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  • Seiris - Fabric Expansion Joints (Non-Metallic Expansion Joints)

    Single or Multiple layers of fabrics and elastomers. Tailor made according to specific shapes, sizes and operating conditions. Fabric expansion joints are primarily used for gaseous fluids. Provide flexibility to ductworks to face following problems: Expansion and contraction of the ducts due to temperature changes, Vibrations, Noise, Movements of ...

    By Seiris SAS based in Coudray Montceaux, FRANCE.

  • Schwietzke - Expansion Joints

    Rubber, Fabric, PTFE, Stainless Steel. Connectors: Flange, threaded and welding ends. Movement capacity: Lateral, angular, axial. DN 15 - 6000, PN 1 -100

    By Schwietzke Armaturen GmbH based in Bottrop, GERMANY.

  • AGS - Model Style W155 - Expansion Joint

    Pressure rated to conform to the pressure ratings of Victaulic Style W77/W07 AGS couplings. Supplied with AGS grooves to permit fast installation without field preparation. Advance Groove System (AGS) products must not be used to join original groove system (OGS) products.

    By Victaulic Company based in Easton, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Expansion Joint Product line

  • EMIFLEX - Model AW - Expansion Joints

    The EMIFLEX type AW axial expansion joints have been designed and manufactured to absorb axial expansions in the piping of heating and air conditioning systems using hot and cold water.

    By Emiflex S.p.A. based in Varedo (Milano), ITALY. from Expansion Joints Product line

  • Metallic Expansion Joints

    With over 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of high-performance products, Clyde Bergemann specialises in Bachmann® metal expansion joints fabricated in strict accordance with Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association (EJMA) standards unless specified otherwise.

    By Clyde Bergemann Power Group based in Wesel, GERMANY. from Metallic Expansion Joints Product line

  • Hinged - Model MWP & MFP Series - Metal Expansion Joints

    These expansion joints are made of one single bellows element fitted with welding ends or flanges plus a system of articulated supports which allow for angular movement in one plane only. The hinge mechanism is designed to accept full pressure thrust. These units do not allow axial movement however, some types of hinge systems can be provided with ...

    By Macoga, S.A based in Ordes (A Coruña), SPAIN. from Metal Expansion Joints Product line

  • Model FCCU - Metal Expansion Joints

    Expansion joints used in FCC units service are highly engineered units and one of the most critical and complex types of expansion joints manufactured. These expansion joints are exposed to high temperatures, high pressures, large movement conditions, and very aggressive media. We design and manufacture FCCU Expansion Joints according to UOP, ...

    By Macoga, S.A based in Ordes (A Coruña), SPAIN. from Metal Expansion Joints Product line

  • Bikar - Model BM-SI - Metal Expansion Joints

    This metal expansion joint consists of a single bellows with flanges. It can absorb movements in any direction: axial, angular, and lateral. It is mainly used to absorb axial elongations in the longitudinal direction of straight-pipe systems, although depending upon its design, it can also absorb small amounts of lateral and angular movement. This ...

    By Bikar based in Bilbao (VIZCAYA), SPAIN. from Metal Expansion Joints Product line

  • Rectangular Expansion Joints

    Rectangular Expansion Joints are used in case the duct cross-sections are rectangular instead of Circular. The ondulations are higher with a larger width.

    By Politeknik Engineerin Ltd. based in Kozyatağı, TURKEY. from Rectangular Expansion Joints Product line

  • Seiris - Metallic Expansion Joints

    Seiris’ metallic expansion joints are customized according to following constraints: Temperature up to 1200°C. Pressure up to 70 Bars. Diameter’s dimensions from 15 to 7000.

    By Seiris SAS based in Coudray Montceaux, FRANCE.

  • CEVA - Model 250 - Expansion Joint System

    Armorless expansion joint system that incorporates a closed cell foam and epoxy bonding agent

    By Chase Corporation based in Westwood, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Expansion Joint System Product line

  • Dog Bone - Rubber Expansion Joint

    The Dog Bone Type Expansion Joint is used as flexible connection between Turbines and Condensers. This turbine exhaust expansion joint is used as a flexible connection in power plants and it is the most widely used turbine to condenser expansion joint in use.

    By Macoga, S.A based in Ordes (A Coruña), SPAIN. from Rubber Expansion Joint Product line

  • Model BF-TS - Fabric Expansion Joints

    These fabric expansion joints are designed for very special applications or high levels of movement, where other types cannot offer sufficient durability. This includes cases involving pipe systems with high levels of vibration, shaking, or other movements. They are also used in situations that require complete airtightness.

    By Bikar based in Bilbao (VIZCAYA), SPAIN. from Fabric Expansion Joints Product line

  • Metal Expansion Joint

    Metal Expansion Joints are used to protect duct work and equipment subject to thermal expansion due to high process gas temperatures.  Typical applications include the connection between power generating turbines and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems.  Expansion joints are also applied in wet scrubber quench systems.  The ...

    By Turner EnviroLogic, Inc. based in Deerfield Beach, FLORIDA (USA). from Metal Expansion Joint Product line

  • Rubber Expansion Joints

    The rubber expansion joints, in various qualities, have become a great friend of the buildings and industrial facilities. It absorb vibrations, damp noises, compensate thermal expansion and settlements, withstand corrosion, pressure and temperature. Also they are easy to install, are lightweight, take up little space, are cheap and help to solve ...

    By Coraci S.A. based in Cornellà de Llobregat, SPAIN.

  • Model Series SJ-221 - Rubber Expansion Joints

    The SJ-221 expansion joint features a unique arch design which provides greater movement capabilities without increasing face to face requirements. The single arch SJ-221 provides the same movement capabilities of a traditional double arch design and the double arch SJ-221 is equivalent of a quadruple arch product. The same design which provides ...

    By Elasto-Valve Rubber Products Inc. (EVR) based in Sudbury, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Rubber Expansion Joints Product line

  • Red-Valve - Flanged Expansion Joints

    The Redflex Expansion Joint  is used to compensate for pipeline movement and vibration. The construction of a Redflex joint is very much like a heavy-duty truck tire: layers of high-quality elastomers are reinforced with steel wires and synthetic fabrics.The inner layer forms a tube that extends through the inside of the joint, and across the ...

    By Red Valve Company based in Carnegie, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Flanged Expansion Joints Product line

  • Metallic Expansion Joints

    Bachmann Dampjoint manufactures high performance expansion joints in such materials as stainless steel, nickel, inconel, incoloy, hastelloy, titanium, monel, and other sophisticated alloys.

    By Bachmann Dampjoint Inc. based in Laval, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Metallic Expansion Joints Product line

  • Bikar - Model BF-TU - Fabric Expansion Joints

    This is a fabric expansion joint characterized by its economical use, installed in small spaces to absorb vibrations and compensate for limited movements in pipes. It is manufactured with all types of laminates and fabrics, based uponthe need for resistance to temperature, pressure, and gases.

    By Bikar based in Bilbao (VIZCAYA), SPAIN. from Fabric Expansion Joints Product line

  • Hinged Expansion Joint

    The hinged expansion joint (EJ) consists of a bellows element attached to end fittings with hinge hardware traversing the bellows element.

    By Senior Flexonics Pathway LLC based in New Braunfels, TEXAS (USA). from Hinged Expansion Joint Product line

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