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evaporative cooling equipment available in Pakistan

  • Bullard - Evaporative Cooling

    Keep cool all day with these Evaporative Cooling Products: Dunk It: Submerge Evaporative Cooling Products in water for only 1-2 minutes.

    By Bullard based in Cynthiana, KENTUCKY (USA). from Evaporative Cooling Product line

  • Evaporative Cooling

    Lowering the inlet temperature with evaporative cooling can increase system heat rate, while only causing a relatively small increase in inlet pressure drop. Proper monitoring of wet and dry bulb temperatures will allow most operators to recognize changes in cooler system performance. However, best operation and reliability can also be achieved ...

    By Pneumafil - a Nederman company based in Charlotte, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Evaporative Cooling Product line

  • Evaporative Cooling Pad

    EMAIL: info@pig-farming.netSKYPE: elena.forbes11It has a specially-designed paper honeycomb structure and has to be used with the negative-pressure fan, popular device in pig farming industry.

    By Amisy Farming Machinery based in Zhengzhou, CHINA. from Evaporative Cooling Pad Product line

  • Evaporative Cooling Systems

    Our patented Forward Osmosis (FO) process, allows the use of seawater or brackish water sources to supply high quality ‘pure’ water to the evaporative cooling process simply by the natural process of osmosis.

    By Modern Water - Monitoring Division based in Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM. from Evaporative Cooling Systems Product line

  • Evaporative Cooling Systems

    Inhibitors to control scale, corrosion and fouling in all types of evaporative cooling water systems with makeup waters including zero hardness RO product, through tertiary treated effluent, river water, brackish waters and high hardness borehole water, modelling of makeup waters under the conditions present in your system to select the most ...

    By Metito based in Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES.

  • CoolStream - Model N - Evaporative Cooling System

    CoolStream N provides low-cost adiabatic / evaporative cooling and ventilation principally for larger industrial premises with higher heat loads, such as power generation plants and other heat intensive industries. CoolStream N helps keep larger internal spaces cool all year round. It doesn’t need to cost the earth: using the cooling power ...

    By Colt Group based in Havant, UNITED KINGDOM. from Evaporative Cooling System Product line

  • Evaporative Cooling Systems

    Our proprietary Forward Osmosis (FO) process is a platform technology which can be applied across a number of industries to deliver impressive results. The Group now operates the first evaporative cooling system to use the FO process.

    By ModernWater PLC based in Guildford, UNITED KINGDOM. from Evaporative Cooling Systems Product line

  • Model TMA Series - Evaporative Cooling Towers

    Decsa, thanks to its experience and professionalism in the sector, is able to realize axial evaporative towers for industrial use in Voghera and neighboring areas. The technicians are at full commission of the customer to develop customized plant solutions and adapt to the working needs of the plants where they are installed.

    By DECSA srl based in Voghera, ITALY. from Evaporative Cooling Towers Product line

  • CoolStream - Model S - Evaporative Cooling System

    CoolStream S provides low-cost adiabatic / evaporative cooling and ventilation principally for larger industrial and commercial premises, and has been hygienically tested and certified to VDI 6022. CoolStream S helps keep larger internal spaces pleasantly cool all year round. It doesn’t need to cost the earth: using the cooling power of ...

    By Colt Group based in Havant, UNITED KINGDOM. from Evaporative Cooling System Product line

  • JINLONG - Model 7090 type - 7090 type evaporative cooling cellulose pad

    Evaporative cooling padOur evaporative cooling pad have the advantage :1. adopting Europe imported fiber paper ,high absorbability, high water resistance2. using anti-mildew and moth-preventive material with long life service3. using spatial crossing linking technology, Large evaporation area, cooling efficiency as high as 80%.4. our cooling pad ...

  • STULZ IeCE - Indirect Evaporative Cooling Equipment

    STULZ IeCE is an indirect evaporative cooling solution, designed to remove heat by exploiting the evaporation of water. With an air-to-air heat exchanger STULZ IeCE is able to meet the needs of modern IT cooling without introducing the contaminants from outside air, all while achieving potential savings of up to 75% over traditional mechanical ...

