filter sand equipment in United Kingdom

  • WPL - Sand Filters

    WPL Sand Filters are tertiary polishing treatment plants which are used when further solids and/or Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) needs to be removed to help meet stringent consent standards for new and existing treatment plants.

    By WPL Ltd based in Waterlooville, UNITED KINGDOM. from Sand Filters Product line

  • Hutchinso - Sand Filters

    Sand filters act as add-on solutions to effectively meet stringent consent standards for new and existing sewage treatment plants. They are a final stage treatment process, and can be installed above or below ground. They provide a low cost solution to improving existing treatment plants failing to meet current or new, more onerous, consent ...

    By Hutchinson Environmental Solutions Ltd based in Hexham, UNITED KINGDOM. from Sand Filters Product line

  • Model TSS - Pressure Sand Filters

    Shivsu Canadian Clear silver stream filters provide crystal clear water of turbiditly level of less than 2 to 3 mg/ltr on Silica scale. Horizontal and vertical filters are available in a complete range and sizes upto 3600mm dia Normal filtering medium employed is clean, sieved and grade quartz and fine sand. For applications like iron removal, ...

    By Shivsu Canadian Clear Office in UNITED KINGDOM. from Pressure Sand Filters Product line

  • Dynamic Sand Filters

    Colloide‘s Dynamic Sand Filter offers an excellent treatment system for the removal of solids and other contaminants from a water/wastewater stream. This filter is always on line, continually filtering the incoming water while continually backwashing a small portion of the sand bed. These filters can also be designed as Ammonia Removal filters, ...

    By Colloide Engineering Systems Office in Solihull, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Akdolit - Model FS - High Performance Sand Filter For Water Purification

    Akdolit FS is a dried quartz filter sand according to DIN 4924 (Germany) and based on DIN 12904 (Germany). It meets the requirements of DIN 19643 (Germany) as well as of the DVGW worksheets W210, W212, W213 and W223-2.

    By Lhoist Group Office in Buxton, UNITED KINGDOM. from High Performance Sand Filter For Water Purification Product line

  • Pressure Filters

    The great majority of projects in which ACWA have been involved, include some form of particle filtration. The finest forms of particle filtration are membrane filters, which are covered elsewhere. Membranes are high cost equipment items and very susceptible to damage and generally must be protected by some form of more open filters such as ...

    By ACWA Services Ltd based in Skipton, UNITED KINGDOM. from Pressure Filters Product line

  • Sand Filtration

    Using sand is one of the oldest methods of water filtration; it has been used for thousands of years ranging right the way back to the time of the Romans. Based on this and the fact that Sand  Filters are still one of the most commonly used and effective forms of filtration today, I think it is safe to say that it will always be a good ...

    By Wroot Water Ltd based in Doncaster, UNITED KINGDOM. from Sand Filtration Product line

  • Tracked Sand Skimmer

    Our range of Skimmer Loaders are purpose built for the skimming of material deposits from the surface of sand filter beds, and the loading of this material into a following Dumper Truck. 250 250 or self contained Hopper (150 only). All machines are compact and lightweight for easy transportation. The skid steer hydrostatic transmission enables ...

    By Morrish Engineering Limited based in Tiverton, UNITED KINGDOM. from Tracked Sand Skimmer Product line

  • Manchester - Filter System

    In 1998 we started to build on work being done at Efford by Dr. Tim Pettitt and his team on slow sand filtration.  Assays and much practical experience since then have shown that some of our capillary mats, which do not rot, produce the same beneficial microflora as some clean slow sand filters, but in much greater numbers.  As a result, ...

    By Flowering Plants Ltd based in Buckingham, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Water Filters

    Lakeside offer such a wide and varied range of industrial and commercial filtration products as such we specify filtration on the individual requirements, here are some of the systems available: Sediment and Sand Filtration, Cartridge filtration systems for specialist applications, Activated carbon for chlorine, taste, odour and turbidity removal, ...

