Ethylene equipment in Washington

  • ECC - Ethylene Cracking Heaters

    Ethylene is an important chemical widely used in the production of plastics for products such as PVC, packaging, and window frames, among others. The product is obtained by the pyrolysis of naphtha, ethane or propane. Currently there are 45 ethylene plants in the United States, 90% of which use gaseous feedstock. Due to expanded world demand, it ...

    By ClearSign Combustion Corporation based in Seattle, WASHINGTON (USA).

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    LumaSense SmartDGA Gauge™ - Online Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) Monitor

    The SmartDGA Gauge™ instrument is the industry’s first online dissolved gas analysis (DGA) monitor dedicated to Load Tap Changers (LTCs). The instrument uses Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) technology to measure and record fault gases Methane (CH4), Acetylene (C2H2), Ethylene (C2H4) and moisture found in insulating (mineral) oil. ...

    By LumaSense Technologies, Inc. Distributor in Seattle, WASHINGTON (USA). from Gas Sensing - SmartDGA for Transformers Product line

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    Schistosome Test Kit

    The Schistosome Test Kit uses membrane filter technology to quantify schistosome eggs in urine and comes complete with everything needed to carry out fast, accurate tests in the field. The Schistosome Test Kit includes 500 13 mm polycarbonate screen membrane filters (choice of 12, 20, or 30 µm pore size), 5 13 mm plastic Swinney filter ...

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    AOX Polycarbonate Membranes

    With exceptionally low protein-binding/extractable levels and precisely defined pores, these AOX polycarbonate (PCTE) membranes are ideally suited for the detection of man-made pollution in groundwater and wastewater (organic halide adsorption determination).

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    LumaSense SmartDGA Guide™ - Online Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) Monitor

    The SmartDGA Guide™ instrument provides comprehensive online DGA results that enable diagnostic techniques. The instrument uses Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) technology to measure and record all nine industry recommended fault gases Acetylene (C2H2), Ethane (C2H6), Ethylene (C2H4), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Hydrogen (H2), ...

    By LumaSense Technologies, Inc. Distributor in Seattle, WASHINGTON (USA). from Gas Sensing - SmartDGA for Transformers Product line

  • Ducon - Model CAT - Packed Towers

    Ducon Chemical Absorption Towers are custom designed to absorb and remove SO2, HCl, H2S, TRS, Organics, odors, fumes and other toxic components. Ducon can provide spray towers using proprietary spray nozzles with no internals, packed towers with a variety of high efficiency packing, or tray towers with custom designed trays.

    By Ducon Technologies Inc. Office in Auburn, WASHINGTON (USA). from Wet Collection Technologies Product line

  • A-Rise - ABS/AES Block

    The newly developed ABS/AES Block is a revolutionary, light weight and cost effective solution for roof top pipe supports. The unique design makes it light enough to easily carry to the roof but strong enough to support extremely heavy loads. The blocks can be cut to any length to fit any job and to cut down on waste. This versatile block ...

    By A-Rise Pipe Support based in Seattle, WASHINGTON (USA). from Pipe Supports Product line

  • Bladder Accumulators

    Fluids are practically incompressible and cannot therefore store pressure energy. The compressibility of a gas (nitrogen) is utilized in hydro-pneumatic accumulators for storing fluids. HYDAC bladder accumulators are designed on this principle, using nitrogen as the compressible medium.

    By HYDAC Technology Corporation Office in Vancouver, WASHINGTON (USA). from Accumulators Product line

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    Sauereisen - Model No. 90/92 - Elastomeric Sheet Membrane

    Sauereisen Sheet Membrane No. 90 is an impervious synthetic elastomer of uniform quality and thickness for use in corrosion- resistant construction. It is a fiber-reinforced poly-tetra-fluoro-ethylene (PTFE) lining system. No. 90 replaces rubber, plastic and asphalt membranes commonly used on floors, tanks and process vessels, between substrate ...

    By Sauereisen Inc. Distributor in WASHINGTON (USA). from Corrosion Protection - Accessory Materials Product line

  • Pacific Sentry - Ammonia Gas Sensor

    Designed to detect ammonia levels ranging from 1ppm (30 times below the point at which ammonia can be smelled) to 5+ ppm, this sensor will consistently provide the protection needed to ensure a safe, ammonia-free environment.  It is constructed with a state-of-the-art, colored membrane, which changes from a canary-yellow to a deep-blue color ...

    By Pacific Sentry LLC based in Redmond, WASHINGTON (USA).

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