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Environmental Standards

by Waters Corporation     based in Milford, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

Waters instrumentation, standards and sample preparation products are used for environmental analysis in laboratories throughout the world. Application analyses for Waters UPLC, UPC2, UPLC/MS/MS, UPLC/QTof MS, and GC/MS/MS systems include pesticides, trace metals, cations and anions. - Help ensure safety and compliance - Increase laboratory ...

Permitting and Regulatory Compliance

by Woods Hole Group     based in East Falmouth, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

Our clients face challenges associated with designing and building projects in a manner that fulfills a myriad of regulatory requirements. Woods Hole Group feels strongly that projects can be implemented in harmony with environmental requirements. We believe that difficult regulatory issues should be addressed early in the project planning ...

Environmental Monitoring

by Woods Hole Group     based in East Falmouth, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

Woods Hole Group has a multi-disciplinary approach to environmental monitoring. Our core strengths with Port, Harbor & Coastal Monitoring Systems and Offshore Met-Ocean Systems and Moorings are complemented by extensive experience with sediment and water quality characterizations, along with biological community delineation and monitoring. Our ...

SmartLab EM - Microbiological Environmental Monitoring

by VelQuest Corporation     based in Hopkinton, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

Pharmaceutical manufacturers know that microbiological environmental monitoring (EM) in aseptic processes is critical, for release of high-quality drug and biological products and for compliance reasons. However, documenting the large amount of required data puts significant financial and human resource burdens on the organization.

DELTA - Environmental Handheld XRF Analyzer

by Olympus     based in Waltham, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

DELTA Environmental Handheld XRF Analyzers test for dangerously high levels of RCRA, Priority Pollutant and Hazardous Metals in seconds. HHXRF is used for soils and sediments according to EPA 6200, ISO/DIS13196, and other SOPs, filters per NIOSH or OSHA methods, screening surfaces and measuring dust wipes for Pb, Cd, Cr, As, Hg and more.

Particles Plus - Model 7301-AQM - Remote Airborne Particle Counter and Environmental Monitor (CO2, Temp, RH)

by Particles Plus, Inc.     based in Stoughton, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

The Particles Plus 7301-AQM Remote Particle Counter and Environmental Monitor measures 0.3 μm to 25 μm particles with mass concentration and stores indoor air quality measurements of CO2, temperature and relative humidity. This instrument is the most versatile remote particle counter available, with advanced power management and the ...

Particles Plus - Model 5301-AQM - Remote Airborne Particle Counter and Environmental Monitor (CO2, Temp, RH)

by Particles Plus, Inc.     based in Stoughton, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

The Particles Plus 5301-AQM Remote Particle Counter and Environmental Monitor measures 0.3 μm to 25 μm particles with mass concentration and stores indoor air quality measurements of CO2, temperature and relative humidity. This wall- mounted instrument is the most versatile remote particle counter available for fixed installations. The ...

InfraCal - Model 2 - Portable Infrared Analyzer

by Spectro Scientific     based in Chelmsford, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

Whether it's quality control for a production line, environmental compliance, or a repetitive analysis you need to make on a regular basis, the InfraCal 2 Analyzer will make the measurement easily and reliably. With improved sensitivity and added features over the basic InfraCal Analyzer, typical measurement results take less than a minute. The ...

Safety Containers

by BOOM Environmental Products - Geotechnical Supply, Inc.     based in New Bedford, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

Safety Cans are a necessary part of compliance for safety in the workplace. Justrite believes that they are much more. A Justrite Safety Can is a useful, hardworking tool that adds convenience while facilitating safe transfer of flammable liquids ensuring the safety of personnel and protection of the facilities where they are used.

Mech-Chem - Fume Scrubber

by Mech-Chem Associates, Inc.     based in Norfolk, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

If you need to control odors, acid, chemical, and NOx fumes at your facility, Mech-Chem Associates, Inc. has a solution. Proper fume capture, control and scrubbing exhaust systems can prevent environmental releases, ensure regulatory compliance, and protect employee safety and health. From stand-alone fume scrubbers to complete installed systems, ...

