effluent flow equipment in California

  • TiPSS - Model CPI - Corrugated Plate Interceptor

    The CPI is the basic TiPSS unit mainly used for oil-water separation. The CPI holds modular-counter-current-flow plate packs executed in GRP or Stainless Steel. The CPI basin can be executed in concrete or steel. The concrete units are specifically suited to integrate with sewer systems below ground level so that a gravity flow can be used. The ...

  • Refrigerated Condensation

    The C3 Technology developed by G.E.O. is a combination of cryogenic-cooling and compression processes with a proprietary regenerative adsorption technology that efficiently recovers volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the off-gas vapor stream of soil vapor extraction (SVE) or dual phase extraction (DPE) systems. The chemical is recovered as a ...

    By EnviroLogek Technologies based in Culver City, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Refrigerated Condensation Product line

  • 5500 ProPoint Flow Monitor

    The Signet 5500 Flow Monitor is equipped with a scaleable 4 to 20 mA output and two relays programmable for high, low, and pulse operation. Instantaneous flow rate is easy to read on the analog dial, while the backlit LCD is used for calibration, set-up and displaying totalized flow volumes. One of the two totalizers is resettable from the front ...

    By Georg Fischer Signet LLC based in Irvine, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Airjection Post-Treatment Wastewater Aeration

    To meet effluent regulations, municipal wastewater plants employ multiple treatment methods to increase dissolved oxygen prior to final discharge into receiving waters. The Mazzei AirJection Wastewater Aeration Process is ideal for introducing ambient air or concentrated oxygen into effluent basins or piping. Treated effluent is pumped from a ...

    By Mazzei Injector Company, LLC based in Bakersfield, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Airjection Post-Treatment Wastewater Aeration Product line

  • Model CLT - In-Channel Converyor Screen

    Shaftless screw conveyor with washer/compactor. The CLT Series is designed for primary screening of effluents flowing in open channels. They use a shaftless screw to transport, wash, and compact solids that have been captured on a fixed submerged screen element. The CLT - A model adds an agitator device to break up soft organic solids.

    By JWC Environmental - a Sulzer Brand based in Santa Ana, CALIFORNIA (USA). from In-Channel Converyor Screen Product line

  • 5075 Totalizing ProPoint Flow Monitor

    The Signet 5075 Totalizing Flow Monitor displays flow rate on a highly visible analog dial, and uses a backlit LCD for displaying totalized flow volumes. One of the two totalizers is resettable from the front panel, and can also be reset from a remote location up to 30 m (100 ft.). The other totalizer is non-resettable and is commonly used to ...

    By Georg Fischer Signet LLC based in Irvine, CALIFORNIA (USA).

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    PWTech - Model HBNR - Hybrid Biological Nutrient Removal

    The PWTech Hybrid Biological Nutrient Removal (HBNR) process is a widely utilized technology for treating wastewater to a very high standard, particularly when stringent nutrients requirements are in force. Combining the performance advantages of continuous flow aerobic/anoxic reactors and the cost-simplicity benefits of sequencing batch reactors ...

    By Process Wastewater Technologies LLC Distributor in CALIFORNIA (USA). from Hybrid Biological Nutrient Removal Product line

  • EPD - Model DP - Differential Pressure Controller

    The DP controller features flow read out, “Fireman switch”, 4 ½”influent and effluent gauge panel and it backwashes up to 8 filters based on differential pressure alone.

    By EPD USA Inc. based in Banning, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Differential Pressure Controller Product line

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    PWTech - Model SAF - Submerged Aerated Filter

    This high-performance submerged aerated biological filter provides proven treatment of domestic and industrial wastes in hundreds of installations worldwide, the Submerged Aerated Filter (SAF) has few moving parts, requires very little maintenance and is easy to operate. The SAF could be described as a box of media. It utilizes a rigid, ...

    By Process Wastewater Technologies LLC Distributor in CALIFORNIA (USA). from Submerged Aerated Filter Product line

  • 2-Chemical pH Control System

    The 2-Chemical pH control system uses a Hach sc 100 controller and pH probe to regulate the flow of caustic and acidic chemicals, to adjust the pH to a desirable set point.  The chemicals are metered by the pumps in response to sensor-detected pH imbalance in the water, thereby neutralizing the pH when injected into the effluent stream.

