Filter Material equipment in Alberta

  • Bag Filters - High Performance Microfiber Filter Bags

    High Performance Microfiber Filter BagsMicrofiber materials provide high e?ciencies at low micron ratings. The optional addition of a needle punched felt layer provides a prefilter zone and results in extended life. This multilayer technology option results in a true graded density material with high performance levels.

    By CPS Filtration Inc. based in Sherwood Park, ALBERTA (CANADA).

  • BMP Fibre-tube - Sturdy Polypropylene Geotextile (woven)

    BMP Fibre-tube is a sturdy polypropylene geotextile (woven) that has been engineered specifically for erosion control and containing and/or retaining sediment in disturbed areas.  It is a mesh tube filled with organic filter material that is placed perpendicular to sheet-flow runoff.  The BMP Fibre-tube, which is oval to round in cross ...

    By BMP Supplies based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Erosion Control & Filtering Product line

  • Fil-Trek - Model LH Series - Horizontal Cartridge Filter Housings

    Lined, horizontal cartridge filter housings, excellent for sea water (desalination) or other corrosive applications. Cost effective solution in comparison to AL6XN or other duplex steels. Lining materials include kynar, rubber, Teflon, neoprene, PVC, baked phenolic, epoxy, halar and more Accepts multiple 30″, 40″ or 50″ ...

    By Fil-Trek Corporation Office in Red Deer, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Universal Cartridge Filter Housings - Lined/Coated Housings Product line

  • OEI - Magnetic Filter YStrainers

    One Eye Industries Magnetic Y-Strainers offer customers a responsible, environmental alternative to traditional filtration. OEI Magnetic Y-Strainers are used to capture ferrous and non ferrous materials from fluids using magnetic radial fields to capture contamination to submicron level. OEI Y - Strainers offer a minimum flow restriction. OEI Y - ...

    By One Eye Industries Inc. based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Y-Strainer Product line

  • Eco-Tec Spectrum - Model Plus - Nutshell Media Filters

    Nutshell media filters are commonly used in the treatment of produced water to reduce the oil and solids content of the water prior to injection for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) or prior to subsequent treatment such as softening the water as feed to steam generators used in heavy oil production. However, residual oil and suspended solids ...

    By Eco-Tec Inc. Office in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Produced Water Treatment - for Heavy Oil Operations Product line

  • BADU - Model Star 69/12 - Self-Priming, Complete Filter Unit

    Self-priming, complete filter unit with no backwashing. For crystal clear fun in the pool.

    By SPECK Pumpen Verkaufsgesellschaft GmbH Distributor in Edmonton, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Filter Units Product line

  • Premium

    Wolverine - Activated Carbon Manhole Odor Filter Insert

    Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) based sewer odors emanating from wastewater sewer line manhole covers are an extreme nuisance for residential homeowners or users of near-by public facilities or property. The negative publicity and hassle caused by persistent nuisance sewer odor complaints originating from manhole covers are costly in both time and money ...

    By Simple Solutions Dist. LLC Distributor in St. Albert, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Industrial Odor Control Solutions - Manhole Products Product line

  • Model BDC Series - Compact Bag House Dust Collector

    Eliminate industrial dust with the compact BDC bag house dust collector. Ideal for capturing medium to large particulate, the BDC is a self-cleaning, continuous-duty dust collection system. BDC dust collectors are most commonly used with bin venting and raw material handling type processes. Compact in size, the BDC requires less floor space than ...

    By AirSys Technologies, Inc. based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Dust Control Product line

  • Premium

    AquaScan - Model 620L - Laptop Leak Locating Correlator

    Ultra-compact and extremely easy to use – the AQUASCAN 620L laptop correlator utilizing both the legendary, industry-leading cordless AQUASCAN sensor-transmitters and the powerful “Auto Filter” software.

    By Gutermann AG Office in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Leak Noise Correlators Product line

  • Premium

    Multiscan - Multi-Point Correlator

    The highly sensitive multi-point correlator for maxiumum convenience: Small, stainless steel sensor-transmitters, attractive Android app with fully automatic filtering and GPS-based automated geolocation and mapping for cable-free handling on your Smartphone or tablet.

