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electronic waste management equipment

  • Scale Manager - Electronic Water Descaler Technologies

    Scale Manager is the ultimate water descaler providing maintenance free hard water solutions and limescale prevention; Scale Manager will remove all existing limescale without the need for chemicals, salts, alteration to plumbing or a separate drinking water supply and provide limescale prevention for the future. The Scale Manager effect does not ...

    By Waltham Electronics based in Sileby, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Electronics

    Used electronic products are the most rapidly growing waste problem in the world due to their quantity, rapid obsolescence, and toxicity. The National Safety Council estimated that more than 300 million computers became obsolete in the United States in 2004. The International Association of Electronics Recyclers projects that 1 billion computers ...

    By Product Stewardship Institute, Inc. based in Boston, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

  • I Global - Electronic Waste Recycling San Diego

    I Global Asset Management is offering various recycling and disposal services like Electronic Recycling, Medical Recycling, Lab Recycling, Electronics Recycling, Electronic Waste Recycling, Asset Management, IT Asset Disposition, IT Asset Management and Computer Recycling to ensure that your e-waste doesn't end up in some landfill or overseas ...

    By I Global Asset Management based in Anaheim, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Wasteloop - Waste Management System

    'Wasteloop' is a complete disposal and recycling system that sets a new standard in terms of economic and ecological efficiency – one that is far ahead of conventional systems. 'Wasteloop' offers communities and businesses a comprehensive waste disposal and recycling system. In concrete terms: 'Wasteloop' collects and processes all types of ...

    By System-Alpenluft AG based in Stettlen, SWITZERLAND.

  • Model R4 - Waste Electrical and Electronic Disposal Plant

    The consumer electronics is destined for its nature to dump: the generational turnover of the electronic devices become frequenter, the mobiles and computers life shorten, the electronic material to dispose increase in the volume and in the complexity. In particular, this is due to the wireless technologies introduction, that are autonomous ...

    By TIRES S.p.A based in Centobuchi di Monteprandone, ITALY. from Waste Electrical and Electronic Disposal Plant Product line

  • WEEE - Waste Electrical And Electronic Equipment

    Collection of WEEE is becoming increasingly important in the recent years. To serve this purpose, the ZEOS scheme has been implemented with the Gorenje Surovina acting as the major collector of WEEE.

    By Gorenje Surovina d.o.o. based in Maribor, SLOVENIA.

  • Milton Keynes - Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Disposal

    Our professional services in Milton Keynes can assist you with all of your WEEE disposal requirements. Just call our friendly team today for more details on our cost-effective services. As element of the EU Directive put before Parliament in December 2006 and enforced on 2nd January 2007. The WEEE Directive (Waste Electrical and Electronic ...

    By Milton Keynes Waste based in Milton Keynes, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • E-Waste

    Electronic waste (E-waste) is one of the fastest growing segments of waste generated by the United States. With new technologies emerging at a rapid pace, outdated computers, cell phones, monitors and laptops are being discarded and are ready for “end-of-life management.” E-waste contains a variety of extremely valuable metals and ...

    By The CP Group based in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA). from E-Waste Product line

  • KOSUN - centrifuge for waste water & industrial waste management

    KOSUN LW series horizontal decanter centrifuge is used in separating suspension of solid phase with 2~70% solid concentration, liquid viscosity ≤0.01Pa•S, particle diameter d≥2μm, in clarifying suspensions with little solids as well as amorphous material that brings difficulties for filtering cloth regeneration and suspensions which have a big ...

  • UWO-HyproDuo - Rainwater Management Units

    Functional Description; The UWO HyproDuo rainwater management appliance with automatic switching between rainwater and mains water during periods of low rainfall. No mains water is wasted due to the hybrid technology using an intermediary storage tank inside the appliance.

    By Ecozi Ltd. based in Warwick, UNITED KINGDOM. from Rainwater Management Units Product line

  • UWO - Model ZS450 & 900 - Rainwater Management Units

    Functional Description; The UWO ZS rainwater management appliance with automatic switching between rainwater and mains water during periods of low rainfall. No mains water is wasted due to the hybrid technology using an intermediary storage tank inside the appliance.

