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environmental remediation product equipment

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    ORGANOCLAY - Organic Adsorption Media for Environmental Remediation Applications

    The ORGANOCLAY product line is a range of proprietary adsorption media that is highly effective in removing oils, greases and other high molecular weight, low solubility organic compounds from aqueous streams. The ORGANOCLAY products are specialty sorbents, altered to an organophilic state making them attractive to organic molecules.

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    AmeriPolish - Oil Remediation System

    The AmeriPolish Oil Remediation System consumes and breaks down oil-based materials and absorbs odors from the surface of the concrete without causing damage or affecting any existing colorant, sealer, or stain protector. The biodegradable product is environmentally safe and can be left on surfaces for several days if needed to deeply penetrate ...

    By Draygon LLC based in Venice, FLORIDA (USA). from Oil Remediation System Product line

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    Ivey-sol - Surfactant Technology

    During in-situ and ex-situ remediation of contaminated soil or water the greatest limiting factor for all forms of remediation is contaminant sorption (i.e., absorption and or adsorption). If we can overcome contaminant sorption, we can significantly improve all forms of soil and water remediation, reducing the treatment costs and duration.

    By Ivey International Inc. based in Surrey, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

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    AdEdge AdVantEdge - Model AD92 - Uranium Reduction Treatment Systems

    A AdEdge provides treatment systems for for uranium removal using AD92 an ion exchange media that is ideal for use in potable water as well as non-potable and environmental remediation applications for removal of naturally occurring uranium. The high efficiency AD92 can selectively remove the negatively charged uranium anion (most often in the ...

    By Adedge Water Technologies, LLC based in Buford, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Uranium Reduction Treatment Systems Product line

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    Ecosorb - Model Gel - Broad Spectrum Odor Neutralizer

    Ecosorb Gel is a broad spectrum odor neutralizer product used in passive odor control applications. The product is commonly broadcasted directly onto the surface of a material that is generating odor such as sludge, solid waste, remediation soil, and the like. The product can also be positioned within an odorous air volume such as wastewater ...

    By OMI Industries (OMI) based in Long Grove, ILLINOIS (USA). from Broad Spectrum Odor Neutralizer Product line

  • TERRASOLUT - Model 11 - Environmental Solution

    TERRASOLUT 11 – ideally suited to oil spills in freezing temperatures or on water (where sinking agents allowed). TERRASOLUT 11 is a natural mineral based fine granular solid. Its action is similar to the TERRASOLUT 13 liquid products with the recovered hydrocarbon then being bound to the carefully graded TERRASOLUT 11 granules to promote ...

    By OTI Greentech AG based in Berlin, SWITZERLAND. from Environmental Solution Product line

  • Aquasil - Wastewater Treatment System

    Aquachem provides novel and value-added products* to replace conventional chemistries and meet the needs of wastewater treatment and environmental remediation. Aquasil wastewater treatment is an innovative single-step process based on fast kinetics and synergistic effects and intended for the removal of contaminants from the waste stream. The ...

    By Aquachem Inc. based in Canton, MICHIGAN (USA).

  • RET - Beach Sand Remediation System

    The Soil Remediation System is capable of cleaning beach sand that has suffered from oil / hydrocarbon pollution. The System removes hydrocarbons from the effected sand, recovers those hydrocarbons for forward uses, and returns the cleaned sand back to the original site. The ability to completely remove hydrocarbons is unmatched in the industry, ...

    By Recovered Earth Technologies, LLC based in McCarran, NEVADA (USA). from Beach Sand Remediation System Product line

  • dailbiotech Products

    Production and supply of new microbial materials and isolation and culture of unknown and uncultured microbial consortiums wtih excellent environmental remediation to contaminated sites by recalcitrant toxic chemicals (endocrine disruptors, EDs) which cannot be treated by the exiting microbial products. - Transfer of optimal technology of ...

    By Dailbiotech Corporation based in Chuncheon, SOUTH KOREA.

  • HSSI - Linear Contaminant Remediation System (LCRS)

    The HSSI Linear Contaminant Remediation System (LCRS) supports environmental remediation through the site specific configuration and installation of horizontal well systems. Our patented one-pass trenching technology replaces conventional vertical well systems and has the ability to install a specified backfill or media, in a one step process. The ...

    By Horizontal Subsurface Systems, Inc. (HSSI) based in Cape Coral, FLORIDA (USA).

