Filter Cloth equipment in Europe

  • Filter Cloths

    We produce any filter cloth according to customer requirements of domestic and foreign filtration fabrics. Cloth can be woven from woven or nonwoven textiles. Most commonly are used filter cloth sewn in neck, the reversible for filter plates with a central screw, underlay and more. Cloths are usually woven from polypropylene, which is well re

    By Antares AZV s.r.o based in Prerov, CZECH REPUBLIC.

  • Filter Cloths

    The selection of appropriate filter media decides the quality and economy of an entire filtration process. Multiple commercially available solid-liquid separation systems require particular acknowledgements to design and process engineering conditions. For each application and process, the design and confection of filter cloths for chamber filter ...

    By Junker-Filter GmbH based in Sinsheim, GERMANY. from Solid Liquid Separation Product line

  • Marsyntex - Filter Cloths

    Filter presses play an important part in almost all areas in which liquids are separated from solids. All marsyntex filter cloths are fabricated so as to make them suitable for the specific features of the filter press and the technical conditions of the filtration process. marsyntex filter cloths are manufactured as: single filter cloths, double ...

    By OTTO MARKERT & SOHN GMBH based in Neumünster, GERMANY. from Marsyntex Product line

  • Filter Cloth

    Clear Edge is proud to provide an extensive range of wet and dry filtration and screening products and fabrics. With decades of experience finding solutions for customers, we have a deep knowledge of the many types of filter media, screening and sieving products, as well as experience in manufacturing press cloths, bas and belts to suit ...

    By Clear Edge Filtration Office in Stoke-On-Trent, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Süzerteks - Disk Filter Cloth

    Disk filters, the use of which is pretty common currently, are especially preferred in the mining industry. As they are filters of continuous operating type, they are able to make productions at high capacities in very short periods of time. As their base areas are very small, they occupy less space compared to other filter machines. As ...

    By SUZERTEKS MENSUCAT SANAYI TICARET LTD. STI based in Mahmutbey, TURKEY. from Filter Cloth Product line

  • Süzerteks - Drum Filter Cloth

    Drum filters, preferred especially in mining and chemical industries, can be used in many different product segments, thanks to their feature of being able to make production at high capacity. The filter clothes we produce for drum filters are specially designed in order to enable maximum filtering in different products. Such special designs ...

    By SUZERTEKS MENSUCAT SANAYI TICARET LTD. STI based in Mahmutbey, TURKEY. from Filter Cloth Product line

  • Filter Cloths & Filter Plates

    Latham International Ltd are committed to supplying a wide range of proven textile Filter Cloth, manufactured to very high standards, to give optimum performance for our clients, in today’s demanding market by improving performance and efficiency and characteristics.

    By Latham International Ltd based in Staffordshire, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Micronics - Yarn Fiber Materials for Filter Cloth

    At Micronics, choices of yarn fiber materials, yarn designs, weave patterns, sewing choices, edge treatments and more are all incorporated into our filter cloth construction to increase cloth life, improve filter cake release characteristics, and enhance filtration operations. Starting with an understanding of your process and operating ...

    By Micronics Inc. Office in Stoke-on-Trent, UNITED KINGDOM. from Filter Cloth Product line

  • Horizontal Disc Filter Cloths

    Sefar’s filter discs are characterized by their precise fit and easy installation. The disc edges can be fabricated using laser cutting, hemmed or taped with optional cord. In our wide range of filter materials (polypropylene, polyester, PEEK and PTFE fabric), we can supply you with the optimal solution for your application’s chemical ...

    By Sefar AG based in Heiden, SWITZERLAND. from Process Filtration - Chemicals & Minerals Product line

  • Minimesh - Model S - Metal Filter Cloth

    Precision Pores for the Highest Demands in Industrial Filtration. MINIMESH® Metal Filter Cloth from HAVER & BOECKER has been used as filtration media for over 100 years. Already in 1954 it was used in space within NASA’s aviation and aerospace programme. With their once previously impossible-to-achieve filter fineness, MINIMESH ...

