Electronic Waste equipment in Florida

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    ANDRITZ MeWa - Recycling Plants for Electrical and Electronic Scrap

    For each type of electrical and electronic waste ANDRITZ Recycling offers individually tailor-made plant solutions, which meet all requirements of the European WEEE Directive. With the Universal Cross-Flow Shredder QZ, ANDRITZ Recycling has developed a particularly effective and environmentally friendly technology, which has led the way throughout ...

    By ANDRITZ MeWa - ANDRITZ Group Office in Oldsmar, FLORIDA (USA). from Andritz MEWA Recycling Plants Product line

  • VERTISA - Model OD Series - Dual Shaft Shredders

    VERTISA OD series dual shaft shredders are ideal for shredding all kinds of paper, cardboard packaging, cardboard tubes, hard drives, electronics, CD’s & DVD’s, industrial waste, medical waste, hazardous waste, radioactive materials, organics, tires, steel drums and etc.

    By VERTISA Medical Waste Technology based in Orlando, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Weee Plant

    The FORREC plant for the processing of WEEE foresees a productive cycle able to process any type of disused electric and electronic equipment belonging to the R2, R3 and R4 families. The management process combines the use of manual labour and automation in order to maximise the use of all components reducing waste with zero impact on the ...

    By Forrec srl Office in Tampa, FLORIDA (USA). from Plants Product line

  • Clean Earth System - Battery Bag Kits

    Clean Earth Systems Battery Bag Kits and Clean Earth Systems e-Pak Boxes are designed to assist in preparing both batteries and electronic waste for recycling. The Battery Bag Kit provides ease and convenience to what was previously the tedious task of covering exposed battery terminals prior to recycling.

    By Clean Earth Systems, Inc. based in Tampa, FLORIDA (USA). from Other Product line

  • Model XT400 - Plastic Foam Densifier

    For mid-sized businesses looking to remove their Styrofoam waste and turn it into a valuable income source, the XT400 is the machine for you. With ease of operation, installation, and maintenance, the machine is easily integrated into any business operation and is a cost-effective solution. Capable of processing 400 lbs of Styrofoam waste per ...

    By RecycleTech, Corp. Office in Bartow, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Model XT 500 - Plastic Foam Densifier

    Recycle Tech’s largest foam densifier, the XT500, comes equipped with a conveyor belt system, making it easy to turn Styrofoam waste into a valuable income source. Processing up to 500 lbs of Styrofoam waste per hour, the machine is the perfect solution for large business operations with a constant stream of EPS waste.

    By RecycleTech, Corp. Office in Bartow, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Plasma Arc Gasification System

    1,000 lbs. of 300°F steam per 100 lbs. of waste processed. All electric process. 90%+Volume and Weight reduction. Non-leaching residual may be land-filled as general waste or sewer discharged. Clean air and water vapor emissions. Less than 500 CFM total air discharge. Low processing costs - 3 to 11 cents per pound with heat recovery. Can ...

    By B-2B Global Solutions based in Margate, FLORIDA (USA).

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    THERMOX - Model WDG-HPII Series - Flue Gas Oxygen Analyzer

    The WDG HPII Series offers a unique chimney-effect/convective sampling technology that incorporates the advantages of insitu probe high particulate sampling with high temperature and corrosion resistance of extractive analyzers. The HPII is ideal for combustibles and oxygen measurement on applications in cement and lime kilns, foundry and metals ...

    By Ametek Process Instruments - THERMOX Distributor in FLORIDA (USA). from THERMOX Product line

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    ANDRITZ MeWa - Model Bio-QZ - Cross-Flow Shredder

    The Bio-QZ is used in hundreds of European biogas facilities for processing many different input materials. Flexible tools inside the machine produce a homogeneous substrate that lead to faster gas formation, shorter fermentation time, and higher gas yield overall in the fermenter. The new Bio-QZ generation is now available in a modern, compact, ...

    By ANDRITZ MeWa - ANDRITZ Group Office in Oldsmar, FLORIDA (USA). from Andritz MEWA Recycling Machines Product line

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    Myron L - Model 720 Series II - pH/ORP Monitor - pH/ORP Controllers

    The advanced “isolated” circuitry of the 720 Series II pH/ORP Monitor/ controllers guarantees accurate and reliable measurements — completely eliminating ground-loop and noise issues.