  • RemOx - Model SR+ - ISCO Reagent

    RemOx SR+ ISCO reagent (sustained release) has been specifically manufactured for environmental applications to meet a need for more passive treatment such as remediation of soils and associated groundwater.  RemOx SR+ is a solid paraffin wax matrix with ~38% RemOx S and ~38% sodium persulfate manufactured as a cylinder.  This product ...

    By Carus Corporation based in Peru, ILLINOIS (USA). from ISCO Reagent Product line

  • GRI-8324 Hand-held VOC Detector

    GRI-8324 hand-held PID gas analyzer is a hand-held instrument which can continually test VOC (Volatile organic compounds), this product is applicable to industrial hygiene、environmental monitoring, soil contamination and remediation and other detective occasions with volatile organic compounds , can effectively guarantee the safety of staff ...

    By Hunan GRI Instrument Co.,Ltd based in changsha, CHINA.

  • Soil Remediation Introduction

    In the early 1980’s, the need for sustainability led O’Keefe Construction (Greenwich) Limited to design and develop a machine with the German manufacturer Wirtgen, that would set the industry standard for being able to stabilise and remediate soil using an environmentally-friendly system that had the added benefits of improving quality standards, ...

    By O`Keefe Utilities Ltd - O’Keefe Group of Companies based in Greenwich, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Microbial new products for bioremediation

    Production and supply of new microbial materials and isolation and culture of unknown and uncultured microbial consortiums wtih excellent environmental remediation to contaminated sites by recalcitrant toxic chemicals (endocrine disruptors, EDs) which cannot be treated by the exiting microbial products. Transfer of optimal technology of treatment ...

    By Dailbiotech Corporation based in Chuncheon, SOUTH KOREA.

  • SpillAway+ - Fast Acting Hydrocarbon Absorbent

    Multi-use absorbent with bio-remedial microbes for hydrocarbon spills. This product absorbs & degrades oil, fuel and petroleum hydrocarbons into harmless, environmentally safe by-products. SpillAway+ Absorbent introduces a new era in the absorption & disposal of hydrocarboncontaminants in the work place. This product merges the ...

    By EnviroLogic, Inc. based in Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Fast Acting Hydrocarbon Absorbent Product line

  • Natronx EnProve - Model BC Series - Sodium Bicarbonate

    J Carpenter Environmental, LLC sells Natronx Technologies' sodium bicarbonate products for acid gas control, soil remediation, slurry walls and drilling. Natronx is probably best known for its familiar Arm and Hammer orange box of bicarbonate that most people have in their refrigerators. However, its industrial sodium bicarbonate products are used ...

    By J Carpenter Environmental LLC (JCE) based in Mequon, MICHIGAN (USA). from Sodium Bicarbonate Product line

  • Algeponics System

    The Algeponics system is a controlled environment for growing microalgae in the nutrient rich wastewater from anaerobic digesters.   With its patented technology, Algepower Inc. provides solutions to the challenges of waste remediation and cost-effective renewable energy production.   Algoil can be used instead of plant seed oils as a ...

    By Algepower Inc based in VERMONT (USA).

  • Minicombust - Catalytic Oxidiser System

    The Minicombust is a catalytic oxidiser developed for a range of applications in both environmental remediation operations and industrial applications. This compact fully automatic catalytic oxidation system comes in two standard versions with rated capacities of 150 m³ / h and 500 m³ / h. The Minicombusts are equipped with a dedicated ...

    By GeoStream Srl based in Tarcento (UD), ITALY. from Catalytic Oxidiser System Product line

  • Dam-It Dams - Environmental Remediation Products

    Location: Marshall, MI. Timeframe: September 2010. Dam Size: Ten 4' high x 150' long at multiple sites. Water Depth: 2-3'. Installation Time: various. Manpower: various. Job Purpose: Clean up oil spill due to pipeline rupture in Tributary of Kalamazoo River.

    By Dam-It Dams Inc. based in Fenton, MICHIGAN (USA).

  • Model EF-071 - Struvite Remover

    Earth First EF-071 Struvite Remover attacks and removes Struvite which is often a major problem in wastewater treatment plants and concentrated animal feeding operations. Struvite is a hard mineral that is deposited inside pipes, valves, centrifuges and other areas having contact with the wastewater stream. EF-071's environmentally friendly ...

    By Global Aqua Solutions, LLC based in Minden, NEVADA (USA). from Struvite Remover Product line

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