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evaporative cooling water treatment equipment

  • Showcase

    ECO - Model DRY HP-C Series - Low Temperature Wastewater Evaporator with Heat Pump and Endless Scraper-Screw

    Distillation throughput from 10 to 42 L/hour. Low temperature vacuum evaporator with heat pump, powered with electrical energy able to reach extreme concentration. Specially configured to obtain semi solid concentration and to concentrate fouling wastewater, saline water and high density waters. To be installed wherever an extremely strong ...

  • Puckorius - Cooling Water Systems

    P&A consultants have considerable expertise with all types of cooling water systems. This includes all evaporative systems such as cooling towers, evaporative condensers, evaporative coolers, and fluid coolers. Also included are closed, chilled, and once through varieties. They have considerable experience in trouble shooting and optimizing ...

    By Puckorius & Associates, Inc. based in Arvada, COLORADO (USA).

  • Magnus - Cooling Towers and Evaporative Condensers

    A cooling tower is an open system allowing to transfer energy by the evaporation of water. In the industry there are different types of cooling towers, each of those have their own water treatment characteristics. Evaporation and exposure to the outdoor elements render this environment prone to scaling, fouling and microbiological growth.

    By Magnus Chemicals Ltd based in Boucherville, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Cooling Towers and Evaporative Condensers Product line

  • Cooling Towers And Evaporative Condenser

    Cooling circuits that use self-cooling towers are subject to multiple issues: scaling, corrosion, biofilm or the development of micro-organisms such as the legionella pneumophila bacteria. Top-up water treatment by softening, partial or total demineralisation, acidification or chemical treatment may resolve these problems.

    By Tresch SA based in Villeurbanne, FRANCE.

  • Cooling Water Unit

    Cooling Towers and evaporative condensors are potentially high risk systems if water treatment is not properly managed. We can offer all you need for safe, reliable and efficient operation.

    By Trident Water Solutions Limited based in Wiltshire, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Cooling Tower Water Treatment Systems

    While many buyers of Cooling Tower water treatment systems purchase equipment to treat scale and microbes (particularly Legionella prevention), ECOsmarte can often create the option of using process or other. Whether your cooling comes from a tower, chiller bundle or evaporative cooler, ECOsmarte’s natural oxygen and ionization package can ...

    By ECOsmarte Planet Friendly, Inc. based in Richfield, MINNESOTA (USA). from Cooling Tower Water Treatment Systems Product line

  • Cooling Tower

    A cooling tower is built to cool down cooling water with air. The system works with surface enlargement. An open cooling tower is part of an open cooling water system. The warm cooling water coming back from the consumers, is pumped into the upper part of the tower, flows to the bottom and fed back into the cooling system. In this process a part ...

    By Merus GmbH based in Sindelfingen, GERMANY. from Cooling Tower Product line

  • Model BC 1106 - Biocide Microbiological Control Agent

    BC 1106 is a microbial control agent approved for use in a variety of industrial water-based systems. BC 1106 contains 1.15% 5-chloro-2-methyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one and 0.35% 2-methyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one. This product is most effective as a bactericide, but will also control fungi and algae when used at higher dosages. BC 1106 aids in the control ...

    By Weihai Xiangyu Technology Co.,Ltd based in Weihai City ,, CHINA. from Biocide Microbiological Control Agent Product line

  • Smart Shield - Water Treatment System for Towers

    Smart Shield provides a complete, reliable, solid chemistry, water treatment system specifically engineered and factory mounted, piped and wired for open cooling towers. Controlled Release and Monitored Release, to protect a broad range of evaporative cooling water applications. These systems incorporate a modular design to simplify installation ...

    By Evapco Inc. based in Westminster, MARYLAND (USA). from Water Treatment System for Towers Product line

  • Pulse-Pure - Chemical-Free Water Treatment Systems

    Pulse-Pure provides a complete water treatment system for your evaporative cooling equipment which significantly reduces the environmental impacts associated with the production, shipping, handling, and storage of chemicals. This environmentally responsible alternative utilizes pulsed electric fields to control micro-biological growth, scale, and ...