    By Ecozi Ltd. based in Warwick, UNITED KINGDOM. from Rainwater Management Units Product line

  • UWO-Rewamat - Model 60 T-Plus - Rainwater Management Units

    Functional Description; UWO-Rewamat T-Plus is an supply management unit with in-tank, submersible pump. Fully automatic distribution of rain water with mains water feed just as required with low rainfall. To avoid stagnation with drinking-water the delivery pipe and inside feeding box water is automatically ex-changed every 28 days. Can be used ...

    By Ecozi Ltd. based in Warwick, UNITED KINGDOM. from Rainwater Management Units Product line

  • Model PGS 300 - Water Management Controller

    The PGS 300 controller assigns the standard current signal 0 / 4...20 mA supplied by the sensor to a level expressed in the unit mWS (bar for pressure measurements and l/s for flow rate measurements). Scaling, e.g. of level measurements, is optionally calibrated via the maximum value of the sensor at 20 mA or the actual measured value ...

    By Pfeiffer Electronic GmbH based in Greifenstein, GERMANY. from Water Management Controller Product line

  • Greeny - Model EC2+1 - Ecological Waste Compactor System

    Ecological waste compactor system with reduction of up to 90% of the initial volume. Separation, automatic compacting waste. of high quality steel and powder coating RAL 9016. 4 Patents Covered Systems International of registered system. Compliance: legislation and CE registered certification. Machinery Directive with standards of safety and ...

    By Eurven Srl based in Trevignano - TV, ITALY.

  • ENiGMA - Electronic Water Conditioning and DeScaler System

    Environmental Treatment Concepts Ltd pioneered electronic fluid conditioning.  Since 1989, when we introduced the very first effective electronic unit for dealing with hard water we have built an unrivalled reputation with our customers.  The unit is aptly called the ENiGMA.

    By Scalewatcher ENigMA based in FAREHAM, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • P. Henkel - Model 120/200/240 Litre - Large Waste Bin with Spherical Base

    The waste bin with spherical base represents hygienic waste disposal of food wastes and liquid slops as well as residual waste and organic wastes. MGBs with spherical base are side-loader-optimised. Cost benefits for councils and municipalities as well as private waste management companies. Absolutely low-noise, serially only 89 dB in accordance ...

    By P. Henkel GmbH based in Kreuztal, GERMANY. from Large Waste Bin with Spherical Base Product line

  • Gradeall - Model GMB/4R - Metal Baler

    The Gradeall Metal baler is ideal for companies who produce a significant amount of metal waste and find the issue of processing it a daunting one, with this baler pricessing metal waste is a quick and easy task, thanks to its tipping skip friendly hopper and electronic control sytsem the GMB/4R effortlessly crushes waste metal into easily managed ...

    By Gradeall International Limited based in Dungannon, UNITED KINGDOM. from Metal Baler Product line

  • Officine Minelli - Model M160 - Material Handlers

    M160 The fastest in its class. Versatile and suitable for multiple uses, thanks to the powerful hydraulic system with electronic management is a useful machine in the logistics of waste, paper mills, but also in car demolitions, in the collection of scrap metal and in production of firewood.

    By Officine Minelli based in Cazzago San Martino, ITALY.

  • Sortech - Compact Hammer Mill

    Sortech compact hammer mills are optimal for metal waste size reduction, like: cans, jars, motors, metals scrap, radiators, WEEE, electronic waste, aluminum profiles, metals profiles, car fluff and more.

    By Sortech S.r.l.s. based in Genzano di Roma (RM), ITALY.

  • Weee Plant

    The FORREC plant for the processing of WEEE foresees a productive cycle able to process any type of disused electric and electronic equipment belonging to the R2, R3 and R4 families. The management process combines the use of manual labour and automation in order to maximise the use of all components reducing waste with zero impact on the ...

    By Forrec srl based in Santa Giustina in Colle, ITALY. from Weee Plant Product line

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