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ecological assessment equipment

  • Ecological Risk Assessment Services

    Ecological evaluations and risk assessment are conducted at contaminated sites to address actual impacts or the potential for adverse ecological effects resulting from site related contamination. Ecological Risk Assessment can be used to evaluate the effects of alternative remediation technologies and establish site specific clean-up levels for ...

    By Environmental Systems based in Point Pleasant, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • AP - Environmental Science Water Quality Assessment Curriculum Module

    The AP Environmental Science WATER QUALITY ASSESSMENT MODULE includes an extensive curriculum that uses the exploration of the Water Quality Index to teach students STEM-based skills. Classroom and field activities satisfy Section VI (Water Pollution) of the AP Environmental Topics Outline. Includes 10 Nutrient—TTC/MacConkey BioPaddles (Code ...

    By LaMotte Co based in Chestertown, MARYLAND (USA). from Environmental Science Water Quality Assessment Curriculum Module Product line

  • FloodScore - AAL Risk Rating Layers

    Assess flood risk to individual properties across your portfolio. FloodScore AAL Risk Rating Layers enable you to visualise property-level AAL-based flood risk ratings, and integrate them with your GIS systems for advanced flood risk assessment.

    By Ambiental Risk Analytics based in Brighton, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • BenthoTorch - Phytobenthos Fluorescence Measurement Instrument

    A unique, in situ tool for quick and easy measurement of phytobenthos concentrations. The bbe BenthoTorch is a cost-effective tool which enables real-time measurement of benthic algae. It can help to improve ecological status assessment (EU WFD criteria) and optimise field sampling by eliminating the need for random sample-taking and testing, and ...

    By bbe Moldaenke GmbH based in Schwentinental, GERMANY. from Phytobenthos Fluorescence Measurement Instrument Product line

  • WISP-3 - Surface water quality hand held instrument

    The WISP-3 is an easy-to-operate hand-held hyper-spectral radiometer for assessing both fresh and salt surface water quality. It contains three radiometers measuring reflectance (‘the color’) of the water. Advanced algorithms are used to translate the color of the water to relevant ecological surface water parameters that are displayed ...

    By BlueLeg Monitor BV based in JG Sneek, NETHERLANDS.

  • FloodScore - Property

    Making it simple to assess flood risk to individual properties or across your portfolio. FloodScore Property provides property-level flood risk scores and flood risk information for all properties in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. You can use it to quickly evaluate and quantify flood risk. It’s available as an online checking ...

    By Ambiental Risk Analytics based in Brighton, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Model BFL 6000HC - Biological Products

    Biological break down of the many compounds found in hydrocarbon contaminated soils. In many sites contaminated by hydrocarbons the natural microbial population is unable to degrade the oil compounds. The result is that oil spills in soils remain for years and prevent growth of grass or other plants. The hydrocarbons are also toxic to many soil ...

    By Biofuture Ltd based in Dublin, IRELAND. from Biological Products Product line

  • Coastal Oil Spills

    This experience demonstrates the amazing speed and ecological benefits of using 'dehydrated' peat absorbents for oil spill clean up. This product offers a fast and environmentally friendly method for protecting the eco-system, including plant and wildlife during oil spill disasters. With this product, the project was cleaned up in record time, not ...

    By The ARK Enterprises, Inc. based in Ionia, MISSOURI (USA). from Coastal Oil Spills Product line

  • eConserve - Model +919949966884 - EHS Software

    ModuleIncident Management Occupational Safety ,Ecological Safety , Asset Safety1. Report Incident, Incident investigations and root cause analysis, automated approvals and notifications, Regulatory and statistical reporting. This module helps you to track all accident and incident related information. You can be sure that all the ...

    By eConserve Software based in Singapore, SINGAPORE.

  • Sintan - Eco-Friendly Degreaser

    Sintan is an effective and modern degreaser known and used for 18 years all over the world. Sintan is used wherever there are petroleum products, i.e. in refineries, chemical and ecological rescue, in transport, airfields, docks, industrial plants, fuel stations, garages and car parks, and, last but not least, the garage and driveway to your ...

    By Sintac-Polska Sp. z o.o. based in Warszawa-Międzylesie, POLAND. from Eco-Friendly Degreaser Product line

  • Repairs and Upgrades of Hydro Power Plants

    Thanks to the potential of ZRE Gdansk, the Company is predisposed to the role of general contractor in renovations of power-generating equipment. Our experience and collaboration with scientific institutions and specialist companies of various branches enables suggestion of solutions for customers concerning such problems as: correction of ...

    By ZRE Gdansk S.A. based in Gdansk, POLAND. from Repairs and Upgrades of Hydro Power Plants Product line

  • SeaWater Air Conditioning

    Seawater Air Conditioning (SWAC) takes advantage of available deep cold water from the ocean, a river, or lake, to replace conventional AC systems. SWAC feasibility studies for a variety of sites indicate that electrical consumption is typically reduced by 80 to 90 percent. Simple payback can be from three to seven years, and long term costs can ...

    By Makai Ocean Engineering, Inc. based in Kailua, HAWAII (USA). from SeaWater Air Conditioning Product line

  • Engineering Services

    Whatever your project needs, we provide a full range of engineering services, ensuring that your project is delivered on scope, time, quality and cost.

    By Pöyry PLC based in VANTAA, FINLAND. from Engineering Services Product line

  • CityFant - Model 6000 - Truck Mounted Sweeper

    Bucher Municipal’s truck mounted sweepers are optionally available with either fully hydrostatic or semi-hydrostatic drives. Their large stainless steel water tank and capacious fuel tank provide more on-station time, even in heavy duty applications. An ingenious brush system facilitates spotless cleaning of surfaces right up to kerbs, ...

    By Bucher Municipal based in Niederweningen, SWITZERLAND. from Truck Mounted Sweeper Product line

  • OptiFant - Model 8000 - Truck Mounted Sweeper

    With its robust construction to meet the toughest challenges, its superior suction and sweeping performance and its high capacity hopper and water tank, the OptiFant 8000 is the perfect truck mounted sweeper for heavy-duty work around road construction and repair sites and for cleaning motorways. High efficiency and cost-effectiveness, low noise ...

    By Bucher Municipal based in Niederweningen, SWITZERLAND. from Truck Mounted Sweeper Product line

  • CityFant - Model 5000 - Truck Mounted Sweeper

    Economical and comfortable The main criteria when developing and manufacturing the proven Bucher Municipal sweepers are quality and a long service life. Bucher Municipal’s truck mounted sweepers are also designed around needs of the operator to provide comfort and eliminate fatigue, even over long working periods. Needless to say, they ...

    By Bucher Municipal based in Niederweningen, SWITZERLAND. from Truck Mounted Sweeper Product line

  • Peat Sorb - Lightweight Non-Biodegradable Natural Organic Absorbent

    Peat Sorb is a lightweight non-biodegradable natural organic absorbent made from 100% Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss, exclusively manufactured by Peat Sorb™ 2011 Inc. Peat Sorb™ absorbs cleanly and completely on contact.

    By Peat Sorb 2011 Inc. based in Burlington, ONTARIO (CANADA).

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