Xpert for Consumer/RoHS - XRF Analyzers and XRD Analyzers

by Olympus     based in Waltham, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

The Xpert for Consumer/RoHS, a convenient, compact & lightweight XRF analyzer for regulatory compliance programs, provides accurate Pass/Fail results within seconds. It is completely independent of an external PC and can be powered by battery for ease of transport to wherever testing is needed. The Xpert, XP-6500-CC, for Regulatory Programs is ...

Wastewater Treatment Chemicals

by Butterfield Environmental Corp. (BEC)     based in Plymouth, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

BEC distributes the complete line of Aries Chemical organic and inorganic chemicals for primary, secondary and advanced wastewater treatment. Whatever your wastewater treatment needs, BEC can supply you with the right products and application expertise. BEC's systematic approach to each unique situation will utilize the latest technology to ensure ...

Commercial and Industrial Solar Technology

by Suntuity     Office in Boston, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

Commercial and Industrial Solar solutions can play a critical role in increasing the profitability of an organization. Suntuity finances, delivers and maintains commercial and industrial solar solutions in various markets around the globe. From privately held companies to publicly traded corporations, our solutions continue to drive commercial and ...

InTemp - Model CX402-TXXX - Bluetooth Low Energy Temperature (with Glycol) Data Logger

by Onset Computer Corporation     based in Bourne, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

InTemp  CX402-TXXX (with Glycol Bottle) data loggers monitor temperatures in refrigerators, freezers and other temperature-controlled environments. The loggers communicate wirelessly via Bluetooth Low Energy to mobile devices. Using the InTemp app, you can easily view data, check logger status, set alarms, and create and share secure PDF ...


by Charm Sciences, Inc.     based in Lawrence, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

E*Colite is a single use, self-contained test with selective medium designed to resuscitate and detect chlorine-stressed coliform and E. coli encountered in drinking, bottled and food/beverage waters. A “bag” and “vial” version of E*Colite provide convenient, easy to use indicator screen tests for pathogen control. The ...

EIRIS - Convention Watch

by Ethical Investment Research Services     Office in Boston, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

EIRIS Convention Watch assesses your portfolio against norms and principles enshrined in the UN Global Compact and other international conventions.

Brask - Xtractor Liquid Depackaging System

by Brask Enterprises, Inc.     based in Attleboro, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

The Brask Xtractor is highly specialized piece of waste management equipment that is specifically designed for de-packaging applications in the food industry. The strong, professional grade Xtractor destroys packaged liquid products. Liquid is removed from aluminum cans, plastic containers, canned material, aseptic packaging, bottled product ...

Clarus - Model SQ 8T - GC/Mass Spectrometer

by PerkinElmer, Inc.     based in Waltham, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

Sensitivity. Stability. Versatility. Introducing the new Clarus SQ 8 Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometer (GC/MS). This world-class system delivers uncompromised performance with consistent ultra-trace detection limits consistenly and reliably – time after time. The revolutionary Clarus SQ 8 GC/MS is engineered around the industry’s ...

Model OMA-300 - CEM System

by Applied Analytics, Inc.     based in Burlington, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

No single technology is sufficiently versatile to measure all of the chemicals targeted by continuous emissions monitoring (CEM). The OMA-300-CEM unifies three complementary technologies-UV-VIS diode array (SO2, NOx), infrared detection (CO, CO2), and tunable diode laser (O2)-in one coherent system, matching each chemical to its best detector.

Particles Plus - Model 4510 - Remote Particle Counter (0.5 µm @ 1.0 CFM)

by Particles Plus, Inc.     based in Stoughton, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

The Particles Plus 4510 Remote Particle Counter measures 0.5 µm to 25.0 µm with a flow rate of 1.0 CFM (28.3 LPM). This instrument has a built-in vacuum pump and it can be used for continuous mode monitoring applications without the necessity of running a vacuum system to the device. 60% smaller than any other instrument in its class, ...

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