    By Integrated Engineers Inc. based in Oakhurst, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • LabDELTA Plus - Skid-Mounted pH Adjustment System

    The LabDELTA Plus is a skid-mounted pH adjustment system for neutralizing small-volume laboratory process wastewater and is designed for  continuous flows up to 3 gpm. This continuous system incorporates two active treatment stages along with effluent pH monitoring to ensure that the treated wastewater will be safe to discharge to the ...

    By Wastech Controls & Engineering, Inc. based in Chatsworth, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Skid-Mounted pH Adjustment System Product line

  • Agilent - Self Tightening Column Nut and Gas Chromatography Connection Supplies

    Column connections have been a source of frustration and wasted time since the advent of GC. For starters, simple connections can leak, causing high background noise, damaged GC column stationary phase, questionable results, and wasted time retightening fittings. You can improve your GC flow path integrity – and lengthen your periods of ...

    By Agilent Technologies, Inc. based in Santa Clara, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Regeneration/Small Systems

    Envirogen offers pre-engineered and packaged treatment solutions for select contaminant removal in potable water system with well flows from 50 to 900 gpm. Our central regeneration facility enables Envirogen to offer low flow systems that use vessel or media exchange where on-site regeneration of media is not cost effective. We also have the ...

    By Envirogen Technologies Inc. Office in Rancho Cucamonga, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Model IFU - Internally-Fed Rotary - Unitary Body

    Compact enclosed screen, perfect for effluents containing moderate to low solids loadings. IFU Series of Internally-fed Rotary Screens is specifically for moderate flow and low to medium solids loading. The fully enclosed compact unit includes all the essentials for trouble free screening of common wastewater streams. The cylindrical shaped ...

    By JWC Environmental - a Sulzer Brand based in Santa Ana, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Internally-Fed Rotary - Unitary Body Product line

  • Batch Wastewater Treatment Systems

    Batch Treatment Systems are intended for lower daily volumes of wastewater typically less than 10,000 gallons per day and designed to “batch” treat wastewater from start to finish at one time. In a batch treatment system, a volume of wastewater is gathered, treated by chemical/physical/biological means, and discharged. Storage Tanks ...

    By Water Innovations, Inc based in Escondido, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Batch Wastewater Treatment Systems Product line

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    Model 910 - Hot/Wet Multi Gas Mass Flow CEM

    The AMETEK Process Instruments Model 910 is specifically configured for monitoring the stack emissions of multiple pollutants on a mass rate basis. It measures stack effluent temperature and velocity in addition to as many as five pollutant concentrations at stack conditions, enabling each pollutant's mass emission rate to be reported. With the ...

    By Ametek Process Instruments - THERMOX Distributor in CALIFORNIA (USA). from Hot/Wet Multi Gas Mass Flow CEM Product line

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    AMETEK PI - Model 909 - Hot/Wet Single Gas Mass Flow CEM

    Due to compliance regulations, it is not adequate to simply know the concentration of pollutants in the stack gas emissions. A facility is required to monitor and report the mass emissions (e.g. lb/hr, kgs/day, etc.) of their processes. The Model 909 is specifically configured for monitoring stack emissions on a mass rate basis. It measures stack ...

    By Ametek Process Instruments - THERMOX Distributor in CALIFORNIA (USA). from Hot/Wet Single Gas Mass Flow CEM Product line

  • Hydro Quip - Below Ground Oil Water Separators

    Hydro Quip’s Below Ground Oil Water Separators are designed for industries that need to prevent contaminated runoff and spills from getting into public treatment plants and natural waterways. Our design not only exceeds API 421 guidelines and meets local SPCC and NPDES Permits, but it is also capable of achieving a discharge limit of 5ppm or ...

    By Hydro Quip, Inc. (HQI) Distributor in Laguna Niguel, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Below Ground Oil Water Separators Product line

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    WesTech SuperDisc™ - Disc Filter

    The SuperDisc™ Disc Filter is a high-rate filtration process that fits into a compact footprint and requires less backwash than other filtration systems. The polyester filter media with a defined pore size deliver a quality effluent and high filtration efficiencies. The system is fully automated and continues to filter even during a backwash ...

    By WesTech Engineering, Inc. Distributor in CALIFORNIA (USA). from Disc Filter Product line

  • Effluent Sewer Collection System

    How Effluent Sewers Work:With an Orenco Effluent Sewer, raw sewage flows from the house or business to a watertight underground tank. Only the filtered liquid portion is discharged (by either pump or gravity) to shallow, small-diameter collection lines that follow the contour of the land. Solids remain in the underground tank for passive, ...

    By Orenco Systems Inc. Distributor in CALIFORNIA (USA).

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