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explosion protection system equipment

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    Model VIDEOSCOPE-XT - Explosion Proof Camera

    Since there are currently no intrinsically safe borescope cameras on the market, our new military tested explosion proof VIDEOSCOPE-XT systems are the best choice to carry out inspections in hazardous environments. These units have been tested under MIL STD 810G method 511.6 (explosive environment) in accordance with UL standards for NFPA 70: ...

    By Medit Inc. based in Winnipeg, MANITOBA (CANADA). from Explosion Proof Camera Product line

  • High Rate Discharge (HRD) System for Explosion Suppression

    HRD (high rate discharge) system is a well-tried system for explosion suppression. It detects the initial phase of explosion and then suppresses explosions of flammable dusts in industrial technologies. The equipment reaction time counts in milliseconds. Thanks to its perfect function the HRD system effectively suppresses explosion, limits ...

    By RSBP spol. s r. o. based in Ostrava, CZECH REPUBLIC. from High Rate Discharge (HRD) System for Explosion Suppression Product line

  • Explosion Venting Devices - Explosion Venting

    Explosion venting devices are protection devices intended for protection of industrial equipment with explosion danger. RSBP equipment for explosion venting is a perfect solution to lower this risk and eliminate losses that follow such explosions. RSBP explosion venting devices offer very effective and economical solution of protection ...

    By RSBP spol. s r. o. based in Ostrava, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Explosion Venting Devices - Explosion Venting Product line

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    UPA - Model EX - Universal Process Analyzer On-line Salts in Crude Oil

    The UPA on-line analyzer system for determination of salts in crude oil allows efficient control over the salt removal process in desalter units. The UPA system complements the common practice of interface level measurements, yet as a stand-alone system designed specifically for use in refineries. The necessity to withstand the harsh environment ...

    By AppliTek NV based in Nazareth, BELGIUM. from Universal Process Analyzer On-line Salts in Crude Oil Product line

  • ATEX - Dry Chemical Explosion Suppression System

    ATEX’s Dry Chemical-based Advanced Explosion Suppression Systems offer multi-purpose, high efficiency suppressor, discharging non-toxic flame-extinguishing powder into the protected plant using fast acting non-explosively actuated valves.

    By ATEX Explosion Hazards Ltd. based in Warrington, UNITED KINGDOM. from Dry Chemical Explosion Suppression System Product line

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    ACME - Model 40-XP Series - Combustible Gas Sensor-Transmitters

    The Acme Combustible gas sensor-transmitter measures the concentration of the target gas in an enclosed area and produces a proportional analog output signal. The Acme 40-ST Combustible Gas sensor is explosion proof. The enclosure of the sensor-transmitter is a explosion proof enclosure. The 40-ST series employs a diffusion type catalytic bead ...

    By Acme Engineering Prod. Ltd. based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Combustible Gas Sensor-Transmitters Product line

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    EZ-NCl3 - Nitrogen Trichloride in Dry Chlorine

    The EZ-NCl3 on-line analyzer system protects chlorine production units from dangerously high nitrogen trichloride concentrations that can potentially lead to explosion incidents. Considered as Best Available Technology (BAT) by several chlor-alkali associations, the analyzer system combines a process analyzer with a proprietary sample ...

    By AppliTek NV based in Nazareth, BELGIUM. from Nitrogen Trichloride in Dry Chlorine Product line

  • RSBP - Model B-Flap I - Back Pressure Flap

    RSBP back flap is an economical solution of protection against explosion propagation into an inlet pipe. During normal operation the back flap is open by flow of air; in case of an explosion this flap closes by a pressure wave, and thus prevents propagation of the explosion to other equipment or production technology. B-FLAP I is a mechanical ...

    By RSBP spol. s r. o. based in Ostrava, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Back Pressure Flap Product line

  • ATEX - Explosion Vent Panels

    ATEX explosion vent panels are designed to provide cost-effective pressure relief, preventing explosion overpressure damage to your plant. Letting off pressure! Controlled weakness for more safety. COST-EFFECTIVE, VERSATILE AND ROBUST. Explosion venting is by far the most innate protection system for most plant design as it is perceived as ...

    By ATEX Explosion Hazards Ltd. based in Warrington, UNITED KINGDOM. from Explosion Vent Panels Product line

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    TDHI - Model NexTD - Next Generation Oil in Water Monitor

    Protecting the environment from unwanted hydrocarbon discharges, protecting sensitive water treatment systems from unwanted oil contamination, and 24/7 monitoring of industrial processes to prevent upsets has been the sole purpose of Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments and its team for more than 20 years. Continuous improvement of field ...