    By STULZ Air Technology Systems, Inc. based in Frederick, MARYLAND (USA). from Indirect Evaporative Cooling Equipment Product line

  • Evaporatively Cooled (EC) Systems

    Intelligent Energy’s proprietary and patented high performance, Evaporatively Cooled (EC) fuel cell system provides reliable power generation up to 100kW and beyond. The EC system has been refined and proven in automotive and aerospace applications worldwide. Thermal management of the EC fuel cell stack utilises the benefits of the heat of ...

    By Intelligent Energy Limited based in Leicestershire, UNITED KINGDOM. from Evaporatively Cooled (EC) Systems Product line

  • D.P.Engineers - Model D.P.Engineers - PVC Fill/ Evaporative Cooling Pad

    PVC Fill/ Evaporative Cooling PadThe evaporative cooling pad is cellulose material impregnated with insoluble anti-rot salts and rigidifying saturates. The material has spatial crossing linking technology with high absorbability. It is water resistant, anti-mildew and has a long service life. Technical details of our pvc fills.Standard type of ...

    By D.P.Engineers based in DELHI, INDIA.

  • Evaporative Pad Cooling System

    Maintain maximum comfort and production levels, even in extreme heat conditions, with J&D Manufacturing's Evaporative Pad Cooling System. Our Pad System is designed to enhance the cooling capability of your current ventilation system to further reduce the temperature in your greenhouse, poultry house, hog or dairy building. Single layer or ...

    By J&D Manufacturing, Inc. based in Eau Claire, WISCONSIN (USA). from Evaporative Pad Cooling System Product line

  • Ulma - Water Evaporation Greenhouse Cooling System

    This water evaporation cooling system is comprised of extractor fans and cooling panels installed on opposite walls of the greenhouse to create a negative pressure area inside the greenhouse. This forces the outside air flowing through the dampened panels becoming charged with water molecules and cooled down and thus decrease the temperature ...

    By Ulma Agrícola based in Oñati (Gipuzkoa), SPAIN. from Water Evaporation Greenhouse Cooling System Product line

  • AxiCool - Axial Fans for Cooling Units and Evaporators

    AxiCool fans set new standards on the evaporator and cooling unit market. Not least thanks to the level of system efficiency achieved through the perfect interaction of the individual components. And that's not the only good thing about AxiCool: The compact axial fan is also extremely easy to handle and offers outstanding efficiency throughout ...

    By ebm-papst UK Ltd. based in Chelmsford, UNITED KINGDOM. from Axial Fans for Cooling Units and Evaporators Product line

  • LabTech - Rotary Evaporator System

    LabTech evaporation solutions introduce a new concept in routine distillation/evaporation processes: safety, efficiency and durability to support lab user work! With an innovative and ergonomic design, EV series rotary evaporators include color digital display to monitor and control rotation speed and temperature, motorized vertical lift, ...

    By LabTech srl based in Sorisole (BG), ITALY.

  • Condair - Model ME - Evaporative Humidifier and Cooler

    The Condair ME provides low energy humidity control and evaporative cooling to an air handling unit or duct.

    By Condair Group AG based in Pfäffikon, SWITZERLAND. from Evaporative Humidifier and Cooler Product line

  • Evaporator

    The evaporator has a key role. The climate in your storage cell is determined by this important device. And not only because it determines the room temperature. As we all can notice when looking at an air conditioner: water is dripping out coolers. This means the air inside your cold store is dried during cooling. Sometimes this is desirable: ...

    By Geerlofs Refrigeration b.v. based in Rijswijk (ZH), NETHERLANDS. from Evaporator Product line

  • Elex - Evaporative Cooler

    In the case of certain gas-cleaning processes, particularly in the cement industry, it may be necessary to cool down the gases prior to the cleaning process or to condition the gases to the most favourable physical state. The operating principle of an evaporative cooling tower system is simple. By injecting water in very fine droplet sizes ...

    By Elex AG based in Schwerzenbach, SWITZERLAND.

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