filter air equipment in Maryland

  • Model RADIAIR FILTERS™ - Radiation Absorption Air Filters

    Binderless and acrylic resin bound, high efficiency (HEPA type), high purity, 100% high quality borosilicate glass micro fiber filter media is commonly used in the nuclear industry for collection of alpha, beta, and gamma emitting particulates. They are also excellent all around analytical grade filtration media for use in the removal of micron ...

    By US Harvest Postal Protection Services Corporation based in Baltimore, MARYLAND (USA).

  • Model eco-Air Series - V-Configuration Adiabatic Cooler

    Unlike other adiabatic products currently on the market, the EVAPCO eco-Air Series units are 100% fully rated. Every eco-Air unit comes with EVAPCO’s exclusive 100% thermal performance guarantee, ensuring peace of mind in selecting the ideal cooling solution for your needs.

    By Evapco Inc. based in Westminster, MARYLAND (USA). from V-Configuration Adiabatic Cooler Product line

  • Premium

    PWTech - Model SAF - Submerged Aerated Filter

    This high-performance submerged aerated biological filter provides proven treatment of domestic and industrial wastes in hundreds of installations worldwide, the Submerged Aerated Filter (SAF) has few moving parts, requires very little maintenance and is easy to operate. The SAF could be described as a box of media. It utilizes a rigid, ...

    By Process Wastewater Technologies LLC based in Rosedale, MARYLAND (USA). from Submerged Aerated Filter Product line

  • Cube Filters

    Dual denier polyester media, self gasketing. 5 filter surfaces and 6 face area dimensions. Cube depth of 8', 11', & 20'. Dry or tackified adhesive. Internally supported option & header frame available. Capacities from 800 to 2500 cfm.

    By Air Filters, Inc. based in Baltimore, MARYLAND (USA).

  • Conoflo Filters

    6 face dimensions form 12'x24' to 24'x24'. 4 depth dimensions form 10', 15', 18', & 22'. Microfiberglass or polyester media in 1/4' or 1/2' thickness. Available with or without spun-bonded nylon backing. Capacities from 900 to 3000 cfm. Available supported or non-supported.

    By Air Filters, Inc. based in Baltimore, MARYLAND (USA).

  • Ring Panel Filters

    Progressive density, synthetic polyester media, internally supported & self-gasketing compression fit to eliminate air by-pass.Available in 1, 2, or 3 stages; dry or tackified adhesive; fully disposable or sleeve refill styles. Optional link assembly designed for side access units.

    By Air Filters, Inc. based in Baltimore, MARYLAND (USA).

  • Dust Trap - Activated Carbon Filter

    Dust Trap makes the air in your home breathable. Through the natural cleansing effects of activated carbon, you can rid your home of annoying and harmful pollutants like pollen, dust, smog, pet dander & odor, gasoline fumes, tobacco smoke, mildew, CFC, mold spores, pesticides, and more.

    By Air Filters, Inc. based in Baltimore, MARYLAND (USA).

  • Disposable Panel Filters

    Available with gradient density fiberglass or polyester media. Heavy moisture resistant chipboard framing. Metal grid retainers for maximum support.

    By Air Filters, Inc. based in Baltimore, MARYLAND (USA).

  • Pocket Pre-Filters

    The filter type and efficiency can be varied to meet the specific requirements. Filters are designed for dirty applications. Their relatively low density, thick walls effectively control opacity while increasing their capacity for foulants, extending the main filter life in the Air Clear Coalescing Fiberbed Filter Mist Collector Systems. Low ...

    By Air-Clear LLC based in Elkton, MARYLAND (USA). from Pocket Pre-Filters Product line

  • Permanent Econoframe Filters

    Standard & special sizes. Quick & easy filter changes. Saves 30-50% over the cost of conventional, disposable filters. Rugged 24 gauge galvanized channel with expanded steel mesh. Permanently hinged snap lock door for easy filter replacement & guarantees firm & uniform pad retention for peak perform.

    By Air Filters, Inc. based in Baltimore, MARYLAND (USA).

  • Multi-Pocket Filters

    Dual denier polyester in 1 or 2 ply. Available with or without internal support. 7 face sizes at 9' depth. 5 face sizes at 15' depth. Low initial pressure drop. Capacities form 750 to 2500 cfm. Dry or tackified adhesive. Efficiency 80% ASHRE, 40% NBS.