    By HAVER & BOECKER based in Oelde, GERMANY. from Microsites Product line

  • Rotary Filter Cloths

    Drum filters are used for continuous, mechanical separation of large quantities of solid and liquid mixtures by filtering them in a vacuum. Typical areas of application include mining, chemicals and food production. Here, too, precise fabrication, a long service life, easy installation as well as optimum separation are required to ensure efficient ...

    By OTTO MARKERT & SOHN GMBH based in Neumünster, GERMANY. from Marsyntex Product line

  • Filter Cloth - The Real Heart of Your Filter Press

    ErtelAlsop can assist you with proper filter press media selection, (and slurry testing where necessary) to insure you have the best possible fabric and weave, with the proper fabric finishing operations and construction techniques for your filtration application. We make sure that our filter press media provides good particle retention, clear ...

    By ErtelAlsop Distributor in TURKEY. from Filter Cloth Product line

  • Süzerteks - Filter Press Cloth

    Filter Presses are used in many different industries where liquid-solid separation is made. Each filter press has different features according to the equipments and places they are used. Süzerteks produces its filter clothes specifically for each user, taking all such variables into consideration.

    By SUZERTEKS MENSUCAT SANAYI TICARET LTD. STI based in Mahmutbey, TURKEY. from Filter Cloth Product line

  • Minimesh - Model RPD HIFLO-S - High Performance Metal Filter Cloth

    High Performance Metal Filter Cloth in a New Dimension. Where conventional filter cloths have reached their limits, MINIMESH RPD HIFLO-S opens up new dimensions for filtration. Using new weaving technology developed by Haver & Boecker, a three-dimensional pore geometry is created that offers filtration properties that have not yet been ...

    By HAVER & BOECKER based in Oelde, GERMANY. from Microsites Product line

  • Metal Filter Cloth for Surface Filtration

    Woven metal filter cloths are particularly well suited to applications in the field of surface filtration, and have proved their worth in a multitude of different industries and applications. In contrast to nonwoven alternatives, the apertures are extremely uniformly distributed, giving woven metal filter cloths significantly greater accuracy. ...

    By SPÖRL KG based in Sigmaringendorf, GERMANY.

  • Filter Press Cloths

    Scottex manufacturers filter press cloths for filter presses used in the separating of solids from liquids. These are available in the traditional woven filter media and now in the form of needlefelts. Polypropylene is normally used both in woven form and in needlefelts because of its excellent resistance to chemical attack and hydrolysis. Woven ...

    By Scottex Precision Textiles Ltd based in Bury, UNITED KINGDOM. from Liquid Filter Bags & Cloths Product line

  • Filter Press Cloths

    Cloths and undercloths for filter press, simple execution / hanging / double with barrel neck,eyelets on sides, gaskette. Make up with fabrics in various fibers (polypropylene, polyester, normal and special polyamides, cotton, teflon,    etc.), various type of weaves (twil, sateen, plain, double layer), execution in different ...

  • Testori - Filter Press Cloths

    Testori offers a wide range of woven fabrics (cloths and backing cloths) for traditional filter presses and belt presses. Each product can be customized ording to the customer specific needs in different fields: water treatment, pharmaceutical, chemical, food, mining, metallurgy etc.

    By Testori spa based in Novate Milanese (MI), ITALY. from Liquid Filtration Product line

  • Dust Filter With Clothes

    The design of the Pulco-Air filter, which is refined down to its most minute detail, is made from compression-folded panels and varnished. It has been designed to suck in a large amount of air for production of large quantities of powder that have medium, fine and imperceptible granulometry. All of the models are equipped with spark-arresting ...

    By KRENN Umwelttechnik based in Feldbach, AUSTRIA.

  • VOIGT - Filter Press Cloths

    VOIGT - Filter press cloths are made of various materials as pass through filter cloths resp. overhang filter cloths for chamber-, frame- and membrane filter presses. According to the application and local circumstances can be chosen among the below mentioned qualities.

    By Voigt GmbH based in Wernau, GERMANY. from Misc. Wet Filtration Product line

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