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Eddy Current Separator equipment available in Sierra Leone

  • SGM - Model SIS Series - Eddy Current Separator

    The SIS is our eddy current separator specifically design for your larger fraction material, ranging from ¾”-6' with a capacity that ranges from 10tph to 25tph. The massive frame of the machine provides maximum robustness, while maintaining easy access to the inside of the ECS for friendly maintenance. Some of the special features of ...

    By SGM Gantry S.p.A. - SGM Magnetics based in Manerbio, ITALY. from Separation Product line

  • KME - Eddy Current Separator

    Aluminum is passed over the rotor which contains a rotating series of powerful rare earth magnets causing an eddy current reaction to the aluminum. Our eddy current separator ejects the aluminum with the same force as a magnet pulls steel. Eddy Current Separator easily separates aluminum cans from other materials in the material stream. As ...

    By Ken Mills Engineering Ltd. based in Littleborough, UNITED KINGDOM. from MRFs - Disc Screens Product line

  • eddy current separator

    Utilizing the alternating magnetic field produced by rapidly rotating magnet, this machine is capable of separating PET bottles/flakes from nor-magnetic metals, e.g. aluminum cans and aluminum sheets.

    By Nanjing Elble Electric Co., Ltd based in Nanjing, CHINA.

  • BHS - Eddy Current Separator

    The BHS Eddy Current Separator uses a strong magnetic field to efficiently & accurately repel aluminum from incoming materials, recovering your highest value product at high levels of purity. With our ECS, removal of aluminum from the waste stream is precise and product loss is minimized. The BHS ECS is rugged, effective and reliable, offering ...

    By Bulk Handling Systems (BHS) based in Eugene, OREGON (USA). from Sorting Equipment Product line

  • Eriez ProSort - Model II - Eddy Current Separators

    Eriez ProSort improves metal separation while operating at a fraction of the cost of air power metal sorters. Ideal for scrap processors, the new airless ProSort II doubles the number of metal sensors found on the original ProSort machine and positions them on one-inch centers. These high resolution sensors are aligned with a new inverted padd ...

    By Eriez Magnetics Europe Ltd based in Bedwas, UNITED KINGDOM. from Metal sorting equipment Product line

  • Model SMAR - Patented Eddy Current Separator

    SMAR is a family of patented separators of Non-magnetic (non-ferrous) Metals with reinforced protection. The patent consists of introducing a third roller in the eddy current separator in order to set the winding angle of the belt around the magnet wheel. This design has many advantages :

    By Andrin SA based in Villers-la-Montagne, FRANCE. from Metal Extraction Product line

  • Model REVX - Concentric Eddy Current Separators

    Magnetically designed to provide enhanced separation of non-ferrous metals, the REvX ecs enables the effective separation of non ferrous material whatever the application. Available in different configurations to achieve maximum separation, Eriez standard eddy current separators are ideally suited for purifying cullet and plastics, and recovered ...

    By Eriez Magnetics Europe Ltd based in Bedwas, UNITED KINGDOM. from Metal sorting equipment Product line

  • Model REVX-E - Eccentric Eddy Current Separator

    A new addition to the diverse range of Eriez non-ferrous metal separators providing unique solutions for the dynamically changing recycling industry. Eriez's new eccentric ECS, RevX-E, is designed with an eccentrically mounted magnetic rotor within the nonconductive larger diameter shell. This eccentric rotor concentrate eddy current forces into a ...

    By Eriez Magnetics Europe Ltd based in Bedwas, UNITED KINGDOM. from Metal sorting equipment Product line

  • Eddy Current Separator

    Our eddy current separator is designed to increase aluminum recovery in MRF’s. The separator yields the best separation of nonferrous metal from non-metallic contamination. As aluminum cans or other non-ferrous metals pass over the drum, the alternating magnetic field creates eddy currents that repel the material away from the conveyor. ...

    By Krause Manufacturing Inc (KMI) based in Bellingham, WASHINGTON (USA). from Recycling Sorting Equipment Product line

  • Eccentric Eddy Current Separator (EECS)

    The patented Steinert Eddy Current Separator NES, featuring an its eccentric pole system, is the ideal tool for the job - for more than 20 years! High yield and long service life are the benefits that ensure efficient and long-term operating results.

