dust separation equipment in Poland

  • Radial Spin Droplet and Dust Separators

    Radial spin mist eliminators type HRT are used to separate large quantities of liquid and condensate or dust from gas streams. They can be installed in vertical or horizontal position, e.g. in stacks, chimneys or pipelines.  Various materials and sizes are provided to meet the customer’s requirements. Available materials are ...

    By ENVIMAC Engineering GmbH Office in Ostrów Wielkopolski, POLAND. from Radial Spin Droplet and Dust Separators Product line

  • Moldow DanSep - Separator Dust

    Moldow's separator, DanSep, separates dust from coarse material where necessary, and handles air volumes up to 50,000 m³/hour in single units. Moldow DanSep forms an integral part of the extraction system in which the waste is removed automatically from the production machines. The coarse material is extracted to the separator and discharged ...

    By Moldow A/S Office in Toruń, POLAND. from Separator Dust Product line

  • ECO - Chamber Dust Collector

    OK Chamber dust collector serves as primary dust collector downwards of the bag filters and cyclone filters. It is used in general for separation of large particles. This is to prevent the main dust collecting device from excessive wear. Indirectly, it may also separate large particles in recycling processes (e.g. various types of cleaning ...

    By Eco Instal Sp. z o.o. S.K.A based in Kościan, POLAND. from Chamber Dust Collector Product line

  • JKF - Explosion Duct Valves

    The explosion duct valve is used in order to prevent that an explosion in the plant will be channelled back to the production premises and machines. The explosion duct valve is mounted on the duct section between the plant and the source of dust. The explosion duct valve stops explosions that occur in the opposite direction of the normal flow. ...

    By J.K.F. Industrie A/S Office in Wolsztyn, POLAND. from Explosion Duct Valves Product line

  • Emiotest - Model 3114 - Gravimetric Dust Meter Set

    Automatic dust meter EMIOTEST 3114, in its innovative technical solution, is a portable device designed to perform, in closed channels, periodic measurements of dust concentration in the flue gases and a dust mass stream (eg. in the exhaust) to define the emission of dust into the atmosphere. The measurement method is based on the isokinetic ...

  • Vane Type Mist Eliminators

    Vane type separators are used to separate liquid droplets or dust from gas or vapour streams. They can be used at high gas or vapour velocities and allow high separation efficiency at low pressure drops. Vane type mist eliminators can be installed inside columns, evaporators and other vessels, or in a separate casing inside piping. The flow ...

    By ENVIMAC Engineering GmbH Office in Ostrów Wielkopolski, POLAND. from Vane Type Mist Eliminators Product line

  • SF - Model Filter Classes G2 - G3 - Cellular Filters with Fibreglass Media (FG)

    SF cellular filters with fibreglass media (FG) are used for separating out dry dusts. The filter medium is impregnated with an antibacterial dust binding agent and is coloured yellow on the dusty air side. The temperature resistance of the fibreglass medium is 80°C.

    By SF Filter Group Office in Lubin, POLAND. from Cellular Filters with Fibreglass Media (FG) Product line

  • Air Discharge Continuous Flow Dryers

    In dryers with air discharge at the top the air is sucked by an exhaust fan with vertical discharge of air located on the outlet canal. The number of fans depends on the size of the drying column. Operation of the dryer is comfortable thanks to its easy operation and consultancy and technical support. that model ensures very good integration with ...

    By ARAJ Realizacje Sp. z o.o. based in Kąty Wrocławskie, POLAND. from Air Discharge Continuous Flow Dryers Product line

  • JKF - Model Type JA - Spiral Cyclones

    Cyclone type JA is intended for separation of fine grain particles in transport and dust extraction plants. Cyclones are designed for high efficiency. Powder coating corrosion class C3. Legs are non-standard, but available as optional extras. Cleaning door in cone is an optional extra.

    By J.K.F. Industrie A/S Office in Wolsztyn, POLAND. from Spiral Cyclones Product line

  • JKF - Model Type CS - Spiral Cyclones

    Spiral cyclones type CS are used for air treatment plants in the wood and paper industries and for corn and feed to separate chaff and corn dust in exhaust air from drying and cleaning plants. They are made of rolled and riveted hot-dip galvanised sheet metal, but can be supplied in welded 2 - 3 mm sheet. Type CS-20 is painted in RAL 5010. ...

    By J.K.F. Industrie A/S Office in Wolsztyn, POLAND. from Spiral Cyclones Product line

  • Components / Wind Sifter

    The material to be sifted is conveyed to a sifting room by an acceleration belt whose speed can be adjusted. An air flow whose quantity and direction can be controlled flows through the discharge parabola immediately after leaving the belt conveyor, throwing large-surface particles with a low weight to the rear area of the sifter where they are ...

    By Sutco Polska Sp. z o.o. based in Katowice, POLAND.

  • Hako Hamster 800

    Especially for dust-free cleaning of small to medium-sized areas, Hako is now presenting the Hako Hamster 800. The manually-operated vacuum sweeper has been designed with a robust all-steel chassis and the high sweeping performance for use in the commercial area and by service providers. The equipment features, which can already be classed as ...

    By Hako GmbH Office in Krakow, POLAND. from Hako Hamster 800 Product line

  • Flooded-Elbow Venturi Scrubbers

    High-efficiency separator. Removal of critical dusts. Up to 99.9 % dust collection efficiency. Fixed and adjustable throats. Fluctuating flow rates. Hot gas quench (> 1,000°C). No accretions.

    By Trema Verfahrenstechnik GmbH Distributor in Kraków, POLAND.

  • Venturi Scrubber for Off-Gas Purification

    The Venturi scrubber is utilised to separate dusts and hazes with particle sizes of less than 3 µm. Amongst other things, dedusting is dependent on: particle diameter and -density, droplet diameter and -quantity, the relative velocity between particles and droplets.

    By Körting Hannover AG Distributor in Poznañ, POLAND. from Venturi Scrubber for Off-Gas Purification Product line

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