    By Gutermann AG Office in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Leak Noise Correlators Product line

  • Tote Box Wash Systems

    First Stage: Pre Rinse –  pumped from third stage rinse tank – drained to Plant drain. Second Stage: Wash – Pressurized high volume hot chemical.  Wash-recycled through filter and steam heated tank. Third Stage: Clean Rinse – Pressurized high volume Rinse – recycled through filter and cold water tank. Fourth ...

    By Easy Kleen Pressure Systems Ltd based in Edmonton, ALBERTA (CANADA).

  • Model MN 617 - Qualitative Filter Papers

    Qualitative filter papers are manufactured from the same raw materials as the ashless grades and are particularly suited for general laboratory filtrations. The average ash content is about 0.1%, the amount of a-cellulose is about 95%.

    By Macherey-Nagel GmbH & Co. KG Distributor in Edmonton, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Filtration Product line

  • Filtered Air Supply

    The Filtered Air Supply is a vital accessory for most aerosol generators. It removes oil or other liquid droplets from the incoming air using two prefilters. It also removes any remaining moisture in the air stream by passing the air through an advanced membrane. (No more drying of desiccant material!) Plus, it removes fine particles by including ...

    By TSI Incorporated Distributor in ALBERTA (CANADA). from Aerosol Generators & Dispersers Product line

  • In-viro-Drum - Mobile Remote Treatment Unit (MRTU)

    The Mobile Remote Treatment Unit (MRTU) contains both In-viro-Drum vacuum recovery and water treatment technology in a single unit. This allows the MRTU to process fluids on site.  First, any remaining small particulate material such as silt are removed.  Hydrocarbon contamination is eliminated by passing the fluid through Oil Water ...

    By Nican Holdings Ltd. based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA).

  • Model Liquid Ring ACE - Industrial Vacuum Truck

    Primarily used for reclaiming hydrocarbons, the Guzzler Liquid Ring (LR) ACE industrial vacuum loader combines high vacuum power (28'), four-stage filtration and modular filter components for easy maintenance — with a liquid ring pump. The unique design makes the liquid ring pump virtually maintenance free and allows for quiet operation. ...

    By Guzzler Manufacturing Inc. Office in Birmingham, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Industrial Vacuum Trucks Product line

  • Premium

    THERMOX - Model WDG Insitu Probe - Flue Gas Oxygen Probe

    The THERMOC Model WDG Insitu flue gas oxygen probe differs from all other oxygen insitu probes. The unique inner/outer probe design facilitates removal of cell, heater and thermocouple assembly through the probe head. Once the inner probe assembly is removed, the outer probe support pipe allows straight run access to insitu filter for cleaning ...

    By Ametek Process Instruments - THERMOX Office in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA). from THERMOX Product line

  • ArmorFlex - Mats

    ArmorFlex mats provide flexible, hydraulically stable protection in high-flow, high-scour applications. Its unique design, where each interior block in a mat is interlocked by six other adjacent blocks, helps it meet all four standards for Articulating Concrete Blocks (ACBs) set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), at the time ...

    By Nilex based in Edmonton, ALBERTA (CANADA).

  • Enviro-Pro - Erosion and Sediment Control (Silt Fence)

    A silt fence is a temporary sediment solution that consists of a synthetic silt fence filter fabric barrier attached to supporting posts installed in soil trenches. Silt fencing is not a permanent erosion control practice, but can be an effective solution for many applications. Silt fencing was created to slow and allow the ponding of water, ...

    By Enviro-Pro-US Office in Sherwood Park, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Erosion Control Products Product line

  • Guzzler - Model NX - Industrial Vacuum Truck

    The Guzzler NX industrial vacuum loader has been designed for more efficient, easier operation from the inside out. Providing the same great quality, productivity and industry-leading performance the Guzzler NX vac truck features a modular design lowers the unit’s overall weight for improved fuel economy and increased carrying capacity. ...

    By Guzzler Manufacturing Inc. Office in Birmingham, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Industrial Vacuum Trucks Product line

  • Industrial Reverse Osmosis and Membrane Filtration Systems

    ChemTreat field personnel have the most experience in the industry treating industrial reverse osmosis and membrane filtration systems. Our engineers will customize a membrane cleaning program that will eliminate scale-forming constituents from your RO feedwater, keeping your system operating at peak efficiency.

    By ChemTreat, Inc. - a subsidiary of Danaher Corporation Office in Fort Saskatchewan, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Featured Solutions Product line

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