EN1822-5 equipment in Kyrgyzstan

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    AEREON - Model 850 - Flamex Pilot Ignition System

    The Model 850 Pilot is a time-proven product that combines electric spark ignition with continuous spark monitoring, thermocouple monitoring, and retractability. The combination of these highly-demanded features has made the high-alloy, stainless steel Model 850 Pilot one of the most well-received ignition systems on the market. This electric ...

    By AEREON Distributor in NURLY TAU, KYRGYZSTAN. from Flamex Pilot Ignition System Product line

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    Aereon Firecat - Thermal Oxidizers Combustion Devices

    AEREON’s FIRECAT Thermal Oxidizers are combustion devices that maintain a specific destruction temperature and residence time to ensure thorough destruction efficiencies (98 - 99.9%). A FIRECAT system precisely monitors and controls the flow of air, assist gas, in order to obtain prescribed temperatures in the combustion chamber. This type ...

    By AEREON Distributor in NURLY TAU, KYRGYZSTAN. from Thermal Oxidizers Combustion Devices Product line

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    AEREON - Model CEMs - Sentinel Ultraviolet Flame Monitor

    The Sentinel flame monitor reliably provides remote flame detection up to 550 feet away, durability, ease of maintenance and rapid response time. If the monitor detects the absence of a flame for an adjustable amount of time, a set of dry form C contacts are activated and the pilot re-ignition system is set into motion. Response times are markedly ...

    By AEREON Distributor in NURLY TAU, KYRGYZSTAN. from Sentinel Ultraviolet Flame Monitor Product line

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    AEREON - Model VCUs - Vapor Combustors

    Hydrocarbon vapors may be destroyed in a flare, combustor or a thermal oxidizer. For many applications, a simple vapor combustor can be successfully used as a safe and economical method of controlling vapors from the handling, storage, or loading of volatile liquid hydrocarbons or other compounds when recovery of the vapors is not a viable option.

    By AEREON Distributor in NURLY TAU, KYRGYZSTAN. from Vapor Combustors Product line

  • Silv-Cleanse - Sterilizing Agent Used to Clean and Sterilize Drinking Water

    Used in drinking water as a biocideRecommended for both personal and municipal water treatment.SILV-Cleanse is an extremely cost effective, universally applicable sterilizing agent. It eliminates all pathogenic amoeba, bacteria, biofilms, fungi, virus, yeasts and molds without any side effects. SILV-Cleanse is comprised of colloidal Silver (Ag+) ...

  • Slivacide - Biocides

    Silv-Clean is specially developed to inhibit the growth of pathogens on any surface including harvested crops. Silv-Clean does not contain VOCs or harmful or ozone depleting chemicals. Silv-Clean is specially developed to eliminate offensive hospital odors on contact without masking them with fragrances.� It will effectively cleanse the air of ...

    By Terawet Green Technologies, Inc. (TGT) Distributor in Bishkek, KYRGYZSTAN. from Biocides Product line

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