  • Pulsar - Model Zenith 140 - Intelligent Pumping Station Controller

    Pulsar's Zenith is a high specification pumping station management system. Pulsar's proven non-contacting ultrasonic technology provides almost all known pumping routines in an easy to use package. By combining advanced ultrasonic level measurement with the control and monitoring of pumps and providing many other control functions, it is possible ...

    By Pulsar Process Measurement Ltd Office in Niceville, FLORIDA (USA). from Pump Control Product line

  • Pulsar - Model Quantum 2+ - Intelligent Pumping Station Controller

    The Quantum 2+ controller includes all the features within Quantum 2 with the exception of the second mA output for pumped flow rate. The Quantum 2+ controller instead features 1x mA output and the addition of 1x mA input.

    By Pulsar Process Measurement Ltd Office in Niceville, FLORIDA (USA). from Pump Control Product line

  • Pulsar - Model Quantum 3 - Superior Pumping Station Controller

    Quantum 3 is a fully-featured pump controller, using Pulsar's unique non-contacting ultrasonic technology including DATEM digital echo discrimination to provide sophisticated level management. Quantum 3 can be programmed to provide an alarm based on the time remaining before the station or well spills over. Vital for utilities who face the risk o

    By Pulsar Process Measurement Ltd Office in Niceville, FLORIDA (USA). from Pump Control Product line

  • Pulsar - Flow Monitor

    Flow Monitor is a dedicated wall mounted device for Flow Pulse and can only be used with the Flow Pulse unit. Flow Monitor provides the power and interface for the Flow Pulse via a 4-core cable. It expands the capability of Flow Pulse, providing two relays that can be programmed as alarm or control for flow or velocity. Either relay can be ...

    By Pulsar Process Measurement Ltd Office in Niceville, FLORIDA (USA). from Flow Monitoring Product line

  • Pulsar - Model Quantum 2 - Superior Pumping Station Control

    Pulsar's Quantum 2 pump station controller provides alarms, including a unique alarm warning of 'time to spill' in critical area, and resets tripped pumps automatically.

    By Pulsar Process Measurement Ltd Office in Niceville, FLORIDA (USA). from Pump Control Product line

  • HydroVision - Model Q-Eye Radar MT - Contact Free Flowmeter

    In some applications it is an advantage to have a non-contact flow measurement. When combining both Radar and Water level transmitter, they provide a revolutionary approach to open channel and sewer flow monitoring. Combined are pulse wave radar velocity sensing technology with ultrasonic pulse echo level sensing to measure open ...

    By HydroVision GmbH Office in Pensacola, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Sensors Sorters for Stainless Steel

    Designed to facilitate recovery of metals that cannot be separated by magnetic separators or eddy current separator, for example, stainless steel and composite materials. Sensors SorterSfor Stainless Steel, Composit metals, Wire Glass. Designed to facilitate recovery of metals that cannot be separated by magnetic separators or eddy current ...

    By Cogelme S.r.l. Distributor in FLORIDA (USA).

  • Commercial Atmospheric Water Generators

    GR8 Water AWG for commercial use provides a large-scale solution to water shortages. Commercial-sized GR8 Water AWG's are modular in design and can generate up to 3,000 gallons of clean drinking water each day. These commercial atmospheric water generators are suitable for community, military, government, and institutional use and also can be ...

    By Water Technologies International (GR8 Water) based in Port St, Lucie, FLORIDA (USA).

  • NESTEC - Particulate Control Systems

    For more than two decades, NESTEC has been supplying prepackaged and skid-mounted particulate control equipment in conjunction with our thermal oxidizer technologies for a wide range of airborne particulate pollution control and product recovery applications. These technologies include venturi scrubbers, wet electrostatic precipitators (WESP), ...

    By NESTEC, Inc. Distributor in FLORIDA (USA). from Auxiliary Clean Air Solutions Product line

  • Greyline - Model DFS 5.1 - Doppler Flow Switch

    Clamp-on Flow Sensor Installs without cutting the pipe. Installs in Minutes No moving parts: Mount the DFS 5.1 ultrasonic sensor on the outside of metal or plastic pipes. The sensor continuously injects high frequency sound through the pipe wall and into the moving fluid where acoustic pulses are reflected back to the sensor from particles or ...

    By Greyline Instruments Inc. Office in Largo, FLORIDA (USA). from Flow Monitoring Instruments Product line

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