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    Fire Protection Tanks

    www.wedotanks.com, LLC (f/k/a HTI Systems, LLC)  has helped to define the market for precast concrete fire protection tanks, commerical fire protection tanks, industrial fire protection tanks, municipal fire protection tanks, agricultural fire protection tanks for farms and underground water supply reservoirs for city, county, and government ...

    By WeDoTanks.com LLC based in Sahuarita, ARIZONA (USA). from Fire Protection Tanks Product line

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    Ultra-Sidewinder - 3 Foot System w/Endcaps - Black & Yellow - Small

    Protect Cords and Cables. Moving pieces offer flexible design. Curves, corners, and s-curves are easily made while maintaining a completely flat profile. Modular design makes it easy to configure , repair, and replace segments even while the cable remains connected. 3/4' wide x 3/8' high cord channel Assembled system with cord in place can be ...

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    Singer Valve - Model 106-RPS-8700 - UL / FM Pressure Relief Valve

    The 106-RPS-8700 pressure relief valve, which is UL / FM labelled and listed, automatically relieves excess pressure in the fire protection system to discharge. The RPS series valves will also automatically modulate to relieve excess pump capacity during pump start up and shut down, allowing the pump to operate without causing surges. These relief ...

    By Singer Valve Inc. based in Surrey, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from UL / FM Pressure Relief Valve Product line

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    Rotork - Model FB Range - Worm Gears Operators

    Quarter-turn cast iron gearbox suitable for use with fire protection (i.e. sprinkler) systems, includes limit switches to be incorporated into a supervisory electrical circuit. Designed and tested specifically to meet UL1091 specification and FM1112 approval.

    By Rotork plc based in Bath, UNITED KINGDOM. from Worm Gears Operators Product line

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    Shand & Jurs - Model 94307 - Horizontal Flame Arrester

    The Shand & Jurs 94307 Horizontal Flame Arrester is designed to orovide a positive flame stop in gas piping systems. The 94307 not only provides exceptional protection against propagation of fire, but also offers maximum flow capacity. It is specifically designed to prevent liquid accumulation in the tube bank assembly.

    By Shand & Jurs (L&J Technologies & L&J Engineering) based in Hillside, ILLINOIS (USA). from Horizontal Flame Arrester Product line

  • Novec - Model 1230 - Fire Protection Fluid

    The search for halon 1301 replacements has been on-going for over 10 years and each alternative brings with it a unique set of properties. We have brought to the market products that match the requirements of industry and our latest research allows us to introduce fire protection systems using Novec 1230 fluid , a new development with some ...

    By Gielle based in Altamura (Ba), ITALY. from Fire Protection Fluid Product line

  • Bil-Guard - Model 2.0 - Hatch Railing System

    Fixed hatch railing system provides a permanent means of fall protection for roof hatch openings. Meets and exceeds OSHA fall protection regulations (29 CFR 1910.23). Bil-Guard® models are available for most roof hatch and automatic fire vent sizes (shown on Type S Roof Hatch).

    By The Bilco Company based in New Haven, CONNECTICUT (USA). from Hatch Railing System Product line

  • Model 50B-5KG - Fire Protection Pump Suction Control Valve

    The Model 50B-5KG Pump Suction Control Valve is designed specifically for Fire Pump Suction Control Service.  It modulates to maintain the pump discharge in relation to the suction head available, thus assuring that the suction head pressure does not fall below the pre-set minimum.  When there is a demand in the Fire System, the pump is ...

    By Cla-Val based in Costa Mesa, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Fire Protection Pump Suction Control Valve Product line

  • HAZ-STOR Outdoor Flammable Storage Safety Buildings

    Weatherproof stand-alone buildings have 2-hour fire-rated walls, conform to UL Classification U425 providing bi-directional fire protection. Walls have 2''x 4'' galvanized steel studs and two layers of 5/8'' type X fire-rated gypsum sheathing. Urethane coated galvanized steel siding on exterior, durable epoxy interior coating for chemical and ...

    By BASCO, Inc based in University Park, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • TOMCO - Low Pressure CO2 Fire Suppression Systems

    Desu Systems BV is European and Middle East distributor for the following Special Hazard Fire Suppression Systems: TOMCO Low Pressure CO2 Fire Suppression Systems. Count on our Experienced Staff to Protect Property and Lives. Whether its fire protection for the world’s power generation, steel industry or inerting of hazardous operations, you ...