    By Evapco Inc. based in Westminster, MARYLAND (USA). from Chemical-Free Water Treatment Systems Product line

  • Zeta Rod - Water Management Systems

    Enhanced Water Conservation & Water Re-use Opportunities for Open Loop Evaporative Cooling Systems. Zeta Rod Water Management Systems combine patented electronic water treatment technology with water management protocols developed to offer continuous remote monitoring of open loop evaporative cooling systems for optimizing water ...

    By Zeta Corporation based in Tucson, ARIZONA (USA).

  • Wastewater Treatment Systems

    Compact wastewater treatment units (SBR, etc.), Screening (Rotary drum screens) , Lamella Oil separator, Flotation Systems (DAF), Evaporator systems for chemical effluents, Filter & Belt press for sludge dewatering, Centrifuge for sludge dewatering, MBR Units, MBBR Technology, Mixers, Blowers, Diffusers, Screw Conveyors, Scrapers Chemica.l ...

  • Model 4AQUA CCM 3000 - Flushing-Metering Control System

    The 4AQUA CCM 3000 flushing-metering control has specially been developed for water treatment in cooling towers and evaporating condensers. With its many inputs and outputs this control can be used highly flexibly. For instance, flushing can be controlled with or without inductive or conductive conductivity measurement.

    By Aquacare Europe B.V. based in BP `s-Hertogenbosch, NETHERLANDS. from Flushing-Metering Control System Product line

  • Clean Streams - Ozone Systems

    Clean Streams Ozone Systems for Cooling Towers provide a stand-alone, continuous and automated water treatment system for evaporative cooling water systems. Ozone keeps heat transfer surfaces free of biofilm and allows higher system cycling without the use of chemicals, resulting in significant water savings. Scale and deposits are controlled by ...

    By Zentox Corporation based in Newport News, VIRGINIA (USA). from Ozone Systems Product line

  • Aquatech HERO™ (High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis) Technology

    HERO™ (High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis) is a reverse osmosis technology, specially designed to treat high silica and difficult to treat water and wastewater. The process has an excellent potential for treatment of cooling tower blowdown where conventional reverse osmosis (RO) is generally considered to be ineffective or unreliable. In some ...

  • Filtro Bagone - Model S - Filters with Strainer

    Product type: Polypropylene housings with strainer. Material: PP. Heights - In/Out: 19” 3” BSP F - 19” DN80 FLANGE DN8063 PN16. Micron: 80 µm - 125 µm - 200 µm - 300 µm - 500 µm - 800 µm - 1000 µm - 2000 µm - 3000 µm. Max working pressure 6 bar. Test pressure: 9 bar. Max ...

    By Everblue s.r.l. based in Borgo Val di Taro (Parma), ITALY. from Filters with Strainer Product line

  • Everblue - Model FD1000 - Industrial Automatic Self Cleaning Filters

    Product type: Backwashable self cleaning filters. Material: PP. In/Out: 1” ½ BSP F. Micron:: 80 µm - 300 µm.  Continuous flow: No. Efficiency: 75.00 %. Eff. on non compressible particles: High. Eff. on compressible particles: Good. Efficiency on light particles: Good. Max particles size at inlet: (mm) 3. Max total ...

    By Everblue s.r.l. based in Borgo Val di Taro (Parma), ITALY. from Industrial Automatic Self Cleaning Filters Product line

  • HPMA (Hydrolyzed Polymaleic Anhydride)

    Hydrolyzed Polymaleic Anhydride (HPMA). Properties and usage: This product is an organic aliphatic acid polymeride, with average molecular weight in range of 400-800. No toxicity, Soluble in water, high chemical and thermal stability. Since its dissociation temperature is above 330℃,,, the product exhibits obvious threshold effects under ...

    By Shandong Taihe Water Treatment Technologies Co., Ltd. based in Zaozhuang city,, CHINA.

  • Surfair

    The Surfair is a direct-drive floating impeller pump type aerator. It’s simple design is based around a screw-type auger impeller rotating at speed within an enclosed tube. This allows for the lifting of large quantities of liquid through the tube that are then directed out over the surface of a basin or tank in a flat splash pattern to mix and ...

    By PCPL - Patrick Charles Pty Ltd based in AUSTRALIA. from Surfair Product line

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