    By Air Filters, Inc. based in Baltimore, MARYLAND (USA).

  • Stationary Unit with Permanent Filters

    The filter type and efficiency can be varied to meet the specific requirements. These permanent filters are held and cleaned in place. This system is a cost effective solution when the process is not 24/7/365 operation. Two (2) hours of downtime on a monthly basis should be anticipated. These filters can remove solids in the HEPA range. These ...

    By Air-Clear LLC based in Elkton, MARYLAND (USA). from Stationary Unit with Permanent Filters Product line

  • Indexing Drum Pre-Filter

    Air Clear’s Indexing Filters are designed for extremely dirty applications. A durable poly filter material is offered to remove grease and tars from the exhaust. As the filter media gets dirty, the pressure drop increases. At a fixed point the drive motor indexes pulling off the dirty media and replacing it with clean media.

    By Air-Clear LLC based in Elkton, MARYLAND (USA). from Indexing Drum Pre-Filter Product line

  • Merv - Surface Pleated Panel Filter

    MERV 8 Extended Surface Pleated Panel Filters with Mechanical Media; Upgrade from standard pleated filters. MERV 8 and MERV-A 8 performance ratings. Mechanical MERV 8 media is not reliant on electrostatic charge for efficiency. Low resistance to airflow. High Dust Holding Capacity. Sturdy double-wall frame design. Moisture resistant beverage board ...

    By Air Filters, Inc. based in Baltimore, MARYLAND (USA).

  • Multi-Velocity Pleated Panel Filters

    Radial pleat design extended surface area for greater dust holding capacity. Unitized frame construction of moisture resistant beverage board. Available in 40% or 60% efficient media bonded to an expanded metal support grid. 11 capacity ranges; standard & special sizes. 1', 2', or 4' thickness.

    By Air Filters, Inc. based in Baltimore, MARYLAND (USA).

  • Model CPA-Ultra - Hygienic Air Handling System

    EVAPCO's ULTRA-Critical Process Air (CPAU) Systems meet the demanding requirements of temperature, pressurization and air purity control with humidity and condensation control. Designed specifically for the most hygienic applications within industrial refrigeration market, the Evapco CPAU offers complete flexibility in design, capacity and ...

    By Evapco Inc. based in Westminster, MARYLAND (USA). from Hygienic Air Handling System Product line

  • Evapco - Model CPA - Critical Process Air Systems

    The CPA System is engineered to deliver conditioned, purified air to critical food preparation, production and packaging areas in your facility. The CPA System includes patented technology to provide maximum thermal efficiencies, air purification/filtration to meet stringent air quality standards, and control packages for monitoring.

    By Evapco Inc. based in Westminster, MARYLAND (USA). from Critical Process Air Systems Product line

  • Model TB - Model T-Bolt Clamps

    Murray T-Bolt band clamps are designed to provide connections without leaks. They are typically installed in truck exhaust or air inlet and water hoses, motorcycle exhaust systems, marine applications, irrigation system hoses, water pump hoses and filter bags. Band edges are rounded to protect the hose.

    By Murray Corporation based in Hunt Valley, MARYLAND (USA). from Model T-Bolt Clamps Product line

  • AirVerter - Model CAPS II - Adaptor to the MicroFlex

    Attachment to widely accepted & highly maneuverable flexible spray head. A method & devices added to: CONTAIN-EVACUATE-FILTER & EXHAUST CLEAN BREATHABLE AIR. Delivering to this patented tool the capability to be used anywhere, time or substance. This flexible spray head tested and approved by SCAQMD @ 92% efficient elevates this ...

    By Smith Eastern Corporation / AirVerter based in Jessup, MARYLAND (USA). from Adaptor to the MicroFlex Product line

  • CyberAir - Model CW and DX - Intelligent Perimeter Mounted Unit

    STULZ offers the broadest range of cooling capacities for chilled water (CW) and direct expansion (DX) units on the market.  With 21-730 kW of cooling, there is a CyberAir air conditioner (CRAC) or air handler (CRAH) for every mission critical application.

    By STULZ Air Technology Systems, Inc. based in Frederick, MARYLAND (USA). from Intelligent Perimeter Mounted Unit Product line

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