    By Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments, Inc. based in Fresno, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Flex Flameless Explosion Venting

    FLEX guarantees explosion venting in enclosed or internal spaces without propagation of flame, pressure and heat to near surroundings, therefore the equipment and technologies that are located in hard to access spaces can be protected by the flameless explosion venting without increased costs for building modifications that are usually ...

    By RSBP spol. s r. o. based in Ostrava, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Flex Flameless Explosion Venting Product line

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    AppliTek UPA - Model EX - Universal Process Analyzer

    The UPA EX Universal Process Analyzer is an explosion proof version of our multiparameter UPA Series designed for monitoring critical process parameters in liquid applications, but as a stand-alone system factory tested to fully meet ATEX or NEC 500 directives. The process analyzer is equipped with an integrated protective stainless steel ...

    By AppliTek NV based in Nazareth, BELGIUM. from Universal Process Analyzer Product line

  • Explosion Suppression Systems

    Explosion Suppression technology is a complex field involving a wide variety of systems, chemistry and agents. Fire Equipment's professional staff is available to help assess your needs and select the most appropriate explosion suppression system. We provide solution-based designs so you can expect an explosion protection strategy based on your ...

    By Fire Equipment Inc. based in Medford,, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

  • Interceptor - Model 3115 HRD 8L-20L-50L - Explosion Suppression System

    The Interceptor-HRD explosion suppression system is designed to provide an active method to protect process equipment from a dust explosion hazard.  The principle of operation for the Interceptor-HRD system is timely detection of the pressure rise during the initial stage of an explosion, followed by fast injection of an extinguishing agent.

    By CV Technology, Inc. based in Jupiter, FLORIDA (USA).

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    Metrohm - Model ADI 2045TI - Ex Proof Process Analyzer

    The ADI 2045TI Ex proof Process Analyzer is used in hazardous environments where explosion proof protection is a critical safety requirement. The analyzer fulfills EU Directives 94/9/EC (ATEX95) and is certified for Zone-1 and Zone-2 areas. The analyzer design combines a purge/pressurization system with intrinsic safety electronic devices. The air ...

    By Metrohm AG based in Herisau, SWITZERLAND. from Ex Proof Process Analyzer Product line

  • Fire Protection of Painting Booths

    We very often encounter painting systems with high probability for fire or explosion initiation in various industrial sectors at products‘ surface treatment. The RSBP company has developed its own special systems for spray booths protection and provides a full range of services and products related to spray booths protection from ...

    By RSBP spol. s r. o. based in Ostrava, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Fire Protection of Painting Booths Product line

  • Esit - Explosion Proof Systems

    Electronic devices used in weighing systems must be protected against various external hazards such as heat,flammable gasses etc. These products are generally preffered in the chemistry and petrochemistry industries due to the nature of the products. Esit uses ex-proof indicators, connection boxes and other weighing systems succesfully in the ...

    By Esit Electronic Systems based in Istanbul, TURKEY. from Explosion Proof Systems Product line

  • Model Diverter Type Deviatex - Duct Protection System

    The DEVIATEX is a protection system fitted into a duct system that disconnects the two sides in the event of an explosive rise in pressure on either side of the device. In the event of an explosion in a filter or silo-type enclosure connectedto ducting, a pressure wave, which always precedes the flame front, can spread along ducts up to the ...

    By Cattin Filtration based in Pont-de-Roide, FRANCE. from Duct Protection System Product line

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    ProMark - Bulk Fill Scrubber

    Bulk-fill scrubbers are large beds of media at least two to three feet deep. We design them to handle highly corrosive and/or odorous gases found in wastewater plants, steel mills, and chemical plants. A bulk-fill scrubber can include pre- and post-particle filters, pressurization capabilities for rooms, and explosion-proof electrical systems for ...

    By ProMark Associates, Inc. based in Skokie, ILLINOIS (USA). from Bulk Fill Scrubber Product line

  • GatEx - Quick-Acting Slide Valve

    The quick-acting slide valve GatEx is used for complete closure of a pipe in the case of explosion, and therefore it is suitable for protection of production technologies with danger of dust explosion. Suitable for pneumatic conveying lines, exhausting lines and technologies constructed for maximum explosion pressure resistance (pmax).

    By RSBP spol. s r. o. based in Ostrava, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Quick-Acting Slide Valve Product line

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