    By Magnetic Separations Ltd. based in Cheam, UNITED KINGDOM. from Recycling & Sorting Product line

  • Eddy Current Magnetic Separator

    Eddy Current Separators or eddy current Magnetic separators mainly consist of magnetic pulley, short belt conveyor, drive motor and steel frame,etc. As the most key parts, magnetic pulley is very special magnetic system that can generate alternating magnetic field by its inner strong magnetic element rapidly rotating. Then non ferrous metals ...

    By Mag Spring Ningbo Zhenhai I&E Ltd based in Ningbo, CHINA.

  • JSYY - Model ECS - Eddy current separator for recycling nonferrous metals

    Ejet can design and manufacture complete eddy current conveyor systems or simply furnish eddy current drums, other parts of magnetic separation equipment could be also supplied. Eddy Current Seperator devices are an effective way of removing non-ferrous metals from other products. Application such as aluminum cans from municipal waste, aluminum ...

  • Eddy - Model HMECS-1500 - Current Separator

    Flexible use – mobile. 3 stocking piling conveyors that can be raised and lowered to maximise production. High throughput. Heavy duty abrasion resistant belts. Energy efficient motors. Sealed shell bearings. Low maintenance. Easily integrated with existing systems

    By EcoHog Ltd based in Carrickmore, NORTHERN IRELAND.

  • Eddy - Model ECS - Current Separator

    Whatever is the task, with ultimate Cogelme Eddy Current Separators you can count to optimise your metals separation way and transform mixed waste into pure non-ferrous metals and clean inert materials.

    By Cogelme S.r.l. based in Tortona (AL), ITALY.

  • Eddy - Current Separators (ECS)

    The Eddy Current Separator (ECS) is an advanced metal sorting unit that is capable of separating non-ferrous metals such as aluminium and copper from domestic and industrial waste. Non-ferrous separators are very common in the fast growing market of can sorting, where they can provide an accurate separation of aluminium cans from dry recyclables. ...

    By Master Magnets Ltd based in Redditch, UNITED KINGDOM. from Plastic and Glass Manufacturing Product line

  • Eddy - Current Non-Ferrous Separators

    In a world of depleting natural resources the race is on to find faster, cheaper, more efficient ways of reclaiming and recovering raw materials, as well as improving the purity and reducing the risk of contamination during their processing. One of the more recent and exciting innovations in material separation is the non-ferrous Eddy Current ...

    By Global Equipment Mktg. Inc. (GEM) based in Boca Raton, FLORIDA (USA). from Concrete/Asphalt Recycling Product line

  • Showcase

    TiPSS - Model CPI - Corrugated Plate Interceptor

    The CPI is the basic TiPSS unit mainly used for oil-water separation. The CPI holds modular-counter-current-flow plate packs executed in GRP or Stainless Steel. The CPI basin can be executed in concrete or steel. The concrete units are specifically suited to integrate with sewer systems below ground level so that a gravity flow can be used. The ...

  • Dings - Current Separator

    Dings Eddy Current Separators use powerful rare earth magnets for recovering non ferrous metals from recyclables, plastics, glass, material processed at composting or waste-to-energy facilities, automotive shredder residue, and other processed material or minerals.

    By Dings Magnetics Group based in Milwaukee, WISCONSIN (USA). from Current Separators Product line

  • EMS - Eddy Current/ Non-ferrous Separation

    With a vast amount of experience in the bespoke design, manufacture and installation of MRF and waste materials recycling plants, EMS Ltd can incorporate a wide range of handling equipment to do the job that you require, including Eddy Current Separators (ECS).

    By EMS Ltd. Environmental Marketing Solutions based in Killyman, NORTHERN IRELAND.

  • Magnapower - Eddy Current Can Sorter

    Design and built by Magnapower Equipment for the removal of Glass, Paper, Rag etc from Aluminium cans so that the clean aluminium can be recyled. This machine is a cost effective Eddy Current Separator so that the non-metallics can be sorted from the aluminium cans. The cleaned aluminium can be baled for ease of storage and transportation.

    By Magnapower Equipment Ltd based in Bromsgrove, UNITED KINGDOM.

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