    By Desu Systems BV based in Berkel en Rodenrijs, NETHERLANDS. from Low Pressure CO2 Fire Suppression Systems Product line

  • Stat-X - Aerosol Suppression Systems

    Levitt-Safety | Fire Protection Systems is proud to distribute the Stat-X family of fire suppression systems. This family of products is based on aerosol technology developed in the space program, applied to fire protection by a team of engineers and manufactured to ISO 9001:2000 standards.

    By Levitt Safety based in Oakville, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Aerosol Suppression Systems Product line

  • Redetec - Fire Protection Units

    Redetec fire protection units utilize either point type or high sensitivity VESDA smoke detection systems. If smoke is detected, the onboard control systems are able to shut down ventilation fans before releasing fire extinguishing agent into the rack. The extinguishing agent can be one of a variety of products including FM200 and Pyrogen. In ...

    By OnGard LLC based in Clawson, MICHIGAN (USA). from Fire Protection Units Product line

  • Spark Extinguishing System

    Sparks and glowing particles occur during some technological processes due to friction, static charges, or introduction of foreign particles. These sparks are further carried by air through pipes and stop in a filtration unit, tank or a silo, where carried material can start smoldering, which can lead to fire or destructive explosion. To minimize ...

    By RSBP spol. s r. o. based in Ostrava, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Spark Extinguishing System Product line

  • Reconyx Silent Image Infrared Digital Game Camera

    The Silent Image’s Rapid Fire NearVideo™ technology offers unparalleled performance in a digital game camera system. The Silent Image captures up to five frames per second in Rapid Fire mode or still images at any rate you desire so that you’ll never miss a great shot again. With the InstaOn™ trigger time of less than 1/10 of a second and a range ...

    By Forestry Suppliers, Inc. based in Jackson, MISSISSIPPI (USA). from Reconyx Silent Image Infrared Digital Game Camera Product line

  • Numens - Model 620-001 - addressable mini input modules for fire alarm system

    620-001 addressable mini input modules provide the interface to connect non-addressable input devices (such as detectors) to addressable control and indicating equipment.The 620-001 mini input module is compatible with non-addressable fire detection and alarm system detectors. Up to 125 addressable alarm zone modules can be connected to each ...

    By Ningo Ambest Electronics CO.,Ltd. based in Ningbo, Zhejiang, China, CHINA.

  • Numens - Model 441-001 - audio/visual alarm for fire alarm system

    441-001 audio/visual alarm devices are suitable for connection to 2-wire and 4-wire fire detection and alarm systems. 441-001 will operate with both addressable and non-addressable fire detection control and indicating equipment.Activation is initiated upon connection of the operating voltage, allowing connection to either a switched supply at the ...

    By Ningo Ambest Electronics CO.,Ltd. based in Ningbo, Zhejiang, China, CHINA.

  • Levitt - Clean-Agent Systems

    The installation and design of a fire suppression system is a serious matter. After all, your company’s people, property and productivity are at stake. Levitt-Safety | Fire Protection Systems offers the expertise as well as the suppression products that emphasize our commitment to quality service and technical knowledge. For over ...

    By Levitt Safety based in Oakville, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Clean-Agent Systems Product line

  • Firetrace - Model E4 - Total Flooding Systems

    Firetrace International, the world leader in special hazard fire suppression, now offers a full range of engineered clean agent systems for larger environments and complements the Firetrace line of in-cabinet fire suppression systems. Firetrace E4 clean agent fire protection systems, featuring 3M Novec 1230 Fire Suppression Fluid, are poised to ...

    By Firetrace International LLC based in Scottsdale, ARIZONA (USA). from Total Flooding Systems Product line

  • CO Detect - Fire and Explosion Prevention System

    The Atex CO detection system uses advanced carbon monoxide (CO) sensors to detect early stages of powder combustion before a fire or explosion can be ignited. This allows the problem to be resolved either manually or automatically, reducing fire and explosion protection costs.

    By ATEX Explosion Hazards Ltd. based in Warrington, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Numens - Model 620-003 - addressable mini output modules

    620-003 addressable mini output modules provide the interface to connect non-addressable output devices (such as audio/visual alarm devices) to addressable control and indicating equipment.The 62-0030 mini output module is compatible with non-addressable output devices, and other output devices. When used together with audio/visual alarm devices, ...

    By Ningo Ambest Electronics CO.,Ltd. based in Ningbo, Zhejiang, China, CHINA.

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