Analysers Product line

  • Tethys Instruments - Model UV300 - Online Water Analyser

    The UV300 is a cost effective water analyser for applications focused on one or two parameters. Mainly based on UV spectroscopy, well known for its stability and low operating cost, the UV300 can measure parameters like organic matter, nitrate, colour, aromatics hydrocarbons (PAH). Complementary modules allows the measurement of PO4, Cl2, NO2, Fe, ...

    By Tethys Instruments SAS based in Meylan, FRANCE. from Online Water Analyzers Product line

  • EnSys - Colorimetric Detection of Explosives in Soil

    The Ensys Explosives kits are rapid field or laboratory colorimetric tests for the analysis of explosives in soil. The kits are based on a method developed by Dr. Thomas Jenkins at US Army Corps of Engineers - CRREL.

    By Modern Water - Monitoring Division based in Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM. from Environment - Test Kits Product line

  • MACView - Ethylene Postharvest Analyser

    Ethylene (ISO name Ethene) coming from sour flower bulbs is very harmfull for flower bulbs during the period of preservation. To high concentrations Ethylene can lead to gumming, loss of weight, separation of the flower bulbs and flower drying out. Out of fear for Ethylene one often ventilates more than necessary. This costs a lot of energy and ...

    By Environmental Monitoring Systems (E.M.S.) B.V. based in Sint Annaland, NETHERLANDS.

  • a1-cbiss - Model HM 1400 TR - Total Mercury Analyser

    a1-cbiss supply a monitoring system for fully-automatic and continuous mercury analysis in smoke gas (without wet chemistry). Measuring principle: In the HM 1400 TR total mercury analyser the sample gas is converted into mercury vapour by a combination of thermal and dry chemical treatment. This is then continuously measured in a photometer. The ...

    By a1-cbiss based in Birkenhead, UNITED KINGDOM. from Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems Product line

  • AMMONO - Model LAB / FIX - NH4 Online Analysers

    The AMMONO-LAB and AMMONO-FIX analysers are online devices for more or less continuous monitoring of ammonium concentrations between 0.1 and 200 mg/L NH4-N. The AMMONO-LAB is designed for use in dry areas. The AMMONO-FIX, on the other hand, is designed for outdoor use (IP65). Owing to the large diameter of the piping and a coarse sieve, the ...

    By GIMAT GmbH Umwelttmesstechnik based in Polling, GERMANY. from Ammonium Measurement Product line

  • Isolator/Glovebox Oxygen Analyser

    The primary concern when installing this type of equipment is towards that of eliminating the risk of exposure to the operator from the product or process. Once this is complete the design engineer must also consider the risks associated with the use and operation of the Glove Box or Isolator from the types of operations and processes that will be ...

    By Ntron Ltd. based in Navan, IRELAND. from Inerting Control System Product line

  • Titan N2 - Model MDH - Air Dryer

    Our ultra-small desiccant compressed air dryers can be used for low-flow applications or with fractional horsepower air compressors. As a heatless regenerative desiccant air dryer, it's designed to produce low dew point and its small footprint allows for packaging inside equipment cabinets or at point-of-use. The MDH is perfect for a range of ...

    By Titan N2 Ltd based in Lennoxtown, UNITED KINGDOM. from Dry Air Product line

  • GRADIS - Dry Dispersion Unit

    Dispersion in free fall is an option for dry, free flowing products, which do not tend to agglomerate. Especially coarser or sensitive powders and granules are gently dispersed when accelerated by gravity on their way into the measuring zone. Together with the sensors HELOS and

    By Sympatec GmbH based in Clausthal-Zellerfeld, GERMANY. from Dispersing Units Product line

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