    By LakesideWater & Building Services Limited based in Peterborough, UNITED KINGDOM. from Water Filters Product line

  • Poluclean - Model SI - Filtering Pocket Dust Collector

    Dust extraction on operations such as : Weighing, Dosing, Cutting, Bagging, Sawing, Sanding, Bags slitting, Deburring.

    By Delta NEU S.A.S. Office in Cheshire, UNITED KINGDOM. from Filtering Pocket Dust Collector Product line

  • Deskins - Quick-Dry Filter Bed

    The Deskins Quick-Filter Bed TM is a great solution to your facilities dewatering needs! It is a great alternative to traditional sand drying beds and odorous sand lagoons.  Deskins will play a pivotal role in backwash water recovery and generating Class A biosolids when water reuse becomes more pivotal when designing a dewatering system.

    By Deskins Office in Somerset, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Kleiber - Model Mesh1 - Coarse Mesh Filter for the Removal of Larger Particles

    This coarse mesh filter is for the removal of larger particles ie sand and grit ,from borehole and spring water supplies.

    By Kleiber UK Ltd based in Wakefield, UNITED KINGDOM. from Coarse Mesh Filter for the Removal of Larger Particles Product line

  • FILOX - Model R - Iron & Manganese Filters

    Next to water hardness, the presence of Iron and Manganese in water is probably the most common water issue. Iron and manganese, in excess of the suggested maximum contaminant levels (MCL) may result in the discolouration of water causing stai ning of equipment and final product; it can also give a metallic taste to water or to manufactured ...

    By AllWater Technologies Ltd (AWT) based in Rooksbridge, UNITED KINGDOM. from Iron & Manganese Filters Product line

  • Powerscreen Feeders

    Powerscreen® Feeders are required to eliminate surges and ensure a constant feed is maintained to the screening or washing equipment. Feeders are available based on the Chieftain 600 and 1400 models. Hopper extensions can be added to increase volume.Applications:- Sand and gravel- Granite and limestone- Crushed materials- Lake and beach sand- ...

    By Powerscreen - Terex GB Limited Office in Leicestershire, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • BwB FilterClear - Pressure Multimedia Filter Technology

    FilterClear™ (formerly Spruce Filter) is a high rate multi media filtration system which removes suspended solids from a wide range of waters at high filtration rates of 25 m/h and above. The patented arrangement of four stratified filtration media (formerly Spruce Media) enables a higher quality of filtered water than sand filtration. ...

    By Bluewater Bio based in London, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • next-Sand - Single Bed Media

    Next Sand offers a single bed media made from high purity Clinoptilolite, which delivers superior performance over conventiona filter sands or multimedia, and at a lower cost. next-Sand is a remarkable advance in media filtration technology. Based on a rare natural mineral that is highly processed and refined, next-Sand's unique properties allow ...

    By Next Filtration Technologies Inc. Office in Holt, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Garnet

    Garnet is used in the treatment of potable water, sewage and industrial effluents. It is installed as a layer beneath the sand or sand / pumice in dual or multi-media filtration systems. The filtration garnet is used to assist in filtering out fine particles which may not be retained by the sand and in dual filtration systems is usually supported ...


  • Anthracite

    Anthracite is used in the treatment of potable water, sewage and industrial effluents. It is installed as a layer above the sand in dual or multi-media filtration systems. The anthracite is used to assist in filtering out fine particles which may not be retained by the sand and in multi filtration systems is usually supported on a layer of coarse ...


  • Model UVEX-C-BRX - Incorporates

    Filtration: The UVEX incorporates a hi-flow sand filter, which will remove particles from the tower water to at least 25 micron. The process of sand filtration also removes discoloration from the water resulting in a crystal clear tower / condenser sump. This constant filtration has real cost benefits in terms of the frequency and intensity of ...

    By System Uvex Ltd. based in Potters Bar, UNITED